The Debate Tonight

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

K nocking this one out during work… I actually should put work in quotes “work”… it’s day one of “training” and I’m on the backup Toughbook donated by an AWESOME reader here… yeah man, MANY thanks!  Got it running nice n smooth… Spawn gave me a Solid State Hard Drive… Think I might have to get one for the regular PC as this thing is fast as hell… boot time is like in seconds…
Tonight is shaping up to be an epic disaster for Biden, judging from the bullshit that’s coming out:

Gotta hunch…

They’re gonna call a Lid on it tonight…
More n’likely claiming Biden doesn’t want to share the stage with “the most corrupt, evil yadda yadda” and doesn’t want to dirty hisself by being on stage with Trump, and the media’ll go all in on that shit.
My guess is the 30 minute breaks are to keep juicing RoboBiden with whatever mix they’re using to keep him upright… my understanding was Hitler liked his Pervitin, which literally was medical grade methamphetamine.  Wonder what they’re giving Joe to jolt his dead ass?
And the ear piece?  yeah, the Biden Folks told the Orange Man Bad people there’ll be no inspection for earpieces.  Meselves?  I’d have a freq jammer that could cascade through the common transmission bands and block that shit without blocking any of the others, if only to totally fuck up the Biden morons.
Now, shit… Wifey’s at the ER… seems she might have had a allergic reaction to some nuts she had.  Sapper took her, God bless ‘im… If I bailed from the Training, I’d be well and truly fucked.  Took me since July to get this gig rolling…
She’s ok… they’re gonna jack her with roids n shit… but DAMN!
Always when I can’t do shit about shytte amiright?
So, maybe more later, I got to do this bullshit AND find out if Wifey is OK, and oh yeah, 0500 this A.M. New Awesome Mother In Law tripped, cracked her skull and is now in surgery -right now-… Any prayers would be appreciated… When it fuckin’ rains…
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Good thing Sapper's there to help.

    Keep Benadryl handy, as getting some down will give you some cushion time on the way to the hospital.

    Also, if her doc has her on Lipitor, one of the most common side effects is it mimics a nut allergy and chokes the person unto death, unless you get to the hospital and get epinephrine shot in asap.

  2. Hi B.C.!!!,
    skybill here, yer' ol bud!!,,, 'Love the "T-Shirt" and the reaction from ol' deputy dawg!!
    Besides the top and bottom logos… there is somethin' to say 'bout them Airborne Paratrooper Wings!!
    'A short one… I'm 15 years old and in the local CAP Squadron at our podunk airport.. an old WWII training base left to the winds and the Parish… This is 1961 and Louisiana Skydivers from Baton Rouge started using the airport to jump!! Ona Saturday morning, Bob Welsh comes out to jump with the Club. Being former 82nd Abn. he is sportin' his Green Beret "WITH" his Paratrooper Wings, his White pressed jumpsuit with the cuffs tucked into his spit shined Corcoran Jump Boots!!!!!! Bob is a sight to behold!! A few years later when I made my way into the Sport, ' had the opportunity to jump with Bob on occasion!!
    'Can tell you more tales from "Raeford" … when it was ramrodded by Gene Paul!! Meet me at the Bar… Too bad Gene Paul has Passed On.. It was always good times to be at the "Aviator's Pub on the airport when Gene Paul would show up after shut down and "Hold Court!!!"
    Damn, I miss those daze!!

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