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Greetings to all My Minions and Camp Followers!  Big Country’s on deck for the moment and lets drive on until the Monday late night waiting-for-the-sleep-meds-to-kick-in.   No booze tonight as I have what may be a decent interview tomorrow.  Its (the job itself) in my bailiwick and I’m hoping it’ll work out.  I was able to salvage the shirt that I wore today… truthfully I stripped out of it as soon as I left the farce of an interview I had today… that way I could also get a burger on the way home… I’m one of those poor fuckers that as -soon- as I put on a white shirt you can start the NASA Countdown to T-Minus Stain O’Clock.
I haven’t been able to keep a white shirt white since I was in swaddling clothes man…

So managed to save that one, although I dunno if I’m going Nuclear Red tie or one of my really cool Paisleys I got.  I got this sort-of-stepmom/aunt… not actually related to me but has been a friend of the fam for-like-ever.  She hung out and got shitfaced w/my Dearly Departed Dead Dad the night I was born… pretty cool of her.  Every year at Christmas she sends me a couple of ties and dress shirts from DXL as I don’t have any sartorial experience -at all-.  If it ain’t casual t-shirt and shorts or Multicams I’m sort of at a loss.  Dressing UP is like… well hell… I hated our Class A unis back in the day, and I loath the suit… I look good mind you, just am more comfortable rocking some 5.11s and tacticool wear if not downright beachwear… Eh… I’ll let the Babe figger out whaddup for the AM fun.
The ties are great tho.. so’s the shirts… DXL is -big $$$- even when I was making bank… b/c of my size (26in Neck) and my insanely long torso, I’m built like a silverback gorilla… kinda hard to find offa da Rack at Wallyworld ya dig?  So anyways… I always seem to get sidetracked.

Well My Call on teh current Impeachment Talks and Biden’s Bloated Bureaucratic Bullshit:
He’s gonna skate.  Oh yeah, his candidacy is fucking toast… he won’t admit it but yeah, he’s fucked because of the blatant nepotism.  I mean for fucks sake they have the Gimp ON TAPE openly BRAGGING how he pressured the Ukrainians to fire the guy who WAS DIGGING DIRT UP ON HIS SON FOR PROSECUTION!!!!  On tape!  Like uh dude… you are SOOO Bust-Ed!!!

My guess is that he’ll start slowly sliding out and quit due to ‘medical problems.’  If the Cheeto Emperor decides to say “Fuck it I’m STILL going after them!!!” then Joe can play the “dementia” card and “failing health” and quietly go dodder off to Southeast Asia to sniff little boys hair and little girls bicycle seats…
>insert interruption for sleep<  To continue…

Now:  The Intrepid Reporters Theory of The Deep State

Its pretty simple.  Despite everyone throwing their collective hands in the air and acting like this’s some crazy new shit… well… Look at just -who- has Been In Charge Since 1980/81

1981-1989  President Rest Home Ronny Ray-gun  /  VP George Poppy Bush
1989-1993  President Poppy Bush  /  VP Dancing Danny “Potatoe” Quail
1993-2001  President Slick Willy Clinton  /  VP Al “I invented the Internetz” Gore
2001-2009  President George “Shrubhitler” Bush Jr.  /  VP Dick Darth Cheney
2009-2017  President Barry Sotero Hussein Obama  /  VP Slow Joe The Groper Biden
2017 to Present President Donald God Emperor Trump  /  VP Mike the Pontiff Pence.

OK… now looking at that list… notice anything standing out?  Yeah.  The same group of people are tied together for the LAST 36 YEARS give or take.   Now the editor is “How do you figger that Big Country?  Whats your proof?”  Well I’m glad you asked.  I’ll do it as follows:
1.  Reagan pairs up w/George Bush Senior after the Republican Nomination.  George Bush was the former Director of The CIA.  He oversaw the beginning of the reconstruction after the Church Committee pretty much gutted the Agency.  They get elected.  As VP Bush keeps his hands on approach with the Agency.  During their tenure… a little thing called “Iran Contra” happens where the CIA gets caught out trading cocaine and weapons through Central America and Iran and one of the Central Hubs for this?  Mena Arkansas.  Who was the Governor during this time… Yeeeeah…  More on that later.

2.  Saint Reagan, despite doing dirty deeds, manages to pretty much name his successor, GHW Bush Senior.  Between the two of them, they oversaw the rise of the economy, the Crack epidemic, (thanks to the Agency flooding the US with the Peruvian marching powder) and the dissolution of the USSR.  Bush however was in office when the Berlin Wall came down, and oversaw the first major military victory in a LONG assed time over Iraq in Persian Gulf One.  However, Georgie Boy didn’t crush Saddam, and the economy started getting rocky, so they (the men behind the curtain) put the next power player in.

3.  Slick Willy Clinton gets the torch passed to him.  The former Governor of Arkansas, which –just- so happened to be the hub for all of the Iran Contra Bolivian Dancing Dust coming into the US…  Funny how dat happens amiright?  Quid pro quo?  Naaaah… co-inky-dink you say?  I say he got his payoff for making sure the Spice Flowed so to speak (Frank Herbert reference)… He and his Co-President Hillary Rodham Clinton and their immense body count show up in DC for an unprecedented style of leading.  The Clintons defined media manipulation.  No matter how many bodies showed up… no matter how egregious the offense, they were media darlings. Still  fucking are.  Bill playing saxophone on prime time TV?  Blowjobs in the Oral Office from a dumpy chick?  No problem?  The Media were FULLY in the bag for the Clintons… that or they were afraid to end up suicided.  Hell the term “Arkancide” is actually in the dictionary b/c of these two…  So when he wore his welcome out, the next guy comes in and surprise surprise… 

4.  George Bush Junior shows up.  Funny now how it’s been kept ‘en familia’ so far right?  Junior has what looks like a questionable election as no one on the Democrat side of the line can believe that the Shrub beat Al Gore.  Al Gore however has the personality of a stale piece of white toast, no butter,  so I can see why they picked who they did… keepin’ it all in the fam right?  Bush also oversaw 9-11 which put all that shit about illegitimate elections out the window cause WAR!!!! and REASONS!!!.   This being said… the US has been effectively under the control of two families exclusively since before 1981.  Yeah… tell me the system ain’t rigged.  At this point the Globalists or Men Behind the Curtain start realizing that they gotta change some shit up…  even the most retarded autist in America is gonna start asking questions… so they pull a truly deep state candidate out of the Agencies bag of dark tricks and BAM!

5.  Barack Hussein Obama, the first Oreo President shows up.  Black on the outside, white on the inside.  Heralded by every libtard and worshipped by the press despite a whoooole lotta questions about just -who in the fuck IS this guy?-
I have my own theories, and they can’t be proven, but needless to say, his whole family screams “Agency/Company”  His mom worked for USAID the Unites States Agency for International Development, a well known CIA front company… Hell from wiki: “…in the 1960s and early 1970s USAID has maintained “a close working relationship with the CIA, and Agency officers often operated abroad under USAID cover.” Guess when Momma worked there? His Grandma was the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii which, after the war turned out to be -THE- center of CIA money laundering for the Vietnam war… funny how that happens… and…
Ahh shit the Editor again: “Big Country! How can you say that about him? Those are all crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theories!!! You have no proof! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”
Well, Poindexter there -does- have a point… however, the majority of this information is from the websites of the institutions in question. I know… don’t believe everything you read on the internet, but still… between public records, and a bit of critical thinking (something in amazingly short supply these days) and one can extrapolate their own conclusions. Me? I think the Obamanation was the singularly worst thing to happen to this country since it’s foundation. Time and or History will Tell. Either way He’s demonstratively the reason that The Cheeto Emperor got elected.

6. As another blogger refers to him as “His Most August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldu Triumphus Magnus Astra!”  A -wee bit- over the top… I’m sort of like in the Middle.  I LOVE the fact that Trump irritates the ever living fuck out of sooooo many worthless organ-donors-in-waiting.  Oxygen Thieves is what my Drill Instructors would refer to those  people… waste o’skin… there’s burn victims desperately in need of new coverings…  He’s not the best at people relations… his pick of some of his closest advisers are and have been near disastrous… however, his business acumen is pretty good…far better than the Kenyan that we had before, and he DOES love the United States, which has been absent from our politicians so eager to bend, bow and scrape before anyone who holds themselves or thinks themselves superior to us.
He refuses to.
In fact him blowing off the Pissed Off Pippi Laughingstock… that 16 year old quim from Sweden… the video and picture… OMFG it was/is epic… Trumpman comes walking in, she’s all craning her neck to wait for him to come over and I dunno… prostrate hisself before her Awesome Pedestalized Pussy Powered Eco-Awesomeness, and he doesn’t even acknowledge her…  Some snowflakes are going off all over teh interwebz on how he should have interacted with her…  I say fuck that… She’s an Autistic Jumped up Strumpet who IMO is a victim of Child Abuse who has delusions of grandeur and I really feel sort of sad for her… her parents turned her into an international sock puppet, and when the fame is gone, and she’s left lonely, loony, childless and surrounded by her cats, empty Haagendaz containers littering the floor in her darkened room, smelling vaguely of cheap Chardonnay.  The neighbors will go “She was such a quiet girl” when the authorities find the dismembered remains of her parents in the deep freeze, after she got through with them with an ax.

So basically, when someone asks “How did we get Trump?”  The answer is people woke up for the first time in 35+ years, and elected someone to fix this bitch.  It’s LOOONG Overdue.

And THAT is what scares the ever-loving shit out of the career scumbags in the dot-gov.
Until later
I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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