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To be honest, I’m not about baggin’ nor disparaging other bloggers… but man, Aesop over at the 

RACONTEUR REPORT keeps rolling the CoronaChan ‘scare numbers’…

His latest post, which I refuse to link is pretty much a constant “I was right!  See I was right!” about ‘the numbers.’  
It’s sorta kinda pathetic.
I really liked Aesop back in the day.  Medical professional with really good insight as to how shit was going… and I’m talking about his Ebola Posts.  
Then, Ebola turned out to be a wet fart.
So…. CoronaChan came along.  Hell yeah, from the early iterations I was fully onboard.

I was, IMO and as far as I can tell one of the earliest people to scream “Hey, this shit -might- be dangerous.” I was yelling about it on January 23rd…here.

Since then, I’ve realized a few things.
It’s total and utter bullshit.

Shit like this proves that it’s bullshit.

“…small particles found in wildfire smoke…”
Uh… a virus is like a milll-yun times smaller than smoke particulates.
It’s about control.
It’s about Orange Man Bad.
It’s about over.

‘Cause I no longer wear a mask.  At all.  Fuck those sheeple who do too.  Wifey still does because of the social pressure and her being a split tail, the wimmenz tend to ‘go with the herd’ whereas I’m an easily irritated and irascible fucker.  

I also got the ass to back up to any joker who wants to get froggy.
The very few times I’ve had someone even look sideways at my unmasked mug, the glare I give them generally makes them melt into the floor… I mean I’ve been told by like everyone when I glare, it’s like the focus of a thousand burning suns of hatred and loathing being burned into the target’s skull.

I’ve only had to tear up one Karen, and let me tell ya, I mean I spoke of it here… that was fun.  Rarely do I get to use the old Drill Instructor voice… but when I do, y’all in Nevada can prolly hear me going off.

So yeah, kind of a bummer that Aesop keeps running it… I’m big enough to admit I was wronger’n two boys fuckin’ with a third waiting in line.  CoronaChan is just a slightly more viral flu, and truth be told, I think the Joe Chink and his boys cooked it up, and let it loose because the Hong Kong Kids were starting to make serious headway in the freedom protests, and Trump was causing grief for them on the Trade Thingy.  They let loose a designer bug (that according to some sources say its way more potent to the Orientals) that locks down the country, kills off the oldsters and sickly (less drain on resources), and scares the ever-loving piss out of the rest of the world.  A plan that’s been fully embraced by the Democrat Party.
If true, that makes ’em full on, full out traitors.
Time to make necks stretch.
More Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. I stopped reading the ass hat. I too am a nurse, retired. He comes off as a narcissistic twat with his doom and gloom about the Ebola and now the beer virus. I asked him what his patient census was and it's breakdown and he refused to tell me. I looked it up at the area hospitals where he lives. The numbers were real low, and could be attributed to seasonal flu or pneumonia. By his legend in his own mind way of thinking he is the only one holding back the tide of beer virus zombies and is the only one with proper stats and procedures to combat this scamdemic. Classic symptoms of Bipolarity…

  2. I gave up on him 2 or 3 months back. He may have finally lost his shit, in a spectacular manner. Damn shame, too. I really enjoyed his blog until this corona-shit.

  3. Phil has expounded a few times this year, on the same points you just posted, and both of you are on point, this was a created event from the go, the cock breath fauci should be in the graybar hotel for what he did, and several dozen other people who backed him up. Shooting him in the head would be too quick, he needs to be made to view what he did in destroying this country.

    Here's one example of what his "advice" has resulted in.

  4. I, also, went by the reports in Communist China (versus Free China, aka: Taiwan or Singapore) until I realized, fuck, this is the ChiComs we are talking about. SARS wasted them, came over here and 'meh.'

    But Aesop? Even when confronted with the truth, he just dug down harder than a life-long Democrat over OrangeManBad.

    I do admit, it looked bad for the West, until the data from Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the Flu Cruise and the USS JFK came in and just showed absolutely that the Corona-Chan was some really weak-assed shit.

    I mean, as bad as it was supposed to be, we shouldn't have to worry about the homeless or IV drug users in this country for a few years due to all the deaths. But… the homeless and the IV drug users aren't even touched by it. Hmmmm… That's kind of suspicious as all fuck, isn't it?

    Keep on keeping on, BC.

  5. I hear you on sheeple pushing the mask ideology brother. But…keep in mind that masks are also our friend if shit gets sideways away from the house. Shoot and scoot without facial recognition worries.

  6. Call me a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but I think that there will be a second bug (with a much higher death rate) released just as the public stops complying with current nonsense. Then it'll be OUR fault when the bodies really start piling up. "If only everyone had just done what Faucci said, all these people would still be alive!"

    I'm still waiting to meet my first Karen in a store with enough guts to confront me. I just walk through the store with a shit-eatin grin in anticipation.

  7. i quit aesop after the "don't go to richmond, it'll be a massacre!!" thing. especially since he acted like a spoiled 5 year old when he was wrong. two weeks into the wuhan flu i knew it was fishy, since they wouldn't let us call it wuhan flu. then the numbers didn't pan out. the final straw was my ijit govna, doctor death, was all up in it. thats when i called bs. i never wear the mask except at work where i'm paid to, thanks to the nervous nelly's that don't realize it went thru our hood already back last winter when the chinese cadets brought it back from Christmas break. can you believe they let chinese PLA troops attend a military college? then again we have a couple honest to god jihadis too, one even runs our i.t. course. military intelligence indeed.

  8. I quit Aesop shortly after he started requiring sign ins to post. That was shortly after he had a HUGE go round with a couple posters about his posts on Corona babona. Instead of banning the couple three posters that were "Abusing Him"(his words), he made EVERYONE ELSE suffer and have their posts traceable to a Google Account (like THAT'S something anyone wants to do in this day of on-line cancel culture).

    I even tried to explain, what I deem as his rather bizarre behavior, evidenced by his on-line battles with a couple posters, by defending him as overworked (working too many hours/shifts), while working in a hostile environment and trying to maintain his blog, on another blog. Too bad. He had a nice thing going there for a while. In the end, his ego got the better of him.


  9. Did anyone realize that he may have built the website to be a honeypot? Get people to think they found a safe haven to spout their beliefs and then require you to access it with traceable credentials to nail down who you really are? I'll bet a lot of people that had been going there for a while logged in without thinking about it.

  10. There have been a few blogs where it almost seemed the original blogger was no longer there. Like some oppositional digital doppelganger had taken the reigns. There was a time when talk like that would have raised the tin foil hat crazy conspiracy theorist eyebrow. Not so much any more. Aesop is off the deep end.

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