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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Lotta Feds around these days.  The fedpoasting on Gab and other locations are out of control, and the suspicions I have regarding some folks out there, well, lets just say the antenna is buzzing.  I actually got an email asking me if I knew where I could get live M-67 Frags, and if so, could I ‘hook a brotha up?’


God man, two words: Try Harder.

That and “Get Fucked”

Fucking this’s what you get with all the “Muh Diversity” hires in the DotFed.  Nevermind the sullying of the Ivy Leagues with substandard admissions, nevermind the degrees that get awarded… substandard grading, prospects and shit.  Quanishious got into Yale, where he studied African Poetry, with a minor in Poli-Sci, and Graduated Summa Cum Laude, and received an appointment to the F.B.I. Academy, where he then plans on becoming a Special Agent.  Nevermind that Quanishious “graduated” from Detroit Public School #234, can barely read, barely write, couldn’t add anything unless it entails using dollars as a substitute, got a full scholarship, and was breezed through Yale, doing the bare minimum and taking all the quick and easy courses.  It probably helped that he was on the football team, and played basketball as well, otherwise they -might- have flunked him out.

Quanishious graduated, and thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.Just like Obama… a fair to middlin’ intellect by all accounts, who’s entire life was greased by either the D.I.A. or C.I.A, but don’t point that out, as it’d be raaaaaaaaaaay-cist and sheeee-it.  So when Quanishious starts trying to fedbait and get people to fedpoast, he does it in such a clumsy and stupid manner as to be almost a joke.  Which is what the Federal Bureau of Incompetence is really… an entire group of what are essentially DotGov Praetorian Enforcers, thugs and scum, who believe that they’re actually decent human beings.

See, the F.B.I. was, from its inception, quickly moulded and morphed by J. Edgar Hoover into a STASI like group of thugs.  Ole J. Edgar was in power, and the eminence grise behind, well, damned near everyone.  His corrupotcratic bullshit was legendary… between his deals with the Mob to keep his own predilection for buggery and transvestism under wraps, to blackmailing ALL the politicians over a 40 year period.  And we’re seeing it in action.

Too many to list but it seems the F.B.I., at the behest of their Lords and Masters are going after and rounding up any and all who were in DC on January 6th, no matter how innocuous the visit was.  Here in Florida, they rolled a fucking SWAT Team and HRT to a guy’s house because they claim he’s a vet, with guns, with PTSD… so there was some ‘risk’ involved.  Amazing how when doing an arrest like that, they go whole fucking hog, and gee… turns out to be a nothingburger.

And yet however many months ago, which I went over in an earlier poast, the Fibbies Geek Squad goes after a child porno dood, and lose two in the process… funny that.  FedBro got fucked up on a raid for a kid-diddler, and when they went on that particular raid, it was ‘go to war’ footing, whereas, a different kid-diddler gets the Fibbies into a fatal funnel into a kill zone, and gee.. two people who were rumored to have seen Hunter Biden’s lappie got wasted.

Co-inkdy-dink, ain’t it? 

And yet, an Iraq War Vet?  Break out the artillery and the cameras so’s to intimidate the fuck out of anyone who would even have badthink against the obviously illegit DotGov and the what is now the new Federal Ministry For State Security.  
Yah… Fedbois?  Y’all are fucking scum.

Modern 21st Century STASI.

Case in point:

Two-Tiered “Just Us” system.

Any County Sheriff should be out there, and telling the Fibbies that they ain’t Welcome no more ’round here.  As in “Pack yo shit, and quit mah Territory.”  Like if they -don’t- get a clue, make life difficult for ’em.  Make them want to transfer, and make sure they understand that they won’t be getting cooperation on any unconstitutional FedBullshit.  That they’ll be held personally liable, both monetarily and legally for any violations of the real laws.
Hence why State Level of Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws is so important.Unconstitutional Laws are, by word and cause, held as unenforceable.

Make the Feds personally pay for their mistakes.

Eliminate Federal Qualified Immunity.Make. Them. Pay. Personally.

Financially bind them

Enslave them fiscally.

Make it so they quit in droves.

Make their home lives such hell that no woman worth her sanity would stay married to a Fedboi… make them lose their families, their comfort, their children.

Deny them anything that would provide comfort and succor.

Small steps

Lead to Larger and more Meaningful Freedoms

The very fact that I have so many of them doing crude and stupid attempts to entrap me shows that I piss them off.  Good. 

Fuck y’all.  I only color “inside the lines” since my first encounter with you swine.  Won’t do anything that could be construed as even remotely fucked up.  That being said however, the US Fed Statues Code, I think just by having a older washing machine that uses too much water by the new codes, is like a fucking felony.  Which shows just how fucked up things are Aye?

I mean don’t forget

All the Armor on them Bearcats?

That hole was punched through an M1114 door… with an EFP made by dirt-poor, underarmed, locals with an ax to grind.  Methinks the average ‘Murican, when the time to play starts are gonna make the Iraqis look like tardos.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I can’t help myself some days. I MUST point out the error in your raaaaaaaaay-cist and sheeeeit. And is not how it’s done. “An’ ” is appropriate usage. You have GREAT attitude.

    1. Technically it should have been “n’sheeeeeit” but us Whypeepo usually get it wrong cuz we don’ ax the right ‘none-see-a-tons.

  2. The only flaw I see here is that it wasn’t QUanishious, it was Klamidia. And she was ushered through the various educational institutions compliments of The Great Society.

  3. The takeaway from all of the tumult and tragedy behind January 6th should, from now on, be: AVOID CROWDS(h/t to Ole’ Remus).

  4. Dweezil Wins Post of the day!
    Spot the fuck on.

    it needs to be at the top of every web page dedicated….to The Republic.

    1. Thanks, Jack. I just getting ready to go full Samuel Whittemore when the time comes. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Pretty sloppy and very lazy asking you about getting grenades. One of the benefits of these three letter agencies going full on affirmative action and hiring a bunch of tards because they satisfy certain quotas DOES have an advantage – the effectiveness of them is definitely going to suffer. Same with .mil. It’s bad. Nothing you write is going to be able to encompass just how bad it’s getting.

    Any reason you can post that email about asking for grenades? Surely you can’t be protecting that persons email address. I’m sure it’s just a sock puppet type account that won’t be traceable by your readers, but it might be useful for everyone to see, especially your fellow bloggers. Be interesting to see if anyone else had heard from this individual.

  6. That’s what all those out of print, .gov publications are for. Fun projects easy to follow instructions. Fun for all of those with a particular interest. Buy with cash, copy, and share with your friends.

  7. Man, I tell you what, if I was that John Sullivan guy, I might want to think about leaving the country. The guy cashed in something like $60k with a deal from CNN for video footage from the “insurrection “ afterwards, so basically between that and his false flag dealings, he is probably a big target for some people that don’t take kindly to his actions. Any day, any time, his ticket is gonna get punched….

  8. Hey Dweezil,
    I’m probably more age qualified to play Sam Whittemore in this iteration.

  9. Lon horiuchi cheesed the weasel over the length of a tube of steel.

    Comp b cheese. The inert ones are just as dangerous as the live pastries, according to the fed plants testimony.

    Cheese your honor. Cheese.

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