The Purge

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

They really seem to thirst for death.

No, not the repungnicunts.  The entirity of the left.  Dumbshitocraps and allllll of their anti-military leaning “Elites” who are nothing in the ‘real world’.  I swear to God, they’re intentionally trying to start a civil war.  It’s the -only- conclusion I can draw at this point.

Much has been said aboot the “Purge” of the DotMil and the “60 Day Stand-down” and what it entails.  Part and parcel of it is a purge of ‘white supremacy symbolism’.  This means any and all ‘symbols’ deemed inappropriate by the mob… which means pretty much anything cool and fun.

A BIG thing they are saying that needs to go are ‘Punisher’ skull patches and tats.

The problem is that the Special Forces started using it in following a long tradition that dates back to VietNam.  The patch above for you civvies, the ODA stands for Operational Detachment A, #516, which means it’s a SF “A-Team” which are the badasses… not the cheesy 80’s show.  The tradition stems from early SF, as in MACV-SOG or Military Advisory Group, Vietnam, Special Operations Group

Lots of history and Honor in this tradition.

Can’t have that now can we?  Bunch of dour, box-wine swilling, Unmarried Feminazi bitches who long for 50 Shades of Gray but are embittered because life either handed them a face that looks like it caught fire, and Daddy beat it out with a hatchet, or a body that in it’s best shape, was considered “round.”  Hence the increase in shrillness, gross piercings, blue/green hair, and ‘problem glasses’ as Spawn calls them.  The near-continual harangue on our Warrior class is primarily motivated out of spite, jealousy and above all longing.  They wish that a hulking SF-Alpha Stereotype who gives them the tingles and splooshes would come in and sweep them off their feet… 

Hate to tell ya, never happening… they’d blow out their spines tryna lift yer fat blue-haired Latte Swilling asses. 

So, like all leftist assholes, that which they cannot have, they must destroy.

Word is that guys who got unit tats with those logos or likeness or any logo that the Left and the new Nogger-of-the-Army Llyod Austin has determined to be raaaaay-cist has to be removed, or face being thrown out of the Army.  One guy I know, retired SF CSM emailed me and said the ‘rumbling in the ranks’ is getting to be ugly.  Guys who’ve served a bunch of tours (and are still ‘operating’) who got unit tats with those now-offensive symbols are being told “get rid of them or get oot.”

This from an over-promoted Social Justice “Warrior” General Affirmative Action Austin-the-Asshole. 
 In fact, that works… G4tA… 

Looking over his what I consider his less-than stellar career, I’m wondering if he’s a plant.  I mean I -know- he’s dumb as a fucking stump.  I know from personal experience he’s a shitbird commander.  When he took over 18th ABN Corps and took over MNC-I in Iraq, shit went sideways because of his lunatic rules.  PT Belts, in a combat zone?  Asshole even talked about setting up Arms Rooms on certain bases to rack the weapons… in an active war zone.Fucking military genius Aye?

He came back as Obama’s Butt Boy to oversee “Operation New Dawn”, know to the rest of us as “Operation Cut n’Run” or “Operation No Dice”  

And we all know how that worked out Aye?

So yeah, congrats to these idiots.  You’re managing to piss off the entirety of Special Operations personnel.  The most dangerous being the actual Special Forces theyselves.  Rangers and SEALs are badass as fuck, BUT… they ain’t force multipliers

SFs actual job is to go into strange locations, find highly disgruntled locals and train them to fuck up ‘loyalist’ forces and break shit to make whomever they oppose hurt.  The SF kids in Nam taught the Montagnards, in Northern Iraq, the Kurds, in Affy, the Northern Alliance Affys… not sure which tribe but those guys LOVED the SF until Big Army showed up and of course, fucked everything up per usual. 

And these are the guys they seemingly want to throw out of the Army?

I mean what. the. fuck?

Talk aboot a recipe for a Civil War.  Take the best trainers in the world of irregular militias and troops and shitcan them back to the streets of a highly divided and pissed off country?

Pure-Dee-Fuckin’-Genius there boyos.

Unless it’s part of a bigger plan… but thats, even for me, a bit o’a reach.”

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Hanlon’s Razor

And considering just how fucking stupid our “Elites” are, I credit it to the usual politics of bumblefuckery, retardation, Dumb-Box-wine Aunts, and ‘Nogs-are-gonna-nog’ revenge against the cool kids AGAIN.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Spot fucking on. Living in the west-of-the-cascades PNW, I laughed at the “face on fire and put out with a hatchet” comparison. No amount of facial piercings or shades of blue hair atr going to distract from the fact that “someone” is four chins fat. Stupid looking is a whole nuther catagory.

  2. So we’re stripping our military of it’s warrior class, replacing them with transgender illegals and rattling sabers with China, Russia and Iran.
    This should work out well, if one plans on losing.

    Wait until the winners impose the Nuremberg trials on US.

  3. We only wanted to be left alone.
    Spot-on about SF being trained as force multipliers. They can take
    old-school Boy Scout troops, and turn them into squads of “G’s.” Not to mention all the millions of American hunters who already practice sneaking up on animals who really don’t want to get shot, and shooting them. Hunters who know their home counties like we know our back yards.

    Personally, I think they are trying to instigate kinetic incidents they believe will give them justification to pass the “Super Patriot Act,” aka “Destroy All White Domestic Terrorists Act.”

    Their huge mistake is believing they can ride these new powers to our utter annihilation and their permanent consolidation of one-party Communist control.

    Big, big mistake.

    A few hundred “active IRA” tied down 20,000 British troops, including the entire SAS, for 30 years, in one corner of a small island, that area being the size of New Jersey. And the IRA won, in that the Brits quit it as a lost cause, after 30 years of trying to crush them into submission.

    Now just extrapolate to the land mass of the CONUS, three MILLION square miles, with a minimum of 300 million firearms, including millions of scoped “deer rifles” capable of nailing 200 lb. mammals at 100s of yards, already in the hands of millions of pissed off patriots, including 100s of thousands of specops trained warriors….
    You get the picture.

    1. MACV-SOG = Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group. SOG disbanded, MACV remained for the duration as advisors.
      Player, I-Corps, ‘71

  4. Semper Fi, 0321 sez:

    “This should work out well, if one plans on losing.”

    Winner! Exactly what they, and their chink masters have in mind.

    I hope all the retired/rousted pissed off and highly skilled vets come teach and lead us inside the enemy’s OODA loop ODA deficit. C’mon boys, do y’wanna live forever?

    1. I love it that they put their Chink Masters in most of the positions of influence in the Executive Branch.

      Oh, wait…

    2. The more folks these commies alienate, the better. Especially the combat and training masters of the military. Only problem with some of them is what I have seen over and over, an inability to come up with solutions not totally influenced by US military training and doctrine. They tend to want to apply military solutions to everything, as that is their frame of reference. Seems easily exploitable by enemy planners. I suspect the Green Berets are some of the best at getting past this, and a few others as well. Sure would not bother me to see them forced into our arms.

  5. A military that is run by and for social Justice Warriors, and not warriors, a military that considers diversity training the most important facet of its regimen, as the basis of the institution, is a military that will not succeed in the long term.
    When the Pretnedant starts the war he is most certainly going to start it’s going to be a shit show

  6. The left is not afraid of the armed former military.
    But they ought to be. The left over threw our govt in a near bloodless coup. They are flushed with confidence after their astounding victory. But they don’t know how to govern. They will make mistakes. And this is one. Bush broke up the Iraqi military after taking Baghdad. Bad move. Same here. Just a small number of well trained guerrillas can occupy a 100 k regular army. See Afghanistan. See Lawrence of Arabia.
    Good point made by the Author….

  7. Well said.
    Good men, mentors, warriors started getting out with McPeaks Composite Wings. The MOG clusterf*ck. Started going downhill from 1995. Accelerated. 9/11 “who’s on 1st”. Insane ROE in A-stan. SF forced to run hundreds through to make quota. Standards lowered, requirements eliminated or simplified. Old retired SF would chew on the bones of recent grads.
    Ships colliding, Aircraft unserviceable due to lack of or no parts. Pilots leaving for civilian careers with better pay and hours.
    The best have left doing a slow burn waiting for happy hour.
    So who’d left to “man up” ? (pu**ies in combat ? Nien Danke !)

    1. Get that shit out, we’re having a health and welfare inspection! Pick up trucks backed into the barracks, shit coming out like a hemorrhaged artery. Boom, out of here.

      1. I remember we had to burn up shitloads of ammo, etc before end of fiscal year. Two + weeks of range time !! Hooyaa !
        I’m certain we had many cases of FTF……… ;}

      2. I recall some of the things I saw come out of the barracks and go to off post storage units. That’s all I have to say about that.

  8. Not brag, just fact, and I am not a combat vet, but I have already written the chapter in my CW2 novel where local units form around cores of former infantry and SF. Where I am now is the state commander of a FREEFOR organization is ready to shift to taking major cities, having built up what he believes are sufficient experienced units, “new” units of recruits mixed in, and with a deep pool of new volunteers both on the pipeline and being vetted.

    It is inevitable and thus predictable.

    And yes, they want a civil war, because that is what China wants, the USA off the stage.

    1. Take a clue from Mao, the cities are expendable. Turn off the water and power and they empty out in short order. Siege, not assault, is the key to toppling the blue oriented cityscape.

  9. baiting for a reaction from patriots. then when affirmative action can’t contain they’ll cry for un “peace keepers” .. what a shit show

    1. That’s basically the plot of my third novel, “Foreign Enemies And Traitors.” Here’s a excerpt that gives the background of what’s happening across the USA.

      It’s a year after two New Madrid earthquakes have devastated the Mississippi Valley.Battalions of foreign “peacekeepers” are occupying Tennessee, at the invitation of the President.

      Phil Carson, (from “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”), and three strangers are hiding in a well-stocked cave, which is a guerrilla fighter’s lair. Across West Tennessee, Kazakh “contract peacekeepers” are wiping out the last remaining American holdouts, who have rejected the federal government’s order to abandon their homes and move to distant FEMA “relocation centers.”

      1. Matt, that book is a must read. I read the trilogy. One of the best books out there that really shows what could and would probably happen. I highly advise everyone to buy all of your books.

    1. Nah…not gonna happen. Folks will simply disappear into the Twilight Zone and live very well until the real ShXXShow starts. You know how much a former SF guy can make being a body guard to some ClebTwit, a CEO, or a ForeignFool? Lozza moola….and Hollywood learned a long time ago to not ask many questions, lest some dirt comes off on you. SF invented cool stuff like fake ID’s, new faces, and backgrounds that hold up to scrutiny. Everyone thinks it’s the CIA but my mom worked for the OSS in WW2. Basically the OSS was unhindered and well paid. Then the CIA morphed out of it and all the clever folks left. So, the Army-and other services-are simply going to bleed real talent in the name of diversity and fairness. Then when the Left wants a war with Russia or IranETC. bombs the Bay Area-it’ll be bleating and handwringing by Romney/Schumer/Name the Idiot while they hide in the tunnels under DC. It is an almost predictable script.

      1. My great-uncle was an OSS operative behind the lines in Germany. After the war, he went to work for one of the big aerospace outfits as a rocket scientist. He also got several patents registered in his name – which were more than likely from plans he stole from the nazis.

        It’s possible he and your mom crossed paths at some time or another.

      1. Beria’s crime was pedophilia. Stalin told his daughter when she was 10 to never be alone with him ever.

  10. I have been saying Civil War has been their goal for awhile now, and I suspect they expected it to have initiated by now. It’s the only reason for their rhetoric and behavior that fits the fact pattern. My guess is we( those whom it makes no sense as to why you would want a Civil War) aren’t looking at the board in a big enough way. As Americans we think our country is the end all be all, when I think we are being used as a piece towards a larger goal.

  11. I like your site. Very cool.

    I wonder how many people have gone out and done something, but the media isn’t covering it?

    In the mid-90s, I remember reading an article about terrorism that stated at that time there were about 400 bombings a year in the US on average, but they generally didn’t receive any attention, so nobody was aware of how widespread the issue was. I wonder how many similar attacks might have occurred and we aren’t hearing about it?

    1. Did you hear about the pedophile in downstate Illinois a couple of years ago?
      The liberal judge let him out on recognizance after being arrested multiple times… a few days later his headless body was dumped on the judge’s doorstep. Most media that even bothered to learn about it were frightened and didn’t report it.
      Yes, there are many things happening that don’t get reported by the media or get called something else.
      But also some of those numbers are exaggerated… for example, the ATF will claim thousands of explosives incidents and hundreds of bombings each year, but their list of incidents includes families turning in ammunition and gun manuals after their owner died, and their list of bombings includes explosions caused by fire; you have to read the list carefully to find out what the real numbers are.

  12. This entire post – BCE and comments NAILED IT! Blood-thirsty Commies gotta commie. Shit’s gonna fly.

    Harden your heart, body, and mind set NOW in order to be able to DO the things that need to be DONE.

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