The Reason I’ll Fight

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Adriana Grace… 11:10 A.M. via C-Section… she couldn’t make up her mind on which way she wanted to come out… so after 10 hours of labor, they (the Croakers) decided for her.  8.8 Pounds and 26.5 inches long.  She’s got legs for days I swear…  Takes after her Glammie with the pins.  Mom and Baby are doing GREAT!

And GrandBebe Prime?

She’s thrilled to be a big sister… fittin’ to bust… that’s her holding her tablet that she was using to talk to the Newbie… 

I’ma gonna have to think what I call the new lil ‘un, ’cause A) she’s bigger than GranBebe Prime was at birth, although you can’t see it in the pics, she appears to have the same godless ginger hair.  and B) GrandBebe Secondary doesn’t ‘sing’…
And I know I can’t call her the “FNGBebe”… Wifey’d fuck me up for that.
We’ll be road tripping, provided the world don’t melt the fuck down to see her sooner as now Wifey’s back in “Babies Rabies” mode… I won’t get a fucking moments rest until she holds the Newbie for the first time.
Can’t says I blame her… I love me some Bebes…  I AM after all a big fucking softy at heart when it come to this stuff.  Especially when it comes to MY GrandBebe(s)… Jesus… I have to add the multiplier on there from now on… sheesh… this’s gonna take some getting used to Aye?
And now I have an Additional Reason to Defy and Spit in the Eye of all those who would harm, traffic in, oppress or enslave them cute lil girls, and any like them…

For them?

I will make it rain.
Keeping it short… just wanted to update y’all and MANY Thanks to those who threw me some much-needed shekels in the tip jar!  It’s gonna end up going to the diaper fund now is my guess LOL.
More Later I Remain The for-once Happy as Fuck Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
(The Usual Dourness will be continued at a it’s regular time tomorrow)

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  1. Congrats. Grandchildren are the reward for raising your own kids. You raise your kids so you can spoil the grandkids.

  2. Congratulations!
    Just a word of warning,
    I was a C section kid, and as a teenager I noticed I had a real attraction for sneaking out my window on Friday nights..

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