The Stupid, It BURNS

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Looks like the people out there are getting stupid(er) if at all possible.  After I did the ‘fun poasting’ this A.M., whilst doing the daily prep, I scanned the news Items of the day, to find this gem:

Looks like Heels Up put her Leboutin in her cockholster.  Again.

Man, the comedy of these people…’protecting the vaccinated’… Excuse me, but doesn’t the vaccine, ya know uhh…vaccinate you?  I mean it either does or it does not.  Which is it, ‘cos inquiring minds and all that….

Responses were vicious and fast to hit back, even by Libtards.

Good question that Aye?
Hmmmm… makes one think.
Which is dangerous there citizen!  Self-report to the Local Political Re-Alignment Facility for reprogramming and enlightenment.  Man, that sounds so corny, but as think keep progressing, I half wonder if this’s going to become the new reality?  I mean probably not, but they sure as hell would love to implement that shit.

But the very fact that they can’t keep a straight story, and that the ‘mandated masking’ is an out-and-out failure… I mean my epiphany was when Dr. Mengele Jr was at the ball park, and as soon as he felt he was ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’, off came the fucking Diaper of Doom.  That was when I realized they were flat-the-fuck-out lying to us

Like they always have and always will

“When do you know a politician/bureaucrat/member of the Dot Gov is lying to you?”
While they’re still breathing.

“When do you know a politician/bureaucrat/member of the Dot Gov is not lying to you?”
After they’ve had a ride through the Mobark ‘Eeger Beever’ 2131 woodchipper.

That makes ’em a good politician/bureaucrat/member of the Dot Gov.
I mean they are all full of shit, so naturally they’ll make fantastic fertilizer

Jes’ Sayin’

Yep, the Good Ole Mobark… it can handle an 18 inch thick log… which, by the by, the Japanese Bio-Death Unit I mentioned a while back?  Unit 731?  Yeah, they used to call the subjects of their ‘experiments’ “maruta” which is Japanese for “Logs”


So… besides my borderline Fed Poasting there (this’s all for comedy’s sake there my Glowies… in Minecraft of course).  Had me a bit of a “Oh Shit” moment today.  Sitting at Ye Olde Office/Front room, I have a pretty good surveillance system in place.  Security cams, Night Vison in one of them… It allows me to keep a eyeball peeled.  And as I am the ‘corner’ house, I got a pretty panoramic view of any and all inbound vehicles…

So, I hear a car idling.  More deeper than a car, and I check the cam, and lo and behold, A brand new Black 2020 Suburban.  Extremely tinted windows.  Parked -directly- across the street.

Yeah… got me that sinking feeling so I did the usual.
Charged the rifle, told Wifey shit might be going weird, and then took out the trash.  

Which allowed me to act all ‘suburban’ and whatnot, and get a close-up eyes on what’s going on.  After dropping the trash,  I checked the mailbox.  I surreptitiously took a pic of the license plate while acting like I had gotten a text.

Then, since no one had jumped out of the truck to take me into custody, I ran the plate.

Bought in Texas, June 2020.  Resold at a Dealership here in Tampa to a Contracting Company July 2021.  


Reason I say that is the people who Serbian War Criminal sold the house to have been doing a top-to-bottom rebuild/refurb.

Apparently this’s the bosses truck.  Nice ride.  Wish I could afford one of them bad mamma-jammas.

Paranoid much?  Best ye all be at this point me Droogs.  The Man ain’t got no sense of humor, nor much hold-back if’n it decides to visit ye with a little dose of the ultraviolence.

Being prepared and AWARE of all your surroundings.
I got a head start from all that time being on a AQI list.  Tends to put some good countermeasures in the head, and physically in place. 

Which reminds me, the last big Rainstorm upended some of my tripwires and boobytraps.  Gotta move and re-rig them.  For that matter, time to re-up the kevlar tripwire too.  Thankfully that’s not a pricey thing these days.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. You did the right thing. As often said, just because someone says you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there aren’t still people after you. Good craft.

  2. Be careful printing anything… embedded in the paper are code dots that trace back to the machine serial number, date and tine, etc. Buy a used one at a garage sale, etc.

    1. I’m astounded how ignorant folks are of their own cell phones, if ever there was a time to wear a mask and gloves, this is it. And ALWAYS remove battery before doing something stupid.
      Every single thing you do is traced, think twice before you do something. And then cover your ass 3x. And that includes printers and library computers too.

      1. Agreed!

        If possible, ditch the geo-tracking snitcher if possible when out and about. Also don’t use computers at the local sheepies library and DO remember to use VPN when and where possible.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          1. Thanks for the warning, but we ALL are
            already on ‘The Lists’.

            And if we’re NOT on ‘The Lists’ we aren’t
            doing freedom properly.

            None of us are going to live forever….

            Just saying…
            Nothing but love here brother!

            And fwiw, fuck both Goolag/Alphabet
            and Apple and all the rest with a rusty chainsaw up their asses running at full power!


            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. BCE,

    Looks like those who are for the Great Reset(TM) are
    making sure that their commrades over at Bloomberg
    “News” continue to push the propaganda/psy-ops
    of ‘Why haven’t you all gotten the miraculous and
    wonderful ‘jab’ that’s chock full of nothing but love?!?’
    narrative as seen below:

    Bloomberg News -Politics/Policy
    How Far Are the Unvaccinated Willing to Go?
    Faced with mandates amid a Covid-19 resurgence, some Americans
    are making far too much of a simple choice

    Don’t forget to check out the comments section there.

    Here’s info on the author:
    Jessica Karl is a social media editor for Bloomberg Opinion. She previously interned for CNN Opinion and Nylon magazine.

    Yup..a ‘simple choice’ easy as choosing between
    drinking a 80z glass of the poison Roundup or snorting

    Of course she did,..just doing her ‘useful idiot’ duty
    for ‘Globalism Is Us!’

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. personally, i believe the VAST majority of murkins really muuuuust get the jab.. the sooner they fucking croak- the better my quality of life will be. jesus h christ they are some mongoloid looking, stewpit, lazy shitbags. i went to the wallyworld today on the mainland and it was a 7 out of 10 morbidly unhuman, tatt’d, and masked retart crowd. they can’t stop sucking air fast enough for me. kudos to Jessica Karl for helping the long needed cull along…

      1. True ‘dat my brother!
        I’m just very selective about who survives
        the jab and after.

        Be nice to have folks around that know
        how to keep the lights on and the water
        drinkable and the other necessities running..
        well, at least a bit better than either Venezuela
        or Columbia….or the local injun rez near my
        AO here….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Here in NC the county Sheriff’s son a CAPT, over the narcotics unit got caught putting a tracking device on the ex-girlfriends ride. When you have to put a tracking device on your girls ride she becomes the ex! I always thought more tracking devices were being used. Go to the right seminars while with Uncle Sam, you will notice things from then on. Like new best friends attempts. Never use your vehicle or residence for anything you don’t want splashed on the LOCAL NEWS. Don’t be the driver, don’t hold packages, that former side piece from college with the heavy tote bag that she won’t let you carry! My favorite the bitch in the middle of the night unlocks your doors! The cartel types love to follow people and pull up in the middle of the night and sit. Camcorder with the largest optical zoom you can find.

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