The Things I Do….Russian MRE Part 2

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bleeech.  Nasty.  Really nasty.  Today for lunch, I figured I’d do up the remaining ‘smaller parts’ of the Rooski MRE.  Be glad I do these things for y’all… as it was a really foul experience.  Unlike the last 3 times, where it was the ‘main meal’ chow, I hit the smaller ‘snack items.’

In order, according to Google Translate, Left to right and down:
1) Vegetable Puree
2) Jam (unknown flavor)
3) Pate 
4) Cheese the Processed
So, pretty good idea what was in each.  So on opening them I got this:

#1, the Vegetable Puree, was pretty much tasting like what it looked like.  Baby Food.  Not bad, but not good per se.  Think it was like a yam/squash kind of puree… reminded me a lot of GranBebe’s chow when she was a wee bitty.  Tasted enough of it when she started throwing it for sure.  Not a fan.  Maybe if really hungry but that’s the point of these tests Aye?

#2 is Jam.  a damned good strawberry too.  Very very tasty, to the point I managed to get Wifey to try it, and had to fend her off.  Can’t wait to try it on some Publix Mountain Bread w/butta later.

#3… Pate… O….K….the less said about this, the better.
Ok… I’ve eaten some strange shit in my time.  Also some extremely foul tasting shit.  THIS ‘stuff’… Nhaaa-asty.  Seems it ain’t meat pate, but fish pate.  Now, granted, maybe high rollers and uppity fallutin’ folks with the pinky-in-the-air and yer basic Eurotrash can cotton onto this, but man, it was gross… my stomach is still upset.  Texure?  Sand… fishy sand.  Flavor?  Fish Ass.  Thankfully, the flavor came out with a generous brushing of the toofuses.  Now, there is a slight silver lining in this.  The Sausage Princess practically had a heart attack when I opened this particular nasty.  She was vibrating in expectation… so, now I know, I got emergency food rats for the Dog over and above the stuff I have put aside for her for the nonce.  She practically licked through the bottom of the container when I gave it to her.  No accounting for taste Aye?

#4, The Cheese.  Didn’t open the cheese.  Cheese is cheese, and I’m throwing this in the kit for later use, along with the majority of the ephemera from the meal.  The coffee, tea and ‘other’ bits n pieces can be saved for the long term utilization in a shit hit the fan scene.  The little stove, matches and fuel tabs are going into my actual battle bag, as one never know if one needs to heat something up.

Now, other observations.  I had to use a knife on two of the containers to open them.  Sealed above and beyond the norm.  Thankfully easy to do.  Didn’t have that problem with any of the other main meals, just these smaller snacks.  The crackers, better than the US version.  Bit more flavorful, but more fragile.  They shatter like nothing and you end up with crumbles, whereas you can stop a bullet with US MRE Crackers.  Also, no real dessert.  2X lil containers (like itty bitty) of “Nutella-substitute”.  I didn’t bother with a picture as both had ruptured and gone bad in transport from Russia.  According to the info I’ve seen, these are actually enlisted mens rats, the officer rats have a Chocolate Bar in them.  Go figure.

So that rounds out this meal… next one?  Any suggestions?  Let me know, hit the donate button, and I’ll get one and let ya know if it’s any good.  I’m debating on Italian or German.  
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  1. I had a Brit 24 hour ration once. It was a cornucopia of tasty treats. Oatmeal, jam and cookies, crackers, candies, tea, etc. They seem to eat well.
    I like to get stuff from the store to make my own MREs. Uncle Sam’s meals seem to be kind of hard on your system, in my opinion, and make you pay later.
    The prices stores charge for MREs at this point sort of makes it competitive to make your own at home.
    Costco recently started selling these instant Thai Curry meals. Each packet has a pouch of rice and a pouch of yellow curry sauce with veggies packed together. I tried one just today and it was really good. Easy to heat up or just eat cold.
    I get the big ziploc bags, and put in a couple energy bar/meat bars, some plastic utensils and napkins (Costco or Sams have bulk boxes of pre-packed utensil kits), a couple instant coffees/tea bags, and an instant meal pouch, like the one above. There’s an Indian meal line in the local grocery store that is pretty good, too. Instant curry or daal isn’t too shabby. I also toss in something like a small can/box of soup, like the bone broth varieties that are popular lately. Cream of chx/shroom soups come even smaller. There’s always instant soup pouches, too. I can also add some of those single-serving peanut butter pouches and some crackers or homemade hardtack.
    I list the contents and calories on the bag and try to aim for about 1200-1500 calories in each bag. Between the entree pouch, soup, and energy bars, I’ve got more than enough for a day out. I toss a few bags in my camping box, toss one in my pack, and have a few ready in the garage for whatever.

    Oh, and if you want to go cheaper- save up all those tiny ketchups, salt and peppers, mustards, etc when you eat out. If you’re on the road a lot, you can end up with a lot before you realize it. Chic-Fil-A seems to have the best, by the way.

    1. PS- Anyone ever try Lara Bars? They’re made primarily out of Dates. If you’re not a fan of the taste of dates, have no fear-they come in a variety of flavors. I like the lemon one, especially. Dates are great for filling you up fast and have been a favorite go-to for me on the trail.

      1. Looking them up… waitaminute… had the regular ones, was -not- a fan… Lemon were good you said?

        1. Lemon, Key Lime, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Muffin, Coconut, Mint Chocolate…
          I like Lemon the best.
          Your local grocery might sell onesies so you can figure out if you hate them before you buy an entire case.

    2. I like that… Home made chow on the go… Dinty More has those pre-cooked meals too, the Chair Force used them frequently in Iraq… Chik N Dumplin’s were really good and filling, and I think The blue box pasta… what the hell is its name? The have pre-made Pasta and Meat sauce that’s pretty good.

  2. You should look at the Hormel Complete meals, all they need to be is heated, usually by microwave but they could be used in the field.

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