The Three “S’s”

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Today’s fun is discussing the “S’s” as I like to call ’em  They need to be discussed because the retardation of the FUSA is getting out of hand.  The left has essentially stated that they’re coming, it’s war, and there is no longer a viable self defense allowed.  As Herschel over at “The Captain’s Journal” discusses, there’s now ample evidence that the “law” under which we’ve been operating is well and truly fucked.

“Rules For Thee, But Not For Me.” Nancy Pelosi, 2020.
Thems who’s got either money or political power got the juice to stay out of the caboose so to speak.
Hence why the fucking AntiFa are essentially and provably the new Brownshirts of the Democratic party.  The “Black Bloc” as they style themselves… the Leftoid Fuckwits who’re gonna have their heads roll as soon as we decide that the ‘switch’ has been thrown from “Be Cool” to “Kill Them All”
And let me tell ya, that switch is getting mighty close to being thrown…
As Herschel discusses, seems in Nebraska a bar owner confronted some “Vibrancy” and ended up making one of them “Good”.  At first, it was self defense, and now?  The chickenshit persecutor (not misspelled!) changed direction because the mob told him too, as well as his political masters and are now going after this poor shmo.  Bad enough he sounds like a normie, and they tend to get all fucked up when they have to kill someone (unlike some of us who positively enjoy doing so… do unto others before they can undo to you…. jes sayin’) but now?  His whole life and savings and prolly that of his entire family is at risk because -someone- with ‘juice’ decided that he’s got to fry over this.
Personally, I think the Good People of Nebraska need to firebomb all involved.  From the persecutor to the members of the City Council.  
They seem to forget themselves.
They (supposedly) work for us.
NOT  a loud minority. (literally)
We don’t need them.
As I recall, there have been numerous instances where a city has lost ALL services… as in no mayor, no cops, no fire departments… And the cities were fine.
So, the title today and MY take is the way we did things in Texas when I was living there.  We had a wolf/coyote problem.  Lotsa issues.  They were, by and large what they are, and that’s a fucking meat eatin’ predator.   Buddy of mine on his farm was having real problems… and the Fish and Game kids were being assholes… What do you expect of the “Fish Fuzz” amiright?  “Nope, can’t do anything about ’em, thems protected!”  
The Rule of Three “S’s”
SHUT UP. Don’t talk about it.
Don’t call the cops.  If’n you gotta wax a bunch of infiltrators, -try- to keep it on the Down Low.  Using your Tac’d Out AR-15 modified for full auto illegally is gonna bring a whole lotta attention.  Be subtle.  If possible, slide out the back door of ye olde house, go up the back alley of the street, get 50 yards uprange of the critters and pop one THEN if there’s a ramped up mob.  The exfil back to the house or out of the A.O. and “I know not of what you speak! I was playing Call of Duty when I heard the shot!”
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
They are not your friends.
They are, by and large, a Praetorian Guard used by the Elite strictly for revenue generation, and prole patrol.  They no longer are useful at all, ‘cept to fuck you up because they’re fucking lazy.  Easier to bust the guy standing there with the smoking gun than the actually investigate whether or not the critter who done got smoked deserved the smoking.

Sapper n Me keep a bag of Quiklime and a big assed roll of polyethylene sheeting with a bunch of duct tape in the garage.  THATS for special occasions.  Wrap ’em up like a big ole burrito and decide whether or not the side yard needs another stiff.

The other option is after “wrapping the snack” to to ride up ye olde roadage to an A.O. I know of on federally protected land by the power plant.  When I worked there, I saw -the BIGGEST Alligators- in all of creation out there.  One of them one time was road kill by a semi… fucked up the semi BIG time and no shit, the carcass was like almost 16-18 feet long… what was left of it that is… I was riding my Triumph back then and had to walk it through the congealed blood on the road… like a GIANT assed Jackson Pollack an inch deep.  Didn’t want to slide out in that nasty nor kick it up all over my nice uniform…. gators, like pigs’ll eat ANYTHING AND the stomach acid on both’ll take care of teeth.

Knowing someone with a pig farm’ll do ya well too.
Jes’ sayin’
So,  More Later, and Again, Welcome to the newbies, hope you’ll stay a spell.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. The only thing you need to know about the po-po is what the breakers' first move is when they get their asses handed to them….

    "Call 9-1-1! Call 9-1-1!"

    1. That -always- makes me LMFAO. Fuckers are just -so- clueless. I look forward to seeing the PTSD cases after "Susie-The-Sorority-Sister" has to wash the brains of her 'comrade' out of her hair… that'll be purely epic.

  2. Point of correction. Many cops want to be on your side, and will willingly not arrest someone for a self-defense incident.

    It's the fucking prosecutors and local state's attorneys that fuck it all up because they are pandering to the very subset of humanity that they are supposed to be prosecuting.

    And in places like Milwaukee, the police are working for whomever signs their checks.

    In the case of the bar owner, the cops were going 'Ah, duuuude, good shoot.' Then the prosecutor (probably a Soros funded one) laid down charges and the cops had to serve.

    It's a fucked up situation.

    Note: Don't attract the attention of the local po-po. If they show up and there's no evidence you are the one that waxed the dirtbag, you will escape. But do it cleanly, as you said. If you're a felon, don't, for fuck sake, get caught with a modern firearm (many places allow felons and proscribed persons to use black powder guns.) Don't get all jumping for joy as they scoop Dindu Dragginass' carcass into the local meatwagon. Don't, for fuck's sake, get videod (instead, buy an illegal cell phone jammer and then have fun…)

    And… POLICE YER FUCKING BRASS and Shotgun hulls. For fuck's sake, quit littering, you damned dirty apes.

    Udder dan dat, your words are spot on.

    And, yes, I love it when a Moldy Locks or Susie SS gets caught up in the fun they created. Just, well, when you pop ML or SSS, don't forget the Sister Standing There Filming It. Take her out, too, as it's proven the cell phone filmers are shot callers for the physical dirtbags.

  3. We don't have a on/off switch, ours right now on a dimmer switch. It is being held down to a very low setting cuz' of the po-lice and the district attorneys. Once some figure out to remove permanently those same attorneys and a few selected high level (political) ranking po-lice, and, some in higher state level positions then the switched is replaced. The "good times" will be a-rolling!

  4. In the first paragraph under the light switch you reference a bar owner in NEBRASKA. Then, in a subsequent paragraph you say that all the good people of NEVADA need to take action against the persecutors. So, which is it? Nebraska or Nevada?

    Confused in Nemo land.

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