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Not gonna lie.
I’m stealing an Idea from JC Dodge over at American Partisan.  Seems WRSA hit him up about nugget covers, which is above the fold both there and on AP.  The link is this:

Now why didn’t I thunk of that?

That being said, JD’s writeup is pretty good, but he missed a few thing IMO… leastways in the cheaper/dirtier ways of coming up with a Armored cover, plus I’ll cover my own covers, so as to show you the Big Country Way of Rolling.  A deeper dive if you will.

Now, JD talks a lot about the BLSS system.  Man, I couldn’t agree more.  I discovered it in 2006 in Guantanamo Bay of all places.  When I was there, the transportation available to us was little 150cc Motor Scooters, which required a helmet, as for some reason, a 150cc is considered a Motorcycle, and you needed a helmet.  So I had ‘liberated’ my own PASGT nugget cover, as I had become rather attached to it.  

The Helmet holder is one of Wifey’s wig mounts, works real good as a helmet mount, and my balaclava.  Now, in Gitmo, the Autho-rit-Ties said I couldn’t wear a ‘standard net’ Helmet… not enough BrainPro.  So I researched and found Oregon Areo, and found the BLSS system.  The standard system, old school was this:

Single point chinstrap, probably original Vietnam issue… same for the sweatband.  Now, the BLSS, Ballistic Liner and Suspension System WAS a hard plastic band that goes around the inside of the helmet, with Velcro.  It comes with 7 pads.  4 small side pads, a top round pad, and two front-and-back pads.  Seems the new system, they went cheap, and are sending Velco strips, instead of the nice-nice framework, leastways as this pic shows:

MAD pricey.  VERY nice, but $225 right now new.  You can, as JCD said get them on Ebay, and the DotMil came out with their own version of the pads.  Now, that leads me to a few things:  ThePads that Areo make are soft soft gel.  Like comfy comfy.  They are either green or black.  The DotMil, which IMO are seriously inferior, are gray, and hard as rocks.  Go figure.  Lowest bidder/cheap imitation.  The cool kids bought theirs.  They also replaced the shitty chinstrap with a 4 pointer, and a neck stablizing pad on it.Now, Mine looks like this (currently)

You can see on the rim of the interior, the black plastic screw-in liner that the Velcro is attached to.  You can ALSO see the shitty gray pads versus the nice-nice good-good Gels.  Reason for that is this’s now relagated to ‘backup status’ and not the primary nugget cover.  The original design here is waaaay better than -just- the Velcro put directly onto the interior of the helmet… reasons to follow.

Thats the plastic liner that goes around the interior.  MUCH better design.  You can see the ‘extra’ Velcro I put in there to assist with holding the pads in place.  Some like a LOT, YMMV.
Then, now, the Current Cover that is my “Aw SHIT!” at-the-ready daily wear:

And yeah, the Helmet band does say “ANYTHING-ANYWHERE-ANYTIME”… as you can see, the Night Vision “Rhino Horn” is mounted, as well as my Surefire Helmet light.  Now the helmet light was handy… could draw fire BUT VERY helpful in terrain avoidance when hauling ass if I didn’t have my PVS-14 mounted while running for the bunker.

In addition to the ‘extra hardware’ I took off the lil nape pad, and replaced it with the Kevlar Lined Nape pad.  It’s a bit thick, and adds weight to an already- hefty cover, but I’ll take it.  I kryloned the horrible gray digital ACE color (which is the predominant color of them) and they run about  $20-$30 on Ebay.  The multicam ones are hard to come by (GGGRRR!!!) and it’s irritating cos I have an OCD thing about non-matching uniformity.The interior of the cover is set up like this:

Now, I got extremely lucky in 2008… they had this in the P.X.:

Best thing since sliced bread IMO.  A forehead pad made of the same Areogel as the other pads.  VERY comfy and VERY stabilizing.  LOVE me that pad… not even sure what it’s called.  A forehead gel pad for helmet?  No idea.. I bought it an the only regret I had was I didn’t buy a 2nd or 3rd as a backup.  Its cut-out design is set to go AROUND the ‘normal’ forhead pad, adding to the security and comort of the helmet:

So, there are other things to cover besides the Built up/Layout that JC didn’t cover.  The first helmet is the PASGT original “Fritz” cover.  First issued in 1985, it’s gone through changes.  Most noticably is the height of the ear covers.  Less Fritz.  They lifted up the earpro as you couldn’t hear shit really on patrol… and as time went on, and Tactical Radios came into play, like the Peltors with the big ear covers, they further lifted up the ‘flaps’ and made the Gunfighter MICH 2000.  Peltor also helped out by shaving the tops of the earpro/ear muffs down, as well as locating the normal over-the-head band to a wire that goes around the back of your neck:

The peltors can also be attached to the rails that can be attached to the MICH helmet, though I think it’s already too heavy, and if you’re in the field, and need to take 5, and the headphones are connected to the helmet, you can’t take the helmet off without losing comms.  Just my opinion.

Hi-Speed?  Yeah… but completely overdone IMO.  Add a PVS-14, a helmet light, the weight of the helmet, and you’re looking at Cervical Issues miiiiiighty quick.  

Now, before they started ‘trimming’ the helmet down, SF wanted some lighter, tighter gear, especially in the helmet arena.  Joe tends to be the best innovator and adapter to his environment.  Let a Joe do his own thing and he’ll come up with some wild shit…
Which leads me to this:

Army ingenuity at it’s finest.
This was waaaay before the MICH cut came out.  In fact, dollars to donuts, I’d bet it’s where the companies got the idea from.

Any Guesses?

It’s a home-brewed cut-down MICH
Made from a CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman’s) Kevlar outer shell.

Pull the liner, cover the interior with Velcro, add pads, and add a 4 point chinstrap, and viola, instant lighter, headphone compatible Kevlar nugget-cover.  Much lighter, and kept the minimal brain pan protection in place.  However, the older Kevlar… well honestly, it doesn’t like the sticky patches.  It takes like industrial strength adhesive to keep it attached.  As you can see on the interior of mine, a big strip of it has fallen away.  I still have it tho as I’m pack-rattish as fuck.  Though if’n someone wants/needs one, I might be convinced to part with it.

Lastly, I came across a real oddball of a helmet.  I got this from a guy who told me it was a Navy SPECWAR DEVGRU helmet.  Now, reason I kinda sorta believe it, is I cannot find any info online regarding it.  It’s a standard MICH 2000/2020 cut, with 4 point chinstrap.  Thing is, is it’s fucking metal.

Not too heavy either…especially for a metal skull bucket…

No labels, nor markings

So, no markings, definitely made of metal, but not too heavy… I’m thinking titanium?  I got it in 2010, in Iraq. Kinda clueless… maybe some of y’all out there have a better idea?  I know it’ll stop a 5.56mm at 50 feet, without even scratching the surface.  Chipped the paint, but no real damage from a glancing blow.  Now I didn’t do a straight on point blank shot but angled it as I didn’t want to ruin it, but see what would happen…  Still just trying to figure out what the hell it is, and where it comes from.

So, that’s today’s first, might poast later as we go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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