Them Hairs…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Oh Dark Early for Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter.  Patrolled the A.O., checked the razorwire and the landmines, and kicked the Guard Dogs to make ’em “extra surly”… them and the Geese, well, they ain’t getting along too well, but hey, these things happen.  Geese are always surly.  

Reloaded some more mags, I got them on rotation for spring conservation, although to be quite truthful, I can’t tell any difference in one that’s been loaded a year versus a brand new out-of-the-bag mag.  Now we are talking MagPul as opposed to “US GI Dogshit 30 Rounders, type many each”.  I only have like 5 out of my original “My Lil Pony Mags” i.e. real Colt aluminum “pony marked” 30 round mags… they’re almost like new but I really don’t trust them anymore, not after using the MagPuls for so many missions…

Heh… I now keep on the ‘ready rifle’ a 40 round mag.  The load on that one is ‘dressed to impress’ so to speak.  First Round M855A1 62gn Ball, Second Round M856 64gn Tracer.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat for ALL the BeeBees except the last 20 rounds are ALL Tracer.  I figure -anyone- stupid enough to still be here after the first 20 ball-tracer-ball-tracer combo means that it’s now a two-way shewin gallery.
At which point I need to break out the Heavy.

Ma Deuce.  Gets a bit hot, and with a belt of ammo, I can only maintain offhand hip-shots for about 30 seconds before the recoil and muscle failure do me in.  Either way though, it’s the intimidation -Wow!- factor I like.

So, feeling a bit tired.  Got woken up by them hairs on the back of my neck.  I figure it’s not paranoia (no more than usual that is) as I do have DumFuck -somewhere- to contend with.  That and I don’t sleep well when Wifey is out of town.  It’s nice and quiet outside… cool even… lots of stars visible despite the ‘light pollution’ of this A.O.  Art Sido had a really excellent blegg today about the Fall (season that is) in Amish Country.  I can’t even come close to his prose, but man,  RTWT if so inclined:

One direct quote: “In a world where it is easy to get completely black-pilled and feeling hopeless about the future, the harvest reminds me that for most of us the rhythms of life that have existed for thousands of years still go on.”  It also reminds me of better things and people.  Where we weren’t so ‘up in each others biddness’.  The few interactions I had with some Amish during a very brief stay in, damn… having trouble ‘membering… Michigan?  Pennsylvania?  (it IS 3am after all) Middle America waaaay out in lands from the past so to speak.

Had a 4 Day Weekend that I went with a guy from my unit back to his house to see ‘his’ girl back home.  Long story short, dude was not cool… in fact the polar opposite… the girl in Question?  Still in High School… and had a restraining order on him… fucking yikes!  I detached myself from dude ASAP and only rallied with him to catch a ride back to Campbell… anyways another story for another time but we were in Amish Country.  

Nice and polite folk.  Very reserved.  Minded their own biddness.  And man, what little I know about their culture, well, maybe ten or more years ago I -might- have been able to hack it, but too many years, beers and TBIs.  Nevermind that “Snap Crackle and Pop” used to be a cereal, and not my carcass when I’m getting up in the fucking mornings.  But it struck me that that reserve… the quiet and yet firm demeanor.  We as a society overall are sorely lacking that.  We get into the “Action = Reaction” cycle of being in each others biddness.  No politeness. No reserve.  No quality,  Everything is becoming MOR fake and MOR gay if that were at all possible.

Take for instance the Trollfest.  These people came to our ‘houses’ and are offended by what we write here.  They’re wanting to hurt us and and threaten to commit horrible violence on us.  Let me ask you… how is it any of your business? 

Don’t like what I write?  Then don’t read it.  
Don’t like my politix?  Then don’t interact with me.
Don’t like that I ignore and block the ever living hell out of you?  
Then pay me ‘cos I’m the one footing this bill for this here site.

Two Words your Mama probably said to you: Not. Yours.

What I write or my opinion?  WHY does it matter so much to you?  By dint of your actions and obvious thought process you seem to have the unwavering belief that your feelings and opinions matter over everyone elses, no matter who it hurts or upsets.  By definition, that’s called being a sociopath.  That because YOU are the center of YOUR Universe and this’s YOUR World, you seek to harm others into conforming to YOUR standards of behavior?  Manipulation, coercion and threats and promises to utilize the ‘power of the state’ if need be to get US to bend the knee to you?  That’s fascism.  Meh.. I’m done wasting time and energy.  Full Moderation is in effect now.  No more free passes.  

>Cleansing Breathe Everyone< Woosaaaaah.

In Zen, “Unask the question”

“Summer grasses,
All that remains
Of soldiers’ dreams”
― Bashō

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. So I’m not the only one up at 03:00… I’m in your state waiting on a flight home. Just got back. God bless Americans…

  2. I’ve asked multiple mechanical engineers about what wears springs out. They’ve all said that it’s repeated compression and relaxation, and that it’s better to keep it compressed (fully or partly) or relaxed than it is to compress and relax again and again. It’s the use that wears springs out.
    Of the hundreds of AR mags I have, ten are set aside for training. The rest are either fully loaded or completely empty-and the empty ones are still in the original packaging.

    1. They are talking metal fatigue. There is also creep. With a good spring steel, it’s not a big deal at room temperature, but if you are operating in higher temperatures, like a desert, and the spring was made by the lowest bidder, creep becomes noticeable.

      But since creep is a function of both stress and temperature, you can pretty much eliminate it by leaving your stored mags a couple rounds short.

    1. And what and who are you? A bully. Picking on who YOU think needs to be ‘reeducated’. Are you a Soviet New Man? Are you brainwashed into thinking YOU have the right to determine WHO gets to say WHAT? I have combat boots older than you sonny-boy. I’m by no means a coward. However, for the sake of argument, would your Mom let ME force my way into HER house, and shit on the floor and tell her it’s a ‘Blessing’ that I’ve shat on her floor? And then tell her SHE is wrong for not being honored with MY GREAT an WONDERFUL Blessing I deposited on her nice clean kitchen floor? And when she goes to clean it up, I verbally abuse her, threaten her with violence and then threaten her with the power of the state via unsubstantiated and false accusations? That SHE should feel happy about this?

      Nope. Your dad would come out with a shotgun, and righteously shoot my ass dead.

      THAT right there. THATS what your doing, no matter HOW you try to dress it up in your sad viewpoint. You’re only showing that, yep, we -can’t- get along. And unfortunately, ultimately, it’s a shame.

      1. Back the blue, bitch. If the police arrest you due to false accusations, that’s just the system you support at work. I love how Republicans claim they support the criminal justice system, then they cry over how unfair it is when they get falsely accused. Oh right, because you only support the police when they’re murdering Black people. Once again, back the blue, bitch.

        1. See, you know NOTHING about me. Assumptions… >le sigh< A) Cops? No use for them. A really civilized society takes care of itself. This country did jes' fine for decades without an overarching neo-police state. B) Not a repugnican't. Don't voat. George Carlin, (far before your time) "If voting really mattered they wouldn’t let you do it....wo reasons. Two reasons I don’t vote: first of all, it’s meaningless. This country was bought and sold and paid for a long time ago. The shit they shuffle around every four years doesn’t mean a fuckin’ thing. And secondly, I don’t vote ’cause I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around. I know, they say, they say: “well if you don’t vote you have no right to complain”. But where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent people, and they get into office and screw everything up, well you are responsible for what they have done, YOU caused the problem, you voted them in, you have no right to complain. I on the other hand, who did not vote, WHO DID NOT VOTE. Who in fact did not even leave the house on election-day, am in no way responsible for what these people have done, and have every RIGHT to complain as loud as I want, about the mess YOU created, that I had nothing to do with." C) White Supporter. Not Superpreemicyst. Being a self-loathing Whypeepo? Why? Momma didn’t love you enough or Daddy loved you too much? See a p-shrink. Not healthy to hate or deride your own skin color. Why is that the Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and all others get celebrated? There should be NO celebrations or ‘lifting up’ of one over the other… THATS real equality
          D) Black Lives Matter? When THEY stop killing each other, then MAYBE we can talk…act like ignorant savages, get treated and looked at like ignorant savages.

          Whypeepo Ain’t the Source of their problems. Zen: “look to within”
          Look at Africa: 300 years, and STILL fucked up from the neck up. And me? I’m 100% Irish… 2nd Generation. Never owned any slaves in our family. Can you say the same? Kamel Toe-the-Ho VP can’t say that.

          1. Oh don’t be so dramatic about blacks shooting each other. I mean they are only responsible for %56 of the murders in the country. %56 isn’t that much is it?

        2. lil’ tony… how thankful little bois such as yourself must be, that you can get your panties twisted by your exercise of free speech – until it’s used against you. Then, it’s back to infantile tantrums, and the police and bad YT people etc.
          Since it is apparent that you lack understanding, I will help…
          At least half of the people in this country disagree with how you act, speak, and misbehave. At least half… and of that half, a very significant percentage are beyond tolerant, and are ready to either educate you regarding your errors in thought, or take sterner corrective measures. That education, or the stern corrections are not far from the here and now. Pro tip: you will not continue to act as you do from that moment, forward. And, as you are likely unaware, the folks who disagree with you come in every color of the races of this country. They’re called “adults”.
          You post as if anyone here cares – we don’t. Now, think about these things, because life is an intelligence test, and so far – you fail

        3. Shut up faggot, we’ve had enough of your trolling. Your a cunt, a pussy, a little nobody with low self-esteem, I dont get mad I get even, what do you get? A cock in the ass? Lol, I fart in your general direction.

  3. What I’ve read in multiple places backs up what Berglander says, it’s the compression/relaxation cycle that wears out the springs. I’ve gone to the range & used Pmags that sat fully loaded for 2+ years & had nary a hiccup from them. (Dust covers were installed when they were first loaded & put away.)
    My main carry gun (Sig) hasn’t had any feeding issues & those mags have sat loaded for 8 or 9 years now. The feed lips are going to spread before the springs ever wear out.

  4. 2 things. Wolff gun springs full spring packs for whatever you shewt. A broken spring in a firearm means it’s a brick. I have 2 full packs per weapon. Also, mag springs come in 10 packs from them.

    Second. Sorry about the trolls. It’s definitely a social media thing. BC, can you imagine some little tool saying crap like that to you in the movie theater line? I’m only 5’10” 210#, but I kept the haircut and attitude. Nobody says dick to me in the real world. You’re a skin tank. A little 130 pound antifag in skinny jeans would more than likely make feel sad for his parents. The interwebs gave the little soy boys a way to bully real men without kinetic repercussions.

    Trolling isn’t psyops, it’s SOYops…

  5. What Berglander said. With an addition to what kills a spring, just a hair past elastic deformation into plastic deformation and it’s best to toss it or if you can/have to, re temper it. Stretching, overcompressing, and accidental damage are the big spring killers.

  6. If I may paraphrase a guy in a forum I read:
    “The trouble with most people is they barely qualify. Their nothing but semi-sentient monkey slugs fumbling and bumbling their way through life waiting for their heart to stop.”

    Too bad the trolls are too stupid and/or ignorant to know *nobody* gives a shit about their so called “opinion”. It’s just mindless drivel that they think passes as “thoughts” – their not qualified.

  7. Ya ask me…those doucher poasters are glowboyz. Who the fuck else has the time to wander around ARPAnet shitpoasting where no one gives a royal fuck what they think. Shouldn’t they be out in front of Publix hassling the Canadians and the rest of the I-75 migrants for spare change or something?

    Just type DeSantis three times and watch them throw lunchmeat at their screen.

    BTW…I’d fire off one of those BP sand loads in a 1-by to see what happens…you might be surprised at 30ish grains of BP. You know you can only get about 15 grains in a M80 tube and that blows the end epoxy plugs into the next county.

  8. I pulled an old M14 mag out that’s been loaded for 20 years. Shot every round without a hiccup. Loaded it up again and shot it. No problems. Loaded it up again and put it away.

  9. BC, don’t sweat the petty stuff (or the petty “people” such as Mercedes & Anthony et al). Us irregulars & regulars are 100% behind you with the comment moderation; as has been observed both here & at Phil’s place, your house, your rules. Whatever you gotta do to keep the peace, both on & offline.

    Remember that when the online trolls show up that you’re dealing with a herd of sheep, nothing more.
    What do sheep do?
    They eat everything in sight & shit on the rest.
    What are sheep good for?
    Getting fleeced on a regular basis & being eaten by smarter animals.
    How do sheep react to literally any external stimuli? They panic & run, oftentimes into someone else’s pasture.

    For whatever reason, Phil wound up with some stray sheep in his field, & now they’re coming over & shitting in yours. They may bleat & tear up the grass but just like every other herd animal they’re gonna wander off to more fertile pastures (i.e. non-moderated comment sections) once their sustenance here is removed. And if they aren’t smart enough do to that…well, you can always start metaphorically eating them.

    Some of us may be too far away to be your personal Roof Koreans but it don’t mean that we lack the ability or spirit to do so, or to find other means of supporting our front line guys. The partisans always have the auxiliaries, & I suspect that your auxiliaries number more than anyone really knows. Don’t forget all the shout-out & thanks that you’ve posted in just the past 6 months. Unlike the herd we send our LMIs more than just hollow words, & our guys don’t split as soon as the harassing fire starts.

  10. HOUSEWOLF!!!! Good to see yer still kicking. Been a while since I moseyed over to yer place. I prolly oughta some soon day.

    BC I have been a mod for one of the more active fora, on and off over the last 20 years. Seen the carp come, peak, and go. don’t sweat the small stuff, and if it’s pixels, it’s ALL small stuff.

    ROCK ON, bro.

    Night driver.

    1. You don’t want debate, you want to harass, threaten and intimidate, and ultimately be the little STASI/Stalinist that you are. You have ZERO rights here. As said before, this’s MY house. Like I said, you want commentary privileges, it’s going to cost. Paypal is in the corner. For you, Oy Vey, such a special deal for you, only $100.

      Fuck You Pay Me Goyim.

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