There Will Be Blood

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Things are proceeding apace, but nevertheless I’m hopeful.

Nah… I’m bullshitting y’all…

The fact of the matter is that man, these fuckers have no clue.

This’s a quote from the Daily Mail on how the Brits see Trump Supporters: “He has millions of ardent followers, fierce in their devotion to him and many increasingly extreme in their rage against his enemies.”

Leave it to the fucking Brits to get that wrong wrong wrong Aye?
Dumbfucks… somebody tell me, just how did those pasty-white lily-livered bunghole buggerers ever conquer almost the entire planet?  Had to be luck.  Couldn’t for, shit me not, any sort of brains/intelligence.  One look at the Generals they’ve had over the years, anything even sniffing of Vic’tree hadda be purely by accident.
But to continue:  Trump Supporters, while there -are- the ‘rabid few’ out there, the majority of people who voted for him the last time, and even this time were more motivated by a deep seated hatred of the Oligarchical Status Quo.
And the Class-Oriented Brits can’t wrap their itty-bitty Breton and Oxford edjamahcated heads around that.  In England, ‘betraying your class’ usually involved either fucking a black broad, stealing some shytte on the reg, maybe joing the Communist Party… either way, their idea of ‘rebellion’ ain’t like ours.
We, for one thing like to shoot motherfuckers
Or at least we used to.
Barring our negroids who seem to positively revel in self-annihilations.  
But yeah, they can’t unnastand us because they ain’t us
Word is that the Crown is still pissed about that whole asskicking they took a few centuries ago…
Add on OUR OWN PEOPLE are calling for essentially a fucking pogrom.

Its not just  the people in the administration…

It’s all of us.
DeadDad had a poster up on the wall I grew up with:

Think ‘1970s psychedelic graphic’ and you’ll dig it.

BUT the Old Man was right on the fucking money
Any group, by action, word or deed that is willing to literally undercut the base foundations of this Once Great Republic sure as fuck ain’t gonna have a problem with feeding you or yours into the fucking ovens.
Absolutely goddamned right.

It’s gonna be a hard rain

And there will be blood
The squeemish had best unfuck theyselves toute-le-fuckin’-suite.
Because I’m not getting on no boxcar.
And I’m not going without a fight.
I’ma not gonna actively look for the shit
But We shall see.
Until such times come to pass, remember:
Head on a Swivel
Be the Gray Man
Avoid Crowds
Meatspace Baby (14 Nov Manatee Rod and Gun Club… jes’ sayin’)

Local Local Local
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Fuck 'em. When they start the shootin' match, kill 'em all and let them rot on the side of the road. The wildlife needs to eat, too.

  2. Does anyone have the contacts to produce a deck of playing cards akin to the deck used to prioritize the terrorist hit list, think Sadam as the ace of spades? Only using the faces of the traitoruos commie bastards faces. Would this make their heads explode?

    I think I know who would be the queen of hearts, Evergreen.

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