They Got Irish…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
More ‘News from the Front” i.e. Globohomocoporaclownworld strikes again.  The Feral Irishan got his gig nuked from orbit today.  Link here: his own words:

Now, to be honest, if I see ANY OTHER bloggers of our ‘kind’ start poasting the same thing, I’m going to have to call ‘enemy action’ and then try and figure out the OODA on it.  Once is happenstance. (me) Twice is coincidence. (Irish)  Three times is enemy action.(?)

And you absolutely know that in their trolled out libtarded enlightened minds that by getting rid of the eeeeee-vil Whypeepo Raysacyst that theirs is now a better and more enlightened and smarter company that will go on to do great things because it rid itself of that horrible pre-modern cismale raysacyst.   To them, it’s a ‘moral victory’ and I’ve already heard that they’ve been ‘dancing’ on my memory at having ‘stuck it to da man!’  Yes, de eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilman was defeated gloriously.  And on that, let me tell ya there folks….

Here’s a fucking Hint: You’re not defeating us nor marginalizing us. You are however making us very very very angry. And that infobit should be something that IF you had two or more functional brain cells would realize is very very very BAD. It took Europe five years to recover from World War Two. And THAT particular miracle was because the United States was intact and assisted every. step. of. the. way.  Namely them eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilmen who you so casually slander and grind under?  Yeah… this is almost a light-switch moment.  Keep going and let me tell you…

Ask the Lakota how it worked out for them.
Ask the Sioux… ask any of the original ‘Native Americans’ IF you can actually find any that aren’t either completely morally destroyed/inbred/culturally bereft.  The last time The Whypeepo collectively got angry continents burned.  Ask the Japs how it worked out for them.
We’ve seen how “Cowboys and Indians” played out as the joke said…

Right now, if anything, instead of being on a “Victory Lap” y’all should be paying attention.  The Saxon is Fully Awake, as well as his peers who’ve been content up til now to sit idly on the sidelines… but the threat to the kids, and jarring realization that no, The Powers That Be are not your friends but your sworn blood-oath enemies.  The proof is now in the ‘activation’ of so many formerly ‘normie’ Moms and Dads who got a look at the perversity of these book that’ve been forced into schools, along with the celebration of deranged Cross Dressing Dragfreaks in schools, most of whom, once under the microscope, have turned out to be wanted and convicted pedophiles.
The very threat posed by Globohomo has them scared and above all angry.

That anger translates to blood in the long term, especially seeing how Leviathan is stuttering and faltering like a badly programmed toy robot… There is no leadership.  There is no control.  There is no rescue outside of local local and local.  This country is going to burn and it’s going to be lit off over the inherent threat to the kids.

Threaten ME all day long.
Threaten MY Grans?  OR my kid(s)?  
Well, there’s a reason I own and build and improve my flammenwerfer design.
Besides fun at parties of course.  Makes a great conversation starter.
So yeah, Stand by… methinks MOR weirdness inbound.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. They aren’t worried about individuals getting angry, they are worried about organized groups getting angry. They control both political parties even at the state level, so they aren’t worried about that happening either. Until we get some explicitly pro-white state government the Left is just going to laugh at white people impotently pounding their chests online.

    1. Bingo!
      Knuckle draggin simians, low IQ and the backbone of a jellyfish.
      Where’s your NRA and Republican party now?
      Absolute faith in Trump and Faux News will be their downfall.

        1. Way to go George.
          Blinf faith will get you killed, remember that one?
          This nation suffers from a severe case of blind stupidity, unable to see those you revere as the ones leading you to your death.
          Good luck with the hero worship. Baaa baaa.

      1. Muh lifetime NRA membership ensures that those Nazi communist fascists will never take my guns! Real President Trump just presented a great idea-he is building a giant vault that all REAL Americans can put their guns in and then the demonKKKRAPS will never be able to take them! Only $99.99 a month!!!

      2. When Joggers get angry, they burn neighborhoods.

        When Anglo Europeans get angry, they burn continents.


    1. Really, where?
      Every single place inhabited by white European Christians is collapsing, not a shot fired while they conform to Bolshevik PC rules.
      The toughest white males cave in to soccer moms. It’s disgusting.
      And you all laugh at Hitler, he took on the Bolshevik ruled world and they fought to the death, something the west doesn’t have a clue about. Instead, we’re ruled by women and blacks. Quite an accomplishement.

      1. the movie Idiocracy most certainly comes to the front of my mind

        a lot of Cletus’s and Bubba’s- more so than Tyrones and Deshawns…

        toemaytoe tomato what’s the diff

        as long as they all line up and get their free vakthine all is good

      2. We REAL AMERICANS, of all races, will show them how we fight! By golly just wait til the midterms!
        Gotta go, my wife’s black son needs me to drive him to the BLM rally.

  2. Fuck ’em and feed ’em beans.

    Say when motherfuckers. Not all of spent the last 30 years behind a desk or living inside.

  3. BIG COUNTRY..I just stopped by,BUT I did read your story..I know your serious,BUT the shit storm thats coming is far worse then it appears,GO TO THE “MASTERS VOICE” this women CELESIRAL is a prophet OF GOD,and she put up some information you guys would all be interested in hearing ..HER video is called “ZOMBIES AND ALIENS”…I think every man in america should listen to what she says is coming,and they’ve been spotted in many states already,good luck my friend..

  4. Most everyone around me is still playing the Covid game, they’re anything but awake.
    Brainwashed and gutless. Americans live under the illusion the world revolves around them, the rest of the world…..not so much.
    But hey, Trump will save us.

  5. Zorost: There are plenty of folks out there getting angry. Look at the blowback over the cover-up of the rape in the girls restroom by the skirt-wearing pervert in VA. They cannot keep a lid on the trash can much longer.
    Here in Winterfell, the CDA School Board had to deal with a mini-riot of angry white parents back on 09/24/2021 when they were “considering” recommendations from “a concerned group of physicians” to re-institute the face diaper policy at their schools. Their HQ wound up being locked down, the meeting was cancelled at the Orcs and Orcettes from CDAPD were there in force. No arrests, but watching the festivities on the local Spokane channel, you could see the fed-up an anger on the faces of mom and dad as they were hammering on the glass doors.
    Give this whole situation a little more time, like 6 months. When more and more sheeple end up bleating their last because they took the Fauci IV Cocktail, TPTB, their minions in the bureaucracy, and all of their goon squads will be running for their lives. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Dweez, did you see the report from the VA rape? The girl had been having consensual sex with the trans previously, he wanted some that day and she didn’t, he got his way.
      The father must be livid, being made a fool of by his lying daughter.

      1. SemperFi, 0321 and Dweezil,

        Here’s a simple yet accurate flow chart to
        help folks determine if a rape allegation
        posted on socialist media is true or not.

        Social Media Rape Allegation Flow Chart

        Fair warning: it WILL offend the bolshi’s, soiboys,
        simps, ‘Cap’n Sav-A-Ho’s’ and especially male
        feminista ditchpig only fan worshiping manginas.

        What has her dad offended is that she was getting
        the ‘pound meetoo!!’ treatment from her Futafuckboi
        and that didn’t go with his view of her as ‘Daddy’s virginal
        little girl’ anymore..what would have had him totally
        apoplectic is if Futafuckboi goes by Trevarrius when
        not in drag (Trevarrius, “I’m female…like Sarena Williams..I just swing a BIGGER racket and ALWAYS score – LOVE 15!!”).

        Be totally hilarious if they were doing the ‘boom chikka whaaa whaaa’ to the Kink’s “Lola”!

        There’s ALWAYS more to such stories..just have to wait
        for it to ‘come out in the wash’….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          1. Especially when it happened in their dreams…

            Their dreams MAKE it real!

            How many times has a guys wife or girlfriend said, “You DID ‘X’ to me in my dream! So, you need to immediately apologize for doing ‘X’ to me in my dream!”

            To say otherwise is rayyyyycisssist, sexist and
            doesn’t comport with their ‘truth’.

            When the whaamen play ‘The Dream’ wuuu card, they go all out mental psychobitch – and at any given time, a third of all women are walking around with a moderate to severe mental be skilled at dodging the ditchpigs operating with either Cluster B or BPD functioning with the setting ‘On Full’.

            It’s said, ‘Fucking a crazy gal is fantastic’; getting attacked physically by her afterwards…not so much!

            Ask Travis Alexander how that worked out..oh that’s right, he’s dead..stabbed and shot by his psychobitch former gf Jodi Arias.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. Mein freund: Thanks for the clarification. Consensual or not, if the girl refused and he forced himself on her, it is still rape under the law. I worked enough of those cases as a Peace Officer. My issue is with the school board and the teachers who either ignore or deliberately cover up such incidents. Between the “Woke educators” and our mutual acquaintance Duane Hagadone, there exists all kinds of deviant behavior, outright crime, and major problems here in Winterfell which are being swept under the rug. Bleib ubrig.

        1. Dweez, yes it was still rape, but I was pointing out she wasn’t the innocent victim we all believed.

          1. Dweez and SemperFi,

            “Rape” is whatever a bolshi feminist and her/his/it’s Gynocentric empowering court system SAYS it is (this is the classic “Humpty Dumpty defines words to Alice” situation).

            “Rape” can now be defined as calling a woman, “slut”, “bitch”, “hoe” etc..etc..and it’s held up because the recipro-cunt’s ‘feelings’ were hurt by such language…because..vagina.

            There ARE more cases of false rape alleged against men than ACTUAL..all because it empowers worthless vaginal meatsack life support systems on two legs to make the accusation WITHOUT ANY repercussions!

            Take a look at any high profile divorce cases in the last 10 years or more, all most all of them have the woman out of the blue screaming rape if her soon to be former husband has financial worth over 6 figures or more..and the majority of women in such cases have been married to them for decades without a peep..or at least until their lawyers quietly tell them, “If you hit him with a rape allegation you’ll walk away with easily over 75% of his property and it!”

            At this point in time, there is NO logical/common sense reason for ANY man to dare entertain, let actually enter into any ‘relation-shit’ with ANY woman…financially and legally it’s akin to crawling naked into a minefield in broad daylight (and no, chanting the mantra, “She’s a GOOD woman..she LOVES me and would NEVER hurt or divorce me!” doesn’t mean jack shit) will save him.

            This what a society and civilization gets when they empower their women, give them ‘universal suffrage’ and create a ‘welfare state’ to support them.

            As Crowder says, “Prove me wrong”.

            Want to change things?

            1. Stop empowering women (no education past high school and NO jobs outside the home or holding ANY office – yes, they
            SHOULD be at home, barefoot and pregnant,
            that IS their proper role in life!)
            2. Take their rights (especially voting) away
            3. End ALL welfare, both domestically and

            The ‘Cap’n Sav-A-Ho’s’, tradcucks enslaved to the Gynocracy and feminist mangina’s heads will start to explode in 4…3..2..1…

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Hi Dweezel,

      The local indian ‘ahh-tho-ah-tey’ near my AO has mandated the continuationof the face panty fellowship at ALL schools that sit on their plantation..oops, ‘sovereign tribal owned lands’ (aka ‘Da Rez).

      Here’s the story from a recent copy of the local fishwrap:

      Parker Schools Adopt Mask Mandate with Exceptions
      (it should be known that the Editor of the paper supports the narrative of the ‘Cult of Cov-idiocy’ and also the narrative of ‘There was NO election tampering – Joe Biden won fair and square’ make of that what you will)

      “Board members Randy Hartless, Amelia Flores and Marlon Short voted in favor of the mask requirement. Deanna Beaver and Delores Ferris voted against it.

      The vote came after a lengthy public hearing on a mask mandate. Arguments for the mandate included the need to protect the health of children, their families, and the community. Those opposed to the mandate said face masks should be a matter of choice, that mask mandates violated civil liberties, and that research showed masks were ineffective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

      The Colorado River Indian Tribes had said they wanted the school district to adopt a face mask mandate. As part of their ‘Safer at Home’ order, face masks are required in public areas on Tribal land.

      The Tribes said they had the right to ask this as the schools are within the boundaries of their reservation, and the district’s actions affect Tribal members. They made it clear Parker High School would not be allowed to use Joe Bush Stadium, which is on Tribal land, for football games until the district had a mask mandate.”

      No mention whatsoever if the meeting was contentious, let alone angry by those not favoring the worship of ‘co-vidiocy’ by Flores and the rest of her ‘Go-Go Gopher’ tribal council mates via ‘The Holy Face Panty’.

      This is the SAME Flores and fellow ‘Go-Go Gopher Council mates’ who are currently pushing a bribe system to attempt to ensure “vaccine acceptance/compliance” on her fellow tribal community…interestingly enough, THAT article has apparently disappeared from the paper’s website (lucky I bought a physical copy of the fishwrap, so I have a physical example of it archived).

      Blood money indeed, but hey, THEY’RE doing it to themselves…..

      Here’s the announcement from their website:

      (scroll down their page, should be the second item mentioned)

      “Fully vaccinated Tribal members are eligible to receive cash payments of $500 or $250 thanks to an incentive program just approved by the Colorado River Indian Tribes. CRIT is implementing the program using funds received by the Tribes pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act.

      Every Tribal member 18 and up who receives both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the required single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are eligible for a onetime payment of $500. The payment is $250 for Tribal members between 12 and 17 years of age. Those who have been previously vaccinated are eligible.

      Tribal Council Chairwoman Amelia Flores stated, “For us to truly defeat the pandemic, everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated. Until that happens, more of our members risk becoming sick or dying. We can’t let this happen. These incentives are a wise use of dollars that provide some economic relief as well as preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

      So, I wonder…what’s in it for her and the rest of her fellow ‘Go-Go-Gopher Tribal Council Members’?……

      Looks like they want to go ‘Full Israel’ on the jab…well, if they
      succeed, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen in less than 5 years since they’re pushing the Pfizer and Moderna versions of injectable mRNA gene therapy into 4,434 people on the Rez.

      Census counts after that time could be as simple as, “How many indians here…hmmm, let’s see…one little, two little, three little indians…”.

      Definitely would put a major crimp in their local casino operation to say the least…..

      And they’d have no one to blame…but themselves (however count on any crippled survivors attempting to ‘blame the Whites’ for their crippled condition afterwards)…even when they’re interviewed and say, “Yes I got my $500 vaccine money!..cashed the check and went straight to our casino be’cuz I knew I was gonna win!..I’m ALWAYS lucky with the machine I play..but I lost it all on that day there!! Still going there but now I have to use a wheelchair because of Covid-19..white people’s Covid-19 stole our health from us – they need to pay us for this outrage!!”

      Ignorance and gullibility…as common as Hydrogen and Helium in the Universe…

      That you can bank on!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. I couldn’t help but visualize Marvin the Martian (in a good way) when I read “You are however making us very very very angry.”
    Maybe even Droopy. When Droopy said “Now I’m mad”, motherfuckers got HURT.

    1. In recognition of my African heritage, I’ve decided to adopt a slave name. From now on, call me Master.

      1. Just be sure that the pickaninnys that are working your Plantation don’t get any smarter than, “oohgha booga, maff and sheeit be rayyyycisssist!!…gotta picka dat soy ‘n cotton, ooohga niggah niggah shooogha boogha!”

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. “all”. I’m sure my opinion has value to you, as yours does to us, Dan. large group you’re forming with that “all”, and making a big assumption based on “ain’t happened yet”. we won’t apologize for waiting, and won’t apologize when it happens, and you sit thinking “wow, I didn’t see that coming…” sad that some surrender before the fight is even joined, but thanks for outing yourself

    3. Hi Dan,

      Gotta ask, did your supervisor at the Fusion Center where you currently work at get around to approving your request for a doughnut cushion for you to be comfortable while seated for 16+ hours in your ergonomic cubicle while dealing with your ‘rhoids’?

      Now that’s slavery!…
      And since YOU chose it, YOU suck it!

      And DON’T attempt to hit on the inter-office secretary..she WILL ‘meetoo’ and false-rape accuse you faster than you can say ‘Amber Herd’…try it and bye bye that cushy federal job…because ‘Believe ALL Women!”…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Bah bah black white sheep have you any wool, yes sir three bags full. Hand it over mother fucker the king needs it. But but , get in the van and shut up. Give me your arm you’re getting the shot. Where’s you lambs? There getting it to.

  8. Dweezil, Fauci’s cocktail is an IM injection. IV won’t put the payload where it needs to be.

    Just being a pedant ass, perhaps more than usual.

    Night driver

  9. Sorry for your corporate troubles. As one who has fought in corporate suites for funding, laid covering fire in the cubicles and held defensive positions on projects and came out the other side alive, I salute you. Sadly Corps these days are all about numbers and in many cases don’t even care that they ravage their core product lines. Its a matter of did I meet quarterly EPS and F everyone else.

    I know it sucks. I have had to fire people and those I knew were advancing the cause just tore a hole in my gut. I was not just F’ing them up but their family and kids too. Towards the end I was to the point I did not want to do job interviews that was part of the job for the simple reason I did not want to look them in the face and hand them their papers down the road.

  10. This sounds like a lot of bold talk. The Anglo Saxon has endured multiple assaults and humiliations for years, and none have busted a cap so far. Don’t think it will happen, especially as long as heat, food and packages from the Amazon truck keep getting delivered. Seems like everyone is waiting for that “other guy” to bust that first cap!

    1. Mike Nomad

      99% of the problem is created on purpose by government..same government that IS owned and controlled by parasitic Globalist banksters.

      So, when shit happens, what do MOST people do?…
      Yep, they howl, “ me!!”

      When the majority of tradcons do their perpetual pearl clutching and kvetching verbally or via keyboard to socialist media what they’re really saying is, “Oh!! Oh!! Isn’t what’s happening horrible!! Won’t somebody [but NOT me] do something about this!! Who will come to save us/me??”

      They don’t go ‘Full Roof Korean’ because they know that they have too much to lose. Job/Income, Home, Reputation with Family/Friends, Personal Belongings, Freedom of Action/Movement..possibly more than I’ve just listed here.

      And I can’t blame them either.
      To go ‘Full Roof Korean’ or ‘Full Hockey Mask’ is NOT a simple or quick decision. It means one has made the decision to turn his or her back on everything and everyone that mattered in their life.

      Many years back, John Ross had a scene in his book, “Unintended Consequences” that had Henry Bowman asking one of his professors at Amherst College, “When IS the right time to rebel?..too early and no one will support you…too late and you’re being forced into the Gulag when you’re below your healthy fighting weight from starvation and can’t resist..when is the right time?” His professor didn’t have an answer.

      My only criticism of John’s book is that it continues the patently false mythological narrative of the “Holocaust” as a subplot regarding one of his side characters, Irwin Mann.

      Other than that, an excellent read.

      And truth be told, a great majority of people ARE hypocrites, especially so called ‘conservatives’ How can I say this? Easy! When the Tea Party was going full steam, the majority of older folks who happened to be conservatives were screaming, “No socialized medicine via Obama!” but they weren’t willing to give up their entitlement addiction via social security and medicare…oh no!! Any talk, no matter how truthful it was that BOTH SS and Medicare ARE a socialist if not outright communist creation not just in theory but in fact and both need to be done away with was countered by ‘The Grey Lobby’ as outright heresy and “You can’t touch my SS and Medicare, they’re MINE – I worked for ’em!!”

      Such folk can denounce bolshevism til the cows come home..they WON’T however cut themselves free from their bolshevist created life long addiction of ‘entitlement’ however.

      And that’s ‘the tell’.

      However, anytime anyone wakes up and REALLY sees the truth and tries to tell other folks, you want to really be free?…Don’t ask for or accept ANYTHING from government – they’re NOT there to help or save you as you’re just a grocery store resource sitting on a shelf for them to pick up and use for THEIR benefit, the reply is, “That’s NOT true! They’re OUR reps..they work for US, the Constitution says so!! You’re just a conspiracy nut like Joe Rogan and Alex Jones!! You’re dangerous..I think I’ll call Homeland Security or the FBI on you because you aren’t believing Dr. Fauci and President Biden and haven’t gotten your vaccine yet – you want to kill Grandma!!’re evil!!”

      That’s the position of easily over 80% of people in the current FUSSA.

      And a very large internal portion of that is also “I don’t care – it has NOTHING to do with me -things are good, why are you trying to mess up a good thing going here?!?”

      Most people say ‘they want freedom’ but they really don’t.

      What they really want is:

      To be eternally cared for
      To get all the food and free medical care possible
      To have as much time to watch TV as possible
      To have their clothing and other personal needs seen to
      To not have any responsibility for any least in their minds.
      Oh, and to have as much butt sex as they can handle..even if they don’t want it.

      Congratulations – there IS such a place that exists!

      It’s called PRISON.

      Ask the soon to be formerly ‘Free’ Australians, New Z’rs and Canadians how that works out…..

      Those in the know DON’T let ‘gov’ ‘help them’, let alone interact with it in their daily lives…same common sense rule as “Stay away from crowds” and don’t live in cities.

      Most folk DON’T want to be saved.
      Fine, I’m good with that.
      Don’t waste time or effort trying to save them.
      Individuals on a case by case basis..maybe….

      Time to review that virtual audio copy of Harry Browne’s, “How I Found Freedom in an UNFREE World”
      (yes, it is the full audiobook version)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. Rudyard Kipling wrote about this. See below:-

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.

    1. Wow, chanting poetry to the enemy should have them quaking in their sandals in no time.
      They’re running fuk’n circles around the right and all I see is tough guy slogans from everyones keyboards.
      Hey, I know a good one too “ready on the left, ready on the right, ready on the firing line, shooters may commence firing when their target appears”

  12. Ah, yes. But once the English began to hate it resulted in heads on pike-staves being displyed on Tower Bridge. Lots of heads, all of so-called ‘politicians’.
    Thus will be treated to all who try to corrupt and betray this sceptred Isle.

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