They Got to Tucker

Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes
Looks like they got to Tucker.

He’s been the ONE media talking head calling bullshit on this election.


 It’s “Can’t find any fraud here!”

“Nothing to see here”
“All hail our new and Glorious Leader-for-Life!”
Dunno what they got on him?  In MICE (Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego) it’s either money or coercion… seeings he’s got alllll the money, his ideology has been, for the most part rock solid conservative and his ego is stroked by being that ‘beloved rock-sold conservative, I’d say Coercion…
As in did they ‘get’ to him by telling him “Get on-board with the Biden Program or your children get blinded/walk with a limp for life.”  The “Nice family you got there, shame to see something happen.” shtick?
And if it IS money, I expect to see him quit shortly and retire to a closed island/enclave away from the upcoming festivities.  Because it’d have to be “Iranian Palletloads O’Cash” to compromise him.
Because it’s –obvious- the amount of fraud even to a fuckin’ shmo like I Aye?
He is a whorenalist.
Believe me, I don’t watch him.  Not a news watcher.  I get ALL the ‘real news’ by the aggregators.  Foreign sources being the best ‘predictor’ of shytte.  Daily Mail (fail) has pretty good coverage of stuff OUR ‘enemedia’ won’t cover, as well as Sputnik and  Al Jazeera.  And then I apply my ‘bullshit filters’…
No rose colored glasses, them filters Aye.
I have, especially after my time overseas a finely tuned ‘bullshit detector’ when it comes to the enemedia.  I mean the way they reported on us in Iraq in 2004?  
Nothing like sitting in the Mess Hall with yer buddies, hearing about on CNN how we were out commiting war crimes that fucking morning ‘oppressing the freedom loving people of Iraq.’
Have I ever mentioned I missed a chance to kill Rachel Maddow?
True story.  If I had known at that time  what a psycho-cunt she was, I would have had an ‘accident’ with my truck.  I was driving down the main drag on Camp Liberty… think it was 09? 10?… I looked over in front of Brigade, and I see the Sat-Truck, the reflective screening (for lighting) and this broad in front of the camera(s).  Did the ‘Minor Shrug’ of the shoulder, and drove on.
Later that night the Cunt was on T.V.
If I had known then what I know now, I could have run full-on into her into a T-Wall and squished her ass flat as a pancake, and blamed the truck (it was a mechanical asshole with throttle issues, steering issues..whathaveyou…a Hajji Rental Chevy 2500… a –complete– piece of shytte.)  And I woulda gotten away with it.
Opportunities like that come ONCE in a lifetime…
Too damned bad.
And yeah, that, to me would have been along the lines of a public service.  And, I believe, why the enemedia doesn’t seem to embed anymore.
Notice that?
The fuckers are never seen on the scene with the Troops in the field.
Mainly BECAUSE they know they made a blood-enemy of the Soldiers.
I know that IF we had an ’embed’ in my squad, I, dollars-to-donuts know that the fucker is there to spin up our actions in a negative light.  Which, to my math, means that IF the embed is walking in front of me, and I ‘trip’?  
And it happens that my Squad Automatic is, unfortunately, OFF safe?
Let me sing the song of my people.
Stich that fucker with a 5-7 round burst from ass-to-head
One Hunnerd-to-One the Squad Leader is gonna cover for me.
Hell… call it enemy action.
Bodies unrecoverable.
Kill them all, and no one in the squad will never ever talk.
Win-Win in my book. 
The ONLY place that the fuckers are is at ‘higher-higher’ with the Occifers.  NEVER in the field.  They KNOW the grunts got no love of them at all.  Between Sheppard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, and all the rest of the leftist lying fucking Communist News Networks, they’re as hated as much as the enemy.  Maybe even more because they’re supposed to be on our side.

Fuckers have NO IDEA.
THIS is what a liberal arts degree gets you.
Morons, Retards and America-Haters.
Mama, don’t let your kids grow up to be whorenalists.
This also, IMO, is why the Military does NOT want to step into this deep cacky that’s being created.
The Occifers KNOW that the troops are as sick of this shit as anyone else.
THATS a problem.
MAJOR Disconnect between the asshole Officers like Spenser Rapone, the West Point Communist.
THAT Traitorous Asshole
Dude had the dream.
Tried to get into West Point and couldn’t.  No idea why.
So, he Enlisted as a grunt, and got assigned to 75th Ranger Regiment.  
The Dream of a LOT of Infantrymen
Then, he deployed to Affy.
Now here’s where it gets -murky-.  The Ranger Regiment shitcanned him for ‘failing to follow standards.’  Usually means he was a millennium shitbag.  Like that other traitorous fuck Bergdahl. Couldn’t hack Regiment.  Then he went/got dumped to 10th Mountain, and applied to Green-to-Gold and got into West Point.
Like I said, living the dream.
He graduated, made it to Fort Drum to 10th Mountain Division, and lasted less than six months.  
Claims he ‘discovered’ communism after his tour in Affy.  I don’t believe him.  Methinks that was his reaction to the fact that higher-higher told him to shape the fuck up, or ship the fuck out, and when he didn’t? Bango… GTFO no biscuit for you!
So, he decided to try to infiltrate from within.
And got caught.
And the word I got from the guys I know, he was in ‘special observation’ because of his activities, AND the fact that the troops positively hated his ass.

They call it fragging for a reason 

And its a major reason I think the military is gonna sit this one out.
They know the “Perfumed Princes of the Sodom-on-Potomac Pentagon” are wholly political creatures now.  Members of the swamp.  They ALL want that sweet sweet filthy contractor lucre.
Hell… I knew I did.
Difference is, the payscale for a Corporal?  At my best? 168K a year.
A retired Lt. Colonel? Full Bird Colonel? 250K and up.  At a minimum
A fucking retired 1-2-3-4 Star?  
Oh. My. God.
So, yeah.  The military higher higher is fully and completely compromised IMO.
More to follow
Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I'm guessing the wife and kids thing. Big family means a lot of pain to go around. If they got him then you're right about the media. Foreign is probably the way to go for a idea of what's happening as there is literally nothing else here to go off of. Dailymail contradicts their own shit over and over but they have opposing views so they have that at least. And comments. You can still affect things there by votes and comments to some degree.

    Q posted again and says the storm is still coming as of today hahahaha! Threw out Durhams name again. Maybe there is still some hopium left in that jar. I'll believe it when I see it.

    1. Q? Yeah I stopped following after Hilleriod didn't "go to jail, go directly to jail, proceed to the fuckin' gallows you cunt" I mean I think I poasted about it… something to 'keep the wunderkids' busy and outta BigGov's hair…

  2. The left has demonstrated more than once they will doxx and target the families of people who oppose them. Odds are that's the case now. Wouldn't be the first time he has dealt with threats to his family. 2 years ago he was forced to move because his address was made public and the lefts Brown shirts showed up at his house threatening his family. It's high time the tables were turned.

  3. I never watched him much, I always thought some thing was "OFF" about him, too passive when guests were being boorish and contradicting. I can't say this was a surprise he is retuning his shtick…

  4. Two of the lawyers working on Trump's legal case in Pennsylvania have asked and been granted permission to leave the case because they were doxxed by assclowns at The Lincoln Project and we're being threatened. Doxxing, threats and intimidation by the commie left is becoming a major issue. As long as they get away with this conduct with no consequences thy will just get more aggressive and abusive. They need to start suffering consequences…..up close and personal.

  5. I read that he said " the amount of scullduggery wouldn't change the outcome" too, so i went and looked…. It's taken out of context(color me surprised).. from memory mind ya, he said as of now it looks like not much fraud to change the outcome, but that's liable to change..He stated no definitive statement, he did appease the msm gods though..I don't watch him, wife does though.. I don't like narrated news…

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