They Reek of Fear and Desperation

Good Morning my Droogs!  A short bit whilst the Grandbaby takes a nap.  The wreckage that -was- my house is repairable, and Male BioSpawn w/gf is coming over this afternoon for luncheon.  Should be a good day despite the significant drop in temperature…

Its actually 56 here.  Thats -cold- to Floridians, not so much to those of us born in more Arctic climes.  Either way after almost 18 years down here, tis a wee bit nippy on my nether regions, so’s guess its time to pack in the shorts for the season, leastways until prolly next week, when the heat’ll come back with no warning n’roast me ballz off.  Don’t like the weather in Florida?  Wait an hour.

So today’s subject, of which I have seen others ranting about is the Libtard Crapweasel (((Bill Maher))) giving -his- version of the Rodney King speech: “Can’t we all just get along?”
Text and Vid of the Crapweasel’s shtick…

Uh… no.

OH Hell to the Fuck to the No: Get Bent you Arrogant Cocksucking Hollysleaze Asshole.

YOU PEOPLE have been the ones promoting a rebellion against a LEGITIMATELY ELECTED PRESIDENT  because “Orange Man Bad” and ‘reezonz’ and ‘the feelz’
YOU PEOPLE have been the ones tell US that WE need to be quiet and listen to our betters, namely the wealthy deep state operatives and unelected power brokers behind this coup.
YOU PEOPLE have the unmitigated gall to allow politically motivated goon squads to attack people and injure them, while the police do nothing and say that WE need to be more understanding
YOU PEOPLE have accused us of being, (and what a list it is): Deplorables, Racists, Nazis, White Nationalists, Anti-Intellectual, Conspiracy Theorists, Low Intellect, Bumkins, Bigots, Fly-Over-People, Haters, Violent Anti-Semites, Islamophobic, Anti-Immigration… Jesus I could go on all fucking day… you get the picture.
YOU PEOPLE have violated the rules of common decency and common courtesy at every single fucking turn whether it by ramming unwanted taxes, laws, or specious sexual identities down our throats for our own good, and tell us to shut up.
YOU PEOPLE tell us “bake the cake or go to jail…” and if not jail, we’ll ruin your lives and business just for our own personal gratification and Hubris.
YOU PEOPLE  have essentially stated that it’s more important to embrace ‘muh diversity’ and ‘magic dirt’ than to assist with our own fucking people.  That right fucking there is Exhibit “A” in the case against YOU PEOPLE  being traitors to this country.

And now, now YOU PEOPLE are beginning to realize that the Crapweasel Resistance is crumbling down, and that ALL Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS  are more than likely on a list, so NOW you fuckers want to put the brakes on and “learn to live with one another” despite “sharing a country with assholes you can’t stand.”

“They’ve gone to plaid!”
Too fucking late sunshine.
FAR too Little, FAR too fucking late.
The realization that the people that they have been taunting are -the ones with the guns-.  And by dint of lack of prosecution against, well fuck.. like anyone who’s been part of this treasonous party, whelp… it means Joe Sixpack has awakened and now realizes that the rule of law is dead.

Which means it’s almost time.
The Boogaloo is coming… and it’s hungry.  Time to feed it some souls.
More Later, the baby woke up LOL.  Man I’m getting to old for this shit… up to and including the Boogaloo.  I no longer believe in retreat.  I’ll stand my ground, and die in place, mainly because I’m too old and achy to do anything otherwise.  That being said, I will pile my Samdha high before I go.
Thus I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Bill Mahar? I listened to about 5 minutes of his leftist dribble once and have never bothered to listen again. Not worth my time.

    Rule of law is dead? Not quite yet but there is a different set of rules for rich and famous people. Common people are still subject to all of the rules and laws on the books.

  2. I'm too old and crippled, too, but pull the pin and let the party begin !
    I'll stand my ground in the most glorious fashion I can pull off.

    1. Wrap yourself in det-cord head to toe, soak yourself in hi-octane, run into the democrat national convention, and light a match… THAT would be a way to go!

  3. I do believe ya nailed it there B.C..
    Fuck him, Fuck Them, ya done gonna get what you have so fervently been begging for.

  4. A second civil war is possible? Oh no, my friend…a second civil war is almost a given, and you commies are plowing down the trees and paving the fuckin road. Like Zappa once said…Do you love it? Do you hate it? There it is, the way you made it.

  5. Trump's victory was nothing short of a voter rebellion by people repulsed by the lunatic fringe of
    the far left. His margin was 27.5 percent more electoral votes. In the old days before the definition
    of an electoral landslide was changed, his win would have been considered a landslide. From the day
    he won the election, the insane left doubled down on insanity. REAL people object to their daughters
    being forced to share a bathroom with biologial males and seeing them get their asses kicked in high
    school and college sports by males who "Identify" as female.

    Most parents also resent their preschool and Kindergarten force fed weirdosexual propaganda. This includes
    most suburban liberals who also happen to be the owners of gas-guzzling SUV's. These soccer moms know that
    mass=safety. His energy policies have caused the price of fuels, natural gas and electricity to drop like
    a rock in states not governed by looney leftists. Private sector union voters jumped aboard the Trump
    train because they wanted to keep their jobs. Job gains in the coal, Rust Belt, and steel states came
    roaring back. In 2020, Trump will be reeleced in an electoral tsunami!

  6. ps. I hear ya on the temp thing here in Florida. Last week, just North of Pensacola, it got down to 27 with a dick shrinking 30 mph North wind a'blowin. Just a couple of weeks of cool weather and I already miss g-strings and titties on the beach.

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