They. Shot. Dogs.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp…Australia’s gone full retard.  
Completely fucking insane-retard.  
Make that Potato-Insane

Link Here:
According to the Sydney Morning Herald: “Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government.”

They. Shot. The. Doggos.

WOWSomewhere there’s a lesson here:  Something about the fact that IF they’re so willing to kill innocent animals, then they sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem killing humans… especially those who would oppose them.

Bigger Lesson: 
Never. EVER. Give. Up. Your. Guns.
Under ANY Circumstances.
The Australians did

And now?  The Psycho-Feelz Slores in Charge have unleashed their low-IQ bullyboys and trustees on the population.  And appear to be enjoying theyselves.  Lording it over the population.

Man, what a shame
Gutless Balless Wonders
I used to admire the Aussies… 
Wanted to ‘do the Outback’ thang before I joined the Regular Army… 
Loved the commercials… like the beer commercial where a giant-assed boulder would land on a dude, utterly crushing him, and you’d hear a muffled “Ow!” from under the boulder, and the Announcer would say “Wimp.”

Not no more apparently.  ‘Cos me?  It’s be old fashion night-rider time.  Masks, Nooses, Trees… just add Bourke Shire Councilmembers (and family members) wash, rinse repeat.

Hang ’em high, and leave ’em for the crows to pick out their eyes from their rotting corpses.
DARE the authorities to do something if they have the balls.

Per the German 19th Century Writer/Poet Heinrich Heine (h/t Ace):

Auf Deutsche: “Wo man bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am ende menschen.”

Translation: “Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too.”

The names like “Dahmer”, “Bundy”, “Gacy” and “Gein” come leaping to mind.
And also, these were the very bureaucrats I keep screaming about. The small-minded apparatchiks who make the day-to-day decisions
Who don’t actually pull the triggers but order it done.
Any bets the guy who did carry out this loathsome and hate-filled mission is all fucked up now?
I at least hope he is… if not?  OhboyOhboyOhboy… Y’all in Oz got big trouble with a sociopath like that running around… in fact you got a lot of trouble on that there continent… bad enough that 98% of Mother Nature is actively trying to murder you all, but now?  You can’t even trust your own people, or at least the lizard-creatures in people-skin-suits you got running around loose. 

Oh yeah, that’s a ‘burning at the stake’ level crime…
Right up there with child-rape and such

Here in the States, I somehow don’t think this’d fly

In fact this weekend when it went ‘retard’ at some Patriot Rally, some Shithead in Portland, someone actually unlimbered a 9mm and threw live rounds at AntiFa who’re throwing live rounds at him.  Of course the patriot guy?  Arrested, even though it was obviously a running shootout. Hell, AntiFa is ON CAMERA policing up their brass so’s the fuzz don’t have forensics… which, keep in mind everyone, two words: Brass Catchers.  

That and that the Geheime Staatspolizei will invariably take the ‘bad guys side’ i.e. the easy route, so you may as well light them up too, if the case is needed.  At that point, the switch is in the ‘on’ position.

At that point, what difference does it make?

Tell y’all what:

Best be ready
Unlike the Aussies, we sure as fuck are
Your move assholes
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Bad times are here when shit like this is just part of the job to so many and that’s leaving out the sick fuck who thought it up. Law enforcement, hell everybody everywhere better start thinking thru the consequences of their actions and those they work with and for. One intelligent and pissed off man or woman can wreak a swath of absolute death and destruction but the dumb fucks in charge don’t seem to grasp what will soon come for them.

        1. YOWZA! The man thinks like we all should be! Sherlock Holmes in “R” gear–sweet!

          Got me barrels ‘o brass. Should now start sortin’ ’em from source. Will do.

      1. I thought something similarly related while traveling through an airport… lots of ‘public’ hairs… in that, there urinal… shame if some got gathered and ziploc’ed and left on a body of some poor libtard.

        Might even call into question all SORTs of forensics… scour your non-local urinals and use tweezers you freak. ; )

  2. Columbo is a good man!
    A handful of mixed sizes from the range, thrown and scattered all over, good times!

    I like my new (to me) Smith 686. Revolvers don’t spit shell casings! That 357 mag hits like a rifle round, too. Lessee what your lightweight plates do with that one piggie?

    1. > That 357 mag hits like a rifle round, too.

      Sorry Joe, that’s not the case…
      Some time ago me and my buddy did a little experiment – 1/2″ iron plate, I tried .357 hunting rounds (180 grain) just made little dents. His AK 47 rounds just went through…

      Anyway, there’s always following G. Gordon Liddy’s advise 😉

    2. No “handfuls” of anything, Locards exchange principal is not anyones friend. As for the 357 use the following only where legal, speer shot capsules for loading your own snake shot can also be loaded with trimmed archery field points of the correct diameter ( cut off the threaded end) hard pointy steel sabot rounds don’t destroy a good pelt or ruin a possible mount and the plastic shot cup protects the barrel. Also available for 44s.

      1. Colombo S&A…try buying a couple of sticks of “Delron” (hard nylon) in .400 or .500 OD…cut it down (via lathe) to .357 w/ as near a sharp point as possible and trim to the same length as say .158-.185gr. projectile…cap w/ a gas check and fill w/ Bullseye…will sail thru any non-plated vest…enjoy!!!

        Tip o’ the hat to Henry Bowman (a Hero).

  3. I’m pretty hard-boiled AND I wuz chairman of our Tri-County Humane Society for a bit. Always had a love of the K9s. Goin’ on seven decades of companionship with ’em.

    BUT–I’ll be damned and go to hell if I’d put up with some dipshit whoever shooting the poor critters just looking for a home, a few squares and a pat on the noggin once in a while. Vast majority of these shooters do NOT know how to bring death quickly.

    I’ve done many a rescue mission at the Humane Society with people’s dogs wounded, winged, or flat out blow to bits AND STILL ALIVE by psychos or self appointed executioners. One look at them and their senseless death-agony suffering–and “I’ll know what do do” when things light up.

    I’m fairly peaceful at heart, but DAMN–don’t go fookin’ with rescued K9s awaiting a home. Totally senseless. INHUMAN.

  4. Supplemental facts:
    – Antifa’s major original funders: George Soros, and son. jews.
    – Burning books. Germans burned the jews’ filth books — porno, etc.

    For me, it’s one small step to go from jews lying to us now to jews lying to us about our fellow-White Germans. But for others, apparently, it’s a giant leap.

    1. Vielen dank.
      The rest don’t get it, their chosenite brainwashing is complete.
      They somehow can’t comprehend Juden vs White European Christians. First the Russians, then the Germans, and now the rest of the goyim.

  5. Time for some home visitation you bloks down under. These assholes have names and addresses. If they can dish it out the treatment surly they can take said treatment? To them, the wifie, the chillins all of them. “If one does not live or support Personal Liberty than they are the enemy and shall be removed”.

    Saber 7

  6. Im sure the dog killings are just an exercise for shooting the nursing home patients to prevent health care workers from spreading the C… It’s too risky to pull their plugs, not to mention, the resistance from the medical staff… head shots from the door is much safer, after they are all escorted out.
    Affordable Health care for all!!, Aussie style, If they can purge those oxygen thieves hogging all the bed space.

    Mass burial graves, and No, you cannot see your dead loved one, it’s much too dangerous.

  7. It’s not so much the insanity, but what’s worse is the apathy from the masses.
    Nothing like going full berserker when the time comes. It will be justified.
    And when it’s all over, the cowards will try to claim their share of the credit, just like post war France, EVERYONE was in the Maquis, including ME!

  8. Fighting by attrition when you’re side is the only one being attrited seems kinda stupid to me. If only there were, like books, manuals, and doctrines on how a large seemingly less well armed and trained force could successfully achieve its goals against a smaller but much more heavily armed, trained, and organized opponent. If you are the one deaf, dumb, muted, blind, broke, and tired those are all clues that you’re doing it wrong. The beatings will continue until you all learn.

  9. I think this was a direct provocation, to get the hard-minded ones to come out with guns blazing. Would have worked for me, I don’t like seeing any animals mistreated, especially the doggos. The Froot Loops who thought this up and had it carried out, are a very low form of life, and need corrective action. And by corrective action I mean…….

    1. If thats the case then the provocateurs must have slept thru history.
      If history has shown us anything it is that underestimating the will of people you mean to control never works out the way you want it too.
      Just pointing out the obvious here. If a bunch of raghead wearing mud hut dwellers are now dictating the terms of evacuation of the strongest military in the world, controlled by the leader of the free world, it stands to reason that people who mean to impose control, might be looking at it as( perhaps ) a catalyst to stand up against them …I’m thinking the beatings and dog shootings will embolden people to wonder ( and maybe research ) how a bunch of camel Jockeys beat these same bastards.

  10. Time to sharpen, lubricate and fuel up the wood chippers. Hoist the black flag mateys we got work to do…

  11. I kinda remember reading psycho blue thin liners here in the states shootin peoples pooches that had posed no threats on some of their door busting raids …some at the wrong addresses no less.

    1. That atrocity has been going on for a long time. Make your list, check it twice. Plan accordingly.

  12. My line in the sand was crossed when the bastards convinced my pregnant daughter to get jabbed. If my future granddaughter is maimed – accountability list goes kinetic. If they come for my fur kids, same. I am done. Repeat, gloves are off, gone Indian

  13. I don’t believe this took place. I’m pretty sure it’s a psyop. I mean take emotion out of it and really think about it.

    Think about the absolute meanest person you know. Then think about the absolute dumbest person you know. You’d have to merge those two people together to get a guy that’s gonna go from cage to cage shooting multiple dogs. Even if you found this ideal dog killer he may shoot what one, two dogs before he says to himself “This is messed up. What am I doing? I ain’t doing this anymore.”

    I’ve known a lot of really stupid and really bad people over my lifetime. I can’t put a finger on anyone that would do something like this. Ever.

    Then look at this aspect of it. Was it a lone shooter? I bet not. I bet if this happened they had two or three people there. One of them would have stepped up and said knock it off no more of this.

    Think of the story. These were the down and out muts that were not wanted. Everybody on the planet has a soft spot for these poor dogs. Then they are awaiting rescue. Someone is going to come and save them. What a happy ending. But nooooo the government up and decides to MURDER these poor dogs in their cold lonely cages. Who ain’t gonna get pissed over that. If it happened even Satan would be pissed.

    This was a psyop. Somebody wrote up the story on their computer and hit send to all news agencies.

    They are testing the waters to see what the reaction was. Still no mass outrage where the local government officials were dragged out of their homes and killed by the mob. Then if that happened they could ratchet the tyranny up a notch. They have learned from this little exercise and next they may decide it’s ok to vaccinate all newborns without parental consent. Or they may decide unvaccinated can only come out of their homes once a week to pick up food packets dropped off in their front yard. They will keep pushing the boundaries. This was a psyop. At least I hope it was. For the dogs sake.

    1. You don’t get out much do you?
      We have folks here in Wyoming who drive around at night, shooting does and fawns because they trespassed on town property without permission. The deer spend the winters in our yards since the wolves have driven them inside town limits, and the coyotes howl 100m away from my house while the deer stand under the street lights grazing away. They give birth under our bushes and trees.
      That’s no shit, the town council decided the deer don’t belong in town limits, so they hired guys (psychos who really enjoy the work too) to eliminate them.
      They do it lots of other places, here and Canada and there’s no shortage of shooters either, some guys just can’t kill enough to satisfy themselves. (guy 1/4 mile above me shoots every bird and rabbit that crosses his yard, gives him something to do) So don’t think we have no psychos who won’t shoot defenseless animals, they’re everywhere.

      1. real truth spoken there brah.. the murkins- especially, the new retard millennial generation they have no moral compass whatsoever. just dumb fucking screen addicted GMO useless eaters. thank the universe for the depopulation agenda afoot. Aurther Sido had a good comment yesterday, something about only the freaks are reproducing these days.. the general population are just not worthy and really do need to get their vaccinations ASAP..

        1. No shit.
          Watching all these mental midgets getting jabbed is a blessing in disguise.
          Do not interrupt idiots at work.

    2. Muslims hate dogs. Australia has lots of Muslims as well as plenty of badge orcs that weren’t listening to the part about following illegal/ immoral orders.

  14. Latest on group trying to rescue doggos from Kabul:

    Well, some awful news this morning. NOWZAD has trucks loaded with animals, plane is ready to go. BUT the UK army won’t let them through the gates. Bc ISIS might attack the planes! What a bunch of crap! They have been sitting there for 11 hours!! The dogs will die of dehydration. They can’t get to all of them in the middle to water them. Isis and Taliban see how weak our administration is. The poor dogs will probably die in the trucks!!

    1. Whatever happened to disobeying orders???
      I spent a week at Correctional Custody busting rocks with a sledgehammer for just that. Sometimes you gotta do the right thing and say fuck it!

  15. My name is how I feel about all of this shit. Anyone ever came for one of my babies…….the town would run out of places to put dead bodies. The Aussies have got to nut up and get the party started. Cuz it is NOT going to get better. Lots of things go bump in the night-just sayin. The Aussie Military on the streets, 24/7/365 is not a free country. So, Aussie Friends, you are already under occupation and under house arrest. The murders have just started with the animals; be patient, they WILL get to you. Politicians and their enabled minions have to eat, buy clothes, get deliveries, etc. It’s time to change from a penal colony to a full fledged free country.

  16. But of course the Aussies shot the dogs, they do as their masters command them. In China, dogs were clubbed to death by State sponsored thugs with clubs, and their owners were made to watch.
    Not only they moral-postured the immoral blinking Aussies into giving up their guns, now they take the dogs, soon they take the butter knives like they already did in former ‘this sceptre’d isle’, and all they’ll have left is plastic forks. Slaves of the Babylon Jew World Order are not permitted the mark of free men, arms, or even watch dogs, in China, why would they let their colonies, Australia and New Zealand have any.

    1. Some of you folks need to pull your heads out of your asses and stop living in (((Hollyweird))) and computer gaming.
      Instead of learning to do backflips and shooting upside down with 2 pistols, how about learning to set up a proper L-shaped ambush and call in a 5 paragraph order or sitrep. And getting off the couch would be a plus too.

      1. I think it’s the ‘thought’ that counts here bro… ain’t no one here, on this here blegg thinking they’re ‘all that and a can o’soop’ so to speak.. I mean it’s just a full on infuriation… What can we do? nada
        What can we say? A lot, but talk is cheap
        Feel me yet? This’s why I vent at y’all ‘cos I can’t kill the motherfuckers responsible here in the Statz….


      2. Five paragraph orders and sitreps aren’t going to be of much use – who do you communicate them to? Why would you do so? That’s Regular Army stuff, and it’s not applicable to irregular warfare. Observe – Orient – Decide – Act would be more appropriate – and you can employ it in local politics and school board meetings as well, it’s not limited to shooting wars. And what is appropriate right now isn’t planning to shoot people, but to organize them, and get things done by peaceful means. But you’ll still have to get off the couch.

  17. Being from the Gulf Coast of Texas, I am rather partial to the Karankawa method: open their bellies with a gut hook and eat their hearts. The Aussie pencil-necks, that is.

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