They’re Not Even Trying

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, they’re not even trying anymore.

It’s been ALL over the mass media…First I’ve ever heard of it was on Gab with the links to “The Usual Suspects”, WaPo, Huffington, Newsweek… 
I mean really??????

The Fedbois must be bored and/or disappointed at all of their MK Ultra False Flags going sideways as of yet.  Another Buffalo Jump as Bracken would call it, (more like a Buffalo Hump.. as in bangin’ one in the 4th point of contact) if ANYONE rallies ANYWHERE.  One commenter on Gab posited that there’d be money to be made for someone with an Ironing Board to be at whatever rally to get the fold marks out them brand-new creased-flags of the what’s obviously going to be a ‘false fag event’…

Cmon Man!… at least come up with something original…

I mean how fucking stupid…

And the 11th of April?  I mean at least make it April 20th so you can get the tie-in to Hitler’s Birthday… What the fuck does the 11th mean?  I’m still sticking with my 4 weeks and two day timeline… we shall see… Hell.. the Feds sent me another ‘entrapment inquiry’ email asking about grenades again.

Dude… I ain’t got none, I don’t know where to get none, (I wish!) and I ain’t fuckin’ rollin that way with no one rando I haven’t done a deep dive on.  So Hie! and Away with Ye, ye scoundrels… go do us all a favor and go entrap a fuckin Muj or someone…  Us whypeepo tend to be a bit too smart for you 60 IQ’d dumbfucks.  When you have the intelligence and common sense of, oh, say, a chunk of broccoli, you really shouldn’t be trying to entrap someone like me.  Especially since I lern’t a ways back to behave meselves after my first close call with you fucks.  I’m keeping crayons inside the lines.  Makes it less stressful that way.

I mean really… How do you look in the mirror without cringing?  How do you face your family? Knowing that eventually, because of your fucked up career choices that if a civil war breaks loose, they’re going to be caught in the middle in a 4G Guerilla War.  

Do you really think yer on the side of righteousness?  You and I both know the answer to that.  You lie to yourself, you lie to your children.  Your doing it either because you are a sociopath and bully, OR it’s the pension that you’re too cowardly to shitcan the job, and take a moral stand.  

And when and if it ever comes down to it, and the smoke clears, and any of you and yours do survive, (you more’n likely will not, jes’ sayin’) your Posterity will probably be going the likes of the Goebbels family and the Hitler family… changing names, denying any connection… erasing you and yours from their lineage, lest they be tainted and shunned, much as they deserve to be.

The choice is yours and lines are being drawn.
Be smart
Be brave
Be cool
Stop being a Fed 
Be a father whom your children can be proud of.
Not a Gestapo Agent whom history will revile
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. What do expect when their hiring practices are 75% negroes. They are not hiring the brightest race of people. Fuck em.

  2. If you’re a white male but not a veteran, you’re not going to get a Federal job, no how no way

  3. IF YOU LISTEN TO THE LORD,he already told everyone these AGENCIES ARE FILLED WITH DEMONS,DEVILS,AND ALIENS,and NONE OF THEM ARE YOUR FRIENDS or can be trusted,.THE LORD said THEY HAVE ALL SWITCHED SIDES AND JOINED FORCES WITH SATAN and his minions,THATS your hero’s in the POLICE GANGS,THE MILITARY,AND EVERYONE in the federal government,their all the enemies of america and the OATH they all took ment ZERO to them,THEY WILL BE COMING,and most of the VETERANS are sound asleep and will NOT fight,WHEN the veterans do wake up,they’ll be on the wrong side,Remember your Dogs,they’ll be hungry and government devils will be good for them to eat,Nail them to a tree or garage door,and cut pieces off them…Each one should be a weeks worth of food for two dogs…

  4. Sir, you are demanding decent behavior from Shit Heads. It ain’t gonna happen.

    No Narcissist, no Sociopath, no Control Freak, ever decided to treat you decently because you were finally nice enough to them. The only thing you can do is put the fear of God into them. Until then they hold you in contempt. But, it is all a false front. Inside they are cowards. I mean sniveling, pissing-on-themselves little girly cowards. That is what they have to run in a gang. If they can’t run with a gang, they can’t run at all.

  5. The federal bureau of entrapment should go look at J. Edgar’s bustier and stockings and check on that pension donut supply status.
    Is April 11 Waco day or something?
    Comrade Chippy (All Those Fags) Kommissar will bust out his 1993 pic for a rub and tug.
    Chiquitastan and its occupational gov are the laughingstock of the world for good reason.
    Fear some faculty lounge fucktards? Bwahahaha!

  6. In my opinion, the people you have to really watch out for are the ones who say they have grenades and have a believable background and cover story (they were in the military as a drill Instructor and saved some grenades from the grenade range or ammo supply truck), took out the grenade pins and replaced them with paper clips and turned in the grenade pins.
    In the 70’s during the VietNam war some people did that but I saw it as too dangerous and didn’t see why anyone would want one. It was explained to me that if they ever wanted to commit suicide they could pull the pin and wait 4 seconds. (Apparently even shooting yourself in the head is not a sure thing – you may survive just to be even worse off afterwards).
    While blowing yourself up so you don’t get captured alive and tortured to death by the enemy is something I can understand (we were told to save the last bullet for ourselves) I didn’t see the need to take that mindset to the civilian world.
    Plus having one around the house with the possibility of your future teenage son and his buddies finding it and on a dare pulling out the paper clip to prove it is not a real grenade seemed too much of a risk just to have the option of going out with a big explosion making a big mess in your doddering old age.
    Anyways, as with all scams, look for someone trying to be your new best friend and using all the con artist tricks – using your name a lot, “mirroring” your posture and what you say, talking a lot about how much you both have in common, “sharing” their own disappointments and failures and problems (too much information too soon), telling you that they know better than you and your friends, and finally (the icing on the cake) mentioning that things have to happen soon (setting a time limit trying to force you to act immediately instead of consulting with others).
    Also – and this is just my opinion – a look into the background of someone you want to check out to see if they are trustworthy or not will often reveal a drug criminal history or over time you will see some drug related behavior (opiate or some other illegal drug use for “PTSD” or anxiety or pain from their “war wounds”).
    The Feds (wisely) use people as CIs (Confidential Informants) they can be sure to have absolute control of, and use people with serious charges hanging over their heads (usually drug offenses). So they will be seriously motivated to do whatever it takes to get you entrapped.
    Some time ago some militia guy was entrapped by a CI planting pipe bombs on his property and then reporting to his controller where they were. Try convincing a jury (“of 12 people who couldn’t get out of jury duty” as the cynical saying goes) that as an out loud and proud militia badass the explosives found by the SWAT raid on your property were not yours.
    So I guess the sayings about being the gray man and “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down” are worth paying attention to.
    Or if not that, then remain always aware and alert for infiltration and traps set out for you to step on or into.
    A corrupt government will use a corrupt law enforcement to take whatever steps necessary to enforce their rule and eliminate dissidents and opposition. Same story with all corrupt governments everywhere in the world.

  7. I would suggest not trusting the advertisers of pro-liberty, conservative or other alt-right commentators. As much as I like certain people with online videos or podcasts, I have to think that some are funded knowingly or unknowingly by the Bloombergs, etc. I’m looking for a new VPN host, and one podcaster I like has a VPN host as a sponsor. As much as I’d like to support the podcaster, I get a spidey-sense that the VPN host may not be trustworthy. I have no proof, which is part of the reason I didn’t mention any entity in particular, but we live in treacherous times. I truly believe that there will be a purge attempt before things get really spicy. Keep that head on a swivel.

    Doc out.

    1. I got a VPN before it was cool, went with Strong VPN. It’s a paid service, maybe $60/year. Did some research, found it recommended by different computer sites. Never thought about the angle you mentioned, nothing would surprise me these days.

  8. Jim Brown dropped all of the grenades in air vents at a Nazi dinner party in Germany. Feds need to get a clue.

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