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Late Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Well, at least today went off without any fuckery.  Sorta-kinda.  No disastrous family-oriented bullshit.  No real hangover, though I did get a bit flamed up.  Actually, by all normal reasonable accountability, it was a good day.
Especially since Sapper n’ I went to the range.
And therein lies EL GRANDE PROBLEMO.
‘Round here in Flor-Ree-Duh!!! We got a pretty much state wide Gun Store Chain called Shoot Straight.  Indoor range, used-to-be-reasonably price range fees, and a huuuge selection of weaponry, however overpriced as it is/was.
Was’ being the key word.
Been going to this place for a few years now, seeings its a really decently air-conditioned range, with 100 Yard Rifle Pit (2X) that’ll handle a .308/7.62X51mm.  Now that being said, and this being Flor-Ree-Duh!!! I went there Trip Attempt #1 in March (pre-Coronachan Whoring/Lockdown) the place was shut down because “Florida Man” had lit the place on fire… shooting fucking Army Issue Tracers.
Goddamn it Florida Man…
So it was shut down.  Cut to Trip Attempt #2.  Not this past weekend, but weekend before with Spawn.  Mentioned he was over, but in the run-up to the writing, I digressed and monkeybranched allll over the fucking place, so yeah, Big Reason Spawn #1 came over was to go and get some trigger time, followed up reloading Said-Spent Brass as an object lesson so’s the boy knows how to ‘roll his own’ so to speak.  That was Sunday before last.  We got to the range and Holy Fuck.
Mob Scene.
You’d think they were giving shit away.
When was the last time you had a line formed outside of a Gun Store wrapped around the building like it was a fucking Hot Club in the 80’s?
Needless to say, Hard Pass.  No patience for standing in 95 degree sunshine for 2 hours to shoot for an hour.
Cue to today:  Attempt #3.  Figgered 13:00 Me n Sapper’d have a better shot of going…. after lunch the guys who said “Fuck dis” for this past Sunday as I’m sure it was the same-same from the week before.  Sure a shit, ain’t no one there.  Couple o’folks on line, bangin’ away, but the thing is… like –no fuckin’ guns-… like the place had a few of either the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE $3,000.00 a throw hunting rifles/pistolas, OR the totally ‘no-one-will-buy-it-unless-yer-under-duress’ Hi-Point.
That’s the guns…
Now, Ammo.
What fucking ammo!?!
THIS is the part that raises my “Oh shit!” Meter to a 8 point 9 outta 10.
I’m good with slight shortages.  I can even expect some.  I planned on some, but was also banking on dropping anywhere from $20-$30 for some brass cased plinking ammo, brass to be policed (as I finally found primers for 9mm) and then reload from there.
Now the ‘no reloads’ has always been the rule… albeit not followed exactly all the time.. apparently it’s a liability thing, so meh… whatever… I always keep my reloads in Factory boxes to avoid dings n’damages anyways, and they never looked to close.  
While waiting, the guy in front of us… the guy at the counter started pulling out every. single. round. this guy had and inspecting it. Checking the primer, the fit of the rounds… I mean DAMN.
Huh… never seen that a’fore.  Usually it’s live n’let live… usually to make sure you ain’t firing tracer or steel core AP rounds (and yeah, some fucktard did that a few years ago…)
So we split… that level of scrutiny I wasn’t feelin’.
BUT the BIG ISSUE to me, –no common calibers available-!!!!!!
No N.A.T.O. Calibers, from either side…
Which, for the non-gun folks means NO .22, .223, 5.56mm, .40 Smith, .45 ACP, 9mm, 10mm, 7.62mm of either the ‘Murica Flavor OR Rooskie Flavors, both of them, 39 AND 54R.  Zero 12 Gauge too, ‘cept skeet and bird shot.
This is a company that buys its ammunition in TRAINLOADS… fuck truckloads… these guys never and have never run out… even in the worst Pre-Hurricaine Stupidity… even in the worst-of-the-worst, Shoot Straight ain’t ever run out of that many flavors of BB’s.

We stopped off at my usual ‘super-small local gun dealer’ and the Gal who runs it had some .22 on hand, but little else… she said that the smaller shops are getting hosed by the bigger chains hoovering up any and all product… I snatched 200 splitting the cost with Sapper at $7 for a 50 count box of CCI 40gn JHP.

This does –not– bode well me Droogs n Droogettes…
Even in the worst-of-the-worst there’s always been a box of Cretinously Expensive .308/7.62X51mm… 
You know, the $3.75 A round precision hand loaded by Jerry Miculek his damned self.  Ain’t none of even that overpriced pro-shooter ammo ’round here.
Which means we’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts.
Glad I’m reloading, b/c methinks it’s only gonna get worse.  I’d say if’n y’all can find it, –BUY IT-.
More later, I’m The Intrepid Reporter 
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  1. Other than you sounding peeved at the Ammo Desert out there, including vultures circling the sales counter when they finally start spitting out rounds like an epileptic pez dispenser…

    You are sounding right in the headspace. Good. 'Bout time. Now get to flammenwerfing and playing with the Serbian War Criminal.

  2. We aren't so bad off at the far opposite end of the country but prices have been going up and selection is limited. I did get to the local range today with a buddy, we went at 8 am in the rain and wasn't too many other folks. Managed to get our ARs sighted in, he and I both had new red dots and I had another AR I wanted to get in a bit tighter. I'd send you some primers but I don't have the special licence to barge them down to the states.

  3. yeah its gonna be a while b4 ammo comes back. all the way down to the lead and copper mines, the log train is shutdown. they got us right where they want us.

  4. Just a matter of time before reloading supplies get scarce too. Powder and primers especially.

    Yeah, things looking ugly, you certainly don't want to practice with all of it, leaving some (errr a lot) in reserve for spicy time.

  5. You people that complain about ANOTHER ammo drought slay me. Anybody that lived through the Obama years should have had a sizable amount of ammo on hand well before any of the current festivities kicked off. Anyone who's been paying attention over the last fifteen or twenty years should have known about the possibility of, and been prepared for, the current festivities, including having reloading supplies IN DEPTH, if that's the way you roll. Yet another LARGE CLUE should have been Walmart announcing their new wokeness, by discontinuing ammo sales, after the festivities in TX a couple years ago.

    I got no sympathy for anyone that has owned firearms for a while and does not have sufficient ammo for practice and festivities should the need arise. As to new gun owners, sucks to be you. You should have been paying attention. There's a reason that the framers put 2A in the Constitution, not to mention all of the statements of intent from various Demonrat politicians, promising us they're going to outlaw firearms, over the years.

    If you're willing to risk having ammo purchases recorded on your credit card bill, there are on-line sellers that have had and will continue to have ammo available. You won't like the pricing, but if you want or lord forbid NEED ammo, on-line seller's should be able to accommodate you.

    Look, I know having a stock pile of ammo is a financial burden that most folks have a difficult time justifying. However, what's the long range cost of not having sufficient stock to deal with any type of emergency and to keep your accuracy up to par?

    There is an alternative to live ammo practice. Dry Fire. There are videos out there that teach, even new firearm owners, how to effectively practice using dry fire drills. Not the same as firing live ammo. However, with the exception of recoil control, it does allow one to practice all of the elements of firing a weapon.

    Here's the ultimate question you need to answer. Is not stocking up, no matter how burdensome the cost at the time, worth your family's or your life if you need it and don't have it?


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