Things that Struck me today

Besides the Mizzuz upside my Head…
Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes.
A fine night had by all… test firing a new weapon in the side yard again, achieving zen with said test fire, and ‘happiness is a warm weapon’…That and having my bro from across the street roll over, not to complain mind you, but to get me to build HIM a toy of similar function.

Nothing like public advertising.

The funniest part is that side yard… I’ve lived here for going on 20 years now… some day, archaeologists are gonna dig on this particular plot of land, and think a fucking full on multi-caliber war was fought in the side yard.  I’ve been, with the majority of neighbors knowing, test firing my builds and shit…. lots of rounds fired… probably upwards of 2000 + rounds at this point.

So… the Michigan Gobbernator said “Nazis and Nooses have not place here!!!”
Here are those “Dirty Nazis”
Hey! Goobernator Dumbfuck!  The Nazi Symbology that yer ranting about were of YOU being a Nazi! And those nooses?  Yeah… those are for YOU ya dumb twat…

 Point blank: Keep fucking with people and their God Given rights, and yer a dead bitch… ain’t NO ONE, NO HOW GONNA SAVE YOU ya stupid Ginch.  It’s fuckin’ Michigan.  It’s where the “Michigan Militia” slash “Militia Movement” BEGAN You inbred libtarded twatwaffle…  what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

And under the file of “Snitches Get Snitches” or in my case “Ditches”
Should have thought that through I suppose!

Ain’t happening sunshine…
Y’all are out for everybody to see… Good luck keeping yer car in one piece you STASI motherfuckers.

Hell, tonight I personally hadda incident.  Went to Publix… first time without a mask in 3 months.  Went to the Pasta Isle…  apparently went the wrong way up the isle… and got called out fore it by some old bitch in a Publix cripple chariot…  I was happy as fuck to be honest… called her out: “THANKS KAREN” in a Drill Instructor voice… fuck that old bitch… who the fuck is she?  The couple behind her, initially looked on approvingly until I yelled at her… That changed real quick.

The husband hunched his shoulders into his neck.. I could almost read his mind: “Please don’t let my wife say anything…Please don’t let my wife say anything…” as I outweighed him by 60 pounds…  I then yelled out “I hat fuckin’ snitch assed NAZIS” at the top of my lungs… needless to say, said Karen popped smoke.. she left so quick it prolly took a week for the autochair to catch up…

What surprised me was my own enjoyment from the incident.  I wish the old cunt had said something -more-… maybe its the fact that I’ve been locked down… I was spoiling for a fight… I’m bummed she bailed so quickly… Sapper was cool about it… sort of non-plussed as his demeanor is such… he was like “Dude… you really went after her man.. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?” to which I told him I hate Nazis…  so it was cool
but anyways, Gotta Crash … I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.

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  1. You are not the only one spoiling for a fight. Great job and fuck all Karens, cucks, and snitches.

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