THIS is Why We’re Doomed

Afternoon/Early Evening me Droogs and Droogettes

Whelp, seems that the “Quarantine Motel” that was put together a few weeks back in Kent Washington has had it’s first “runner” so to speak.  LINK.

When this particular setup was being done, apparently no one bothered to ask anyone in the A.O. whether or not they wanted it.  In a case of NIMBY, the Mayor of Kent and Police Chief said that there was no legal way to prevent anyone from leaving.  And this’s apparently now happened.

A little backstory:  Apparently the Washington State Infectious Disease and County people flat out bought an old Econ-Lodge in the suburb of Kent, right outside of Seattle.  It’s an 84 room raggedy-looking place that looks more like a joint you’d get a “room by the hour” if you dig me… Dunno who or what kickbacks were going, but they did it and handed it to the Mayor and the town as a whole as a fait acompli.  Didn’t ask nor notify… they just done up and set it up.

At which point they (the townfolks) sorta got pissy… NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) so to speak.

The Chief as I recall from one of the stories was all like “We don’t have the right to force people to stay.”  And apparently this fucker decided he wasn’t going to.

Captured on security cam as he rolls out.  And from what I can see, guess the race.

He then went fuckin shoplifting according to reports and rode on a public bus to assist in his apparent thievery.

Now the good news is they tested his ass ASAFP, and he came up clean (with the exception of being a piece of shit).

The reality is tho, there, as of now, is no way to stop people from doing what they want, when they want.

God Bless America AND our Freedoms.  However… those very same freedoms is why we’re going to have our asses handed to us by this bug methinks.  I mean it’s MY opinion, but seeings –no one- knows what the real numbers are, we ain’t got a hope in hell as to How this Shit will really play out.

I mean China lied, Italy is a goatrope, Spain has no clue… I mean for fucks sakes, the socialist Government of Spain had a “Hug a Chinaman to Fight Racism” in Madrid… what was it?  Oh yeah… 2 1/2 – 3 weeks ago…  and as of yesterday, the numbers in Madrid fuckin exploded!!!
Well played socialists…  God… fucking morons.

Other Data Points Gathered Today:

1) Talked to the Neighbor, 84 yr old Lady… really nice… hope she doesn’t cash but she’s kinda clueless.  She ‘took advantage’ of the ‘sale’ that Carnival Cruises was offering and she WAS going to go on a cruise to Cozumel next weekend.  (Queue me doing the “Picard Facepalm”)

  Apparently today, Carnival is suspending operations, and her shit is now on hold, leastways for the next 30 days.

2) Nice Old Lady’s son showed up during the discussion.  Apparently the “Horde Mentality” has finally showed up here in the West Florida A.O.  He was in Wally World, which was out of toilet paper, when a truckload came in and some moron announced it over the PA!!!!  Queue frenzied lunatics fighting over asswipe.  Like real hand-to-hand shit.  So, game set and match on THAT load o’buttwipe.  Me n Sapper got a couple of bricks a few weeks ago in planning this, so we be good.

3) Cool Serbian Neighbors are prepping their RV to head to the Hinterlands.  Destination: Unknown.  Both people, Husband and wife, survived the Yugo-War and are true survivors. They got three kids, all really good people.  I fuckin LOVE the Serbs man… The Dude was in a militia from what I can tell ‘back in the day’… he’s got the right tattoos and hes Ultra-Orthodox Christian.  When I talked to him about his tats, he kinda got freaked out.  When I was active duty I did the Bosnia-thing and we had a brief on what to look for on Militia guys… he’s got them all.  I always tease him that he’s a “Walking War Crime” but I’m only fuckin with him… all his kills were Muj, and I’m -great- with that LOL.  But for them to be setting up to hat up and unass the A.O. sez they’re expecting weirdness.

So thats the summation for the day.  The Count for today hasn’t changed, and the other shit seems to be rolling OK, so until later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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