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Early Oh-Dark-Motherfuckin’ Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes
Yet again, proven -elusive- the Sleep it has been…
First, Todays Phoneybaloney Doublebad Unplusgood Badthink Numerical Roundup:

As of February 6, 2020 @ 0600
Infected: 28634
Dead/KIA: 565
Make of it what you will.
So anyways

This non-starter sleep shit… three days in a row, and three catastrophic fails of the meds and last night med/booze combo.  Shot down about 8-9 shots of Iced Finlandia (the BC Go-To) for strictly -ahem- medicinal purposes.  Then followed up with 10 milligrams of ‘nite-nite’… I crashed hard but woke the fuck up w/the Old Lady (no idea why she was up too…) but we’ve both been getting up ‘on alert’ lately.  Not fun in either of our books.


Got my first ‘confirmation’ of a sort from a guy that Beans pointed out to me.  Seems this guy who heard from a guy who’s ‘on the ground’ in Wuhan said they’re doing “open-pit mongolian bbq” (thanks Beans that actually made me LMAO).  Dude’s Blog HERE  Apparently this’s probably at least a “7” on the ten scale of Confirmation.
Also, I found another Website, with a quicker turnaround (24 hour as opposed to 48) on data feed.
Click to Enbiggen
FYI, Thats Wuhan China above, and the red-dots are fires burning hot enough to register on the Satellite.  It’s pretty damned neat how much ‘real-time’ intel can be gathered online.  No wonder the Intel Agencies have bicarb being shipped to them by the connex load on a regular basis.
Judging from the pics I found from a week and a half ago, and the new intel here, along with a semi-confirmation from the Dude, I’d say uh, yeah…. shit’s real.  Fires are all -outside- of town, in areas that are (were) just open fields… I realize that the ‘hotspots’ might be ‘off’ distance-wise… even the software wonks say that, BUT lets face it, you don’t build huge blazing corpse pits in the middle’o’downtown.  Not when you got Army Dudes to do the heavy lifting and dump trucks to haul the carcii out of the A.O.  Not only that but eventually, yer gonna want to reclaim those abandoned properties.  One thing Joe Chink is good at is reproducing their population… they’ve been wiped down how many fucking times in the past?  Fuckers breed like rabbits.
Which Brings Us To Todays Phoneybaloney Doublebad Unplusgood Badthink Numerical Roundup.  Ye Gods Joe Chink is still acting as if these numbers are the real deal.  I did notice one thing that -no one- seems to have hit on yet, and that the number of ‘leakers’ i.e. Bloggers, Vloggers and general intel from unofficial sources has dried the fuck up.

To me, that sez more than anything.  Leadership Joe Chink must have curbstomped the local ‘Net and/or/is shooting motherfuckers or something.   Vidya is scarce as opposed to a week ago, pictures as well.  No more pleas for help.  Methinks its a bad scene there, one that -might- be hitting these shores after a while.
Also… Much like Ringo’s Dark Tide series, seems a Cruise Liner is now quarantined after 10 folks got the CoronaChan.  Now, the -interesting- slash -scary part- of this is that they said that some codger was on that particular boat for a 6 day cruise.  AFTER THE CRUISE They found out he was sick/infected the whole time he was on the boat.  Now, dig it:  This means Old Joe Chink went on the cruise asymptomatic.  He was on the boat for 6 days.  He left the cruise and was THEN diagnosed with active Chan!  That means the group he was on the boat with (3200 people) ALL left the boat after being in contact with him.  Now, I dunno if it was a NEW group that went on board, but in my experience, (one cruise done, never again) a Cruise ship docks after 6-7 days, unloads everybody and takes on a whole new passenger group.

What I’m getting at is the 10 jokers who’re now sick didn’t have contact with Old Joe.
They did, however, have contact with the ship/areas that he sneezed on, coughed on or touched in general!!!!!

Broken Protocol there.  See, unless they have a NoroVirus, they generally just do a quick ‘wipe n’swipe’ to get the boat ready for the next group of people.  We have a pretty good size cruise ship dock in Tampa, and the last time they had a NoroVirus come thru, man, Carnival was pissed.  The boat was docked for like a week and a half and you could see the guys in hazmat suits hosing down every inch of it at a distance with industrial strength disinfectant.  Thats what they should have done with this boat… 
But they didn’t.
Now they got a group of 10 out of 3200 trapped on a boat.  IF this doesn’t go full retard (methinks it’s doing that now BTW IMO) then Japan-Carnival is FUCKED on the lawsuits methinks.  “Failure to clean Da Boat” ain’t gonna play well.
So, More later, gotta walk the doogie.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Cruise liners aim to turn and burn in 4-6 hours.

    That's remove everything that's leaving the ship, from passengers and their stuff to crew to garbage to broken equipment to, well, everything. Like most of the cutlery and china (loaded on big racks and just rolled off when gotten to dock. No, really, goes to a big cleaning facility and cleaned and recounted and restocked for next time.)

    Then everything gets reset. The rooms, beds cleaned, made, linens restocked, everything. All the interior is quick-cleaned, painted and fixed, vacuumed. All stocks are restocked, from toiletries to the food to the stores (where people buy stuffs) to the ship's stores (where stuff for ship to use is kept.) Basic to pretty high level maintenance is done, repairs are made, rust is chipped and painted, things are fixed. Software for both the public and for the ship is upgraded and tested. New nav charts loaded. Potable water, fuel, oils, filters, gaskets, everything that was pre-ordered to be ready to be loaded, including a/c units, stoves, refrigerators…

    Then the new crew and luggage, the passengers and their luggage, and any late arriving things like flowers are all loaded at the last minute while the last of the reset stuff is quickly put away or taken back to the dock.

    4-6 hours. Miami and Canaveral try for 3-4. Turn and burn. Money is only made once the ships get into international waters and the liquor can flow and the on-board casinos open up. Because booze and gambling are where the bank is made.

    What about air-liners? Those flying pest-holes only get a cursory wipe and vacuum. Turn and burn is measured in minutes, not hours. The only time those hell-holes are ever really cleaned is when they go to depot for maintenance. Then all the seats are removed and new, clean ones are installed, carpet is changed, the interior is disinfected, the air circulatory system is flushed, cleaned, and reset.

    So… anything, anything that can survive in the environment without actively being transmitted host-to-host, will survive for however long it remains… active. HIV only lives in a very narrow temp and humidity range. Corona-Chan? Who knows.

    What we do know is it is transmittable pert-near as soon as it starts reproducing in the host's body, before it becomes symptomatic. Which is 10-14 days before fevers and coughing and end-of-days begins. And we don't know how long it can last in the environment, or what temperature and humidity ranges it can survive in.

    If it's fucking ComChina this bad, during winter, where, admittedly everyone is crammed in with everyone else, then what about spring or summer, where it's much warmer and wetter and everyone is crammed in with everyone else and they do more traveling?

    You're far safer driving across country and eating at Cracker Barrel and stopping at all the truck stops with all the lot-lizards than you are going on a cruise or definitely going on an airliner. But don't take a bus or the train…

    As to all the undocumented media in ComChina going dark, well, either they're suffering from terminal lead poisoning or they've been 'voluntold' to help with body disposal without any PPE.

    Glad I could make you laugh about open pit mongolian bbqs. Ya either laugh, or ya cry, or ya run down the street nekkid screaming…

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