This’s Getting Old Quickly

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

So it continues.

The Mango Messiah A.K.A. “Orange Man Bad” apparently keeps talking so much shit, –just once- I’d like him to do what he said he’s gonna do.  The “Platinum New New Nigger Lotto” appears to have been pulled straight out of Al “I ain’t paid no taxes” Sharpton’s personal wish list.  Fuckin’ Trump apparently signed off or is planning on signing off on some new ‘fuck you whitey’ monies tot he Nigs of the US to the tune of almost $12,500.00 per nig, nog, and sprog in the entire FUSA.
You read that right. $12,500.00 per fucking person
So long as said-person is heavily melinated.
Otherwise, keep payin’ taxes whitey, we can’t bribe these niggers without you.
Five Hunnerd BILLION dollars.
Make lynching illegal. Thought that killin’ motherfuckers was already illegal… if it ain’t, the rest of us best get busy… I got a list off motherfuckers that need to swing before this new law takes effect…
Declare the Klan a ‘terrorist organization’… That’s gonna piss off all them feds who make up 98.8% of the membership these days LOL.
I mean really?
When is BLM and AntiFa gonna get declared… oh… yeah… right… they are from the goobermint, and they’re here to help.  Just as ISIS was created, funded and assisted by Barry “Fuckwit JugEars the Goat Fucker” Obamanation and his CIA, the AntiFa kids I think are created, funded and assisted by the FBI…
Think about it… just how in the hell are they getting away with what they have?

Simple.  They’re bought, paid for, financed, given political cover, and generally run by the Feds.
It makes sense.  Wouldn’t doubt if the whole fucking operation is being run out of Sheboygan or some out-of-the-way Federal Office, complete with plausible deniability if everything goes sideways.  
Not that anyone is ever gonna be prosecuted.  For anything.  Ever.
I mean as we’ve seen, Durham and Barr are doing the cover for them all day long and ain’t doing shit.  Thing that pisses me off is, How do I get a sweet sweet gig where I can break the law and no one does anything about it?
I’d like -in- on that action.  Even the Mob doesn’t get that level of protection.
Nor can they even offer it…
Gotti is rollin’ in his grave… he should have run for office…

Yeah, that as me as a kid…

No Joke.  They actually called up the parental units when I started reading Soldier of Fortune (circa 1979) when it was a real Merc-Mag…  I was twisted at a very young age… I’m just more skilled now.
That and thank God for Amazon…

New project on deck…

Stay Tuned!
Until Later. I Remain The Intrepid Reporter (now 2 weeks sober almost)
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


    1. Yeah, the $500Bil is in the form of loans to help the po' disenfranchised black folk (and only black folk) that own bidnetheth.

      Cuz everyone knows blacks are good with finances and pay back loans quickly, build city-centers into economic powerhouses if they just get dem gibs, and this program will be a success when every other program like it has failed because racisms.

      Wonder who the bankers are that will give out these loans like Halloween candy, then end up with all the barbershops and rim stores in the end?

  1. I used to take gun magazines to high school to read in study hall. I once got questioned about about a book cover that was black with simulated bulletholes entitled 006 and 7/8. The teacher told me to put it away and pull out the text book and would not believe me until she looked at it. this was in the late 1960's or early 1970's.

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