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OK me Droogs n Droogettes

I’m flat out getting worn the fuck out.  I know y’all are too.  Think I need a break from the intel flo, and thankfully the granbebe is coming for the weekend.  This’s a -good thing- as I can use the refreshing innocence of a two year old to get thru the current chain of events.
Or is it?
We’re seeing a full on end-run of the communist ideal being tried.  The famed ‘reds’ of times gone by are actually making headway here in the US, and no one is calling them out.  There was a comic strip by Berk Breathed back in the day call “Bloom County” and there’s a strip (among many) that sticks in my mind to this day… It showed the “Bloom County Beacon”.. the ersatz newspaper of the said-fictional County having a meeting of the editorial board, in which one editor is talking to another with a dialog (and forgive the inaccuracy… it’s been 30 + years)  of them talking thusly:
Editor #1: “Our brothers are making great inroads undermining democracy through our articles!”
Editor #2: “Great Job! I’ll inform Moscow!”
Couple of years later, and it seems less comical as much as it is prophetic.
Pinoche was a man ahead of his time.
Might be nigh time to roll that way.
They’re quickly wearing out their welcome as a whole.  I’ve unfriended many folks on the Fuckbook recently… anyone who’s condoning/encouraging/believing in ANY of this shit is a fucktard, and the herd is getting thinned because of it.  I’m NOT posting anything, as it’s to invite backlash.
Hell today at the job (recently reinstated) we had a FULL HOUR of ‘training’ where some fucking H.R. sloot lectured us about ‘muh diversity’ and yadda yadda and fucking yadda.  Didn’t help that she singled me out for my own ‘personal minute of self-flagellation’ to whit I told her… “Nope, I got no issues, I ain’t supporting anything, mainly because I saw the result of self segregation, and ethnic/religious cleansing up close and personal in Iraq,so no, I don’t subscribe, follow, nor would I participate any longer as I’ve see where it leads.”  I also insured I mentioned that the whole discussion was ‘triggering me’ and my PTSD, and, if possible, “would it be OK for me to punch out, as this’s making me uncomfortable.”
That was an hour and a half of free time for me….
Fucking busybodies have no clue.
Dumb females with useless HR degrees, driving the company into the fucking ground and then wonder upon wonders ask “Why?”
And, ostensibly, to them, “Well it must be the Cis-Male Patriarchy and Racism!!!”
Ever think its that we have to watch ads 24-7 of niggers ‘supposedly’ married to either attractive white males and/or (more commonly) white females with dirt-blend kids in our ads?  The very fact that the blacks make up a grand sum total of 13% of our population and they make it seem like they’re God’s gift to us?  Fuck off, Fuck you, and unfortunately Fuck me.
Primarily because, despite the CivNats, the WhiteNats and even the rest of them, no amounts of Boycotts, refusal of service and other shit is going to matter, as it’s –soaked– into the complete mainstream.
Ain’t no avoiding it.  I bailed on Gillette, despite them having a superior product, and they DID take a hit financially… however, lets face it… they make a better razor/cream and unfortunately, they ain’t gonna stop until someone burns the factory down with the specific message that the reason for it is their continual shafting and papering of miscegenation.   
The time for boycotts is over.  I’m going to just sit back until it becomes a moment of “Intolerable Acts” like the revolutionary war folks complained about, then it’s game-the-fuck on.
Otherwise, unless its a MASSIVE and CONCERTED effort, anything else isn’t going to hurt the leviathan.
All these assholes claiming voting counts, boycotts, yadda yadda…
Fuck no… ain’t helping.  Hashtag #whitestrike looks like it was set up and done on twitter to get the retards to join in, and thereby identify themselves to the mob.  As dude said, “be the grey man” and “avoid crowds” and mine?  “run silent, run deep, but take notes.”
More later on, may miss a day what with miss 24-7 two year old on hand, but I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Massive overreach always invites massive backlash. The pendulum swings two ways. Like you, I am sitting back and watching.

  2. I've been thinking along the same lines. I think the time has come to rig for silent running. Keep them wondering, keep them guessing, give them nothing.
    A false flare every now and then will keep them pissing their pants.

  3. I am Also sitting back watching and waiting. When the pendulum starts swinging back to the center. It will be time to roll and start with the white Libtard instigators. Once the head of the snake is gone the body will die. The media thinks their Ivory tower in invulnerable but it is a trap if we play it right. If it starts to roll No Prisoners

    1. Prisoners? Prisoners, we don't need no stinking prisoners. A dead commie is a good commie, so it goes, a dead liberal is a good liberal.

  4. Wise words, my friend. I'm of the belief that these asshats are Democrats getting other groups of Democrats fired up into a frenzy to destroy Democrat cities while Democrat cops and politicians look on. They're destroying their own shit. Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

  5. The roach party has a plan. Really, they do, and it goes something like this.
    1) Destroy all major D cities to the point they are bankrupt (states too).
    2) Demand bailout from the Fedgov
    3) Demand and implement institutional mail fraud
    4) Get rid of orange man by this method.
    5) D presidency will roll over and hand the treasury over to D states.
    In their delusional perfect world utopia, this will work and all the R (sane) states and cities will have no choice but to absorb the taxation explosion.

    Reality – likely a landslide R vote and no bailouts, seeing that mail in ballot fraud will not be implemented nationally.

    If it is implemented in some regions, then the vote counting and cross checking against rolls has to be automatic and done with armed guards and video live stream such that everyone can see and record it.

    D cities will explode in violence financed by Soros/Chicoms using all those Obama era munitions and weapons stores that mysteriously end up in antifa hands – requiring armed intervention by the NG at which point this becomes a CW II clusterf*ck.

    I only pray that the margin of landslide so far exceeds the margin of fraud as to make D resistance fizzle. T minus 133 days and counting.

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