This’s Gonna be a HOOT!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Many thanks for all the well-wishes on GranBebe#2. We -think- she’s out of the woods, but tough call.  Little-to-no comms makes it hard to tell, and the only stuff we get are from the third parties that’ve been tracking and updating us…
So, as to tonight?

Slo Xio-Bi-Den, current pResident s going to give a presser.
His first Presser.  After how fucking long?  Even with a totally in-the-bag Ministry of Propaganda is gonna have a tough time if he slips the leash.  Which makes me wonder just how Amped are the going to have him?  He’s going to need to be juiced to the gill to be able to perform, both ear’ll be stuffed with microphones feeding him his lines, and in all probability, a shock collar under his suit, around his neck I’d wager.

It has the potential makings of hysterical shytte show if’n he goes off the rails.

However, I fully expect his to announce absolute garbage Executive Orders regarding gun control.  I got that ‘feeling’ and I’ve lern’t long ago to trust this.  I’d say it’ll be an immediate ban of any and all ‘assault rifles’ with a call for turn-in-or-be-prosecuted as well as a ban on anything holding more than ten rounds, with a tax on existing weapons and mags.

Queue potential Civil War in 3…2…1…

I mean I highly doubt it’ll fly.  I mean they’ll pass the law, but it’s quickly going to become irrelevant.  Much like the ban in Commieneticut… ‘register’ what?  I lost all my guns in a tragic boat accident.  

As well as all the rest of y’all.

So, Update now, GranBebe#2 is being transported to a much larger facility, that specializes in Pediatric stuff.  Apparently the local CASH couldn’t drain the pus?  Ugh.  

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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