Told Ya and Possible Mayhem?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well that didn’t take long.  Seems these cases were released by the local county mounties who didn’t feel the need to keep their mouths shut vis-a-vis the “Xtra-Rapey” nature of our soon-to-be-Democratic Voaters/”Guests”

The latest outrage, leastways it would be an outrage IF the Ministry of Propaganda were to deign itself able to cover such stories, it would seem besides the attempted Gang-Rape by the “Guests” at Fort Sill, it seems that at Fort McCoy, two of the “Guests” are now in the county lockup.

The story can be found at American Greatness HERE:  Seems one of these lovely folks is charged with al least three counts of sexual assault (probably rape) of a minor.  The other?  Beating and choking the shit out of his wife.  That one, meh.  That’s what they do.  The only saving grace here is that the child-rapist ain’t going to last none too long.  Got me a hunch the cons in county are bidding on who gets to shank him, if not the guards theyselves.  

I know if -I- was a guard there, that dood would be having multiple incidents of ‘falling in the shower’ and ‘down ten flights of stairs’ until he learned to be a good hajji i.e. fucking dead.  Now also, according to the article, they overall intend, they being The Orifice of the (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den’s “administration”, to “settle” a 100,000 of these “culturally enriching individuals” nationwide.

Now, not for nothing, but man, considering the DotMil, at the odors (intentional spelling) of the aforementioned DotGov pre-emptively droned an innocent fambly in Affy.  So, by the pretzel logic of Clownworld, I’d think that somewhere, there’s some (((lawyer))) who’s money hungry enough to defend a pre-emptive strike on the Military Age Rapey-McRape Monsters that’ll be shortly arriving in the various Areas of Operations nationally.  

As in when the Greyhound drops them off, say, a rando-drive by hoses them down.  Or the Lutheran Mission Relocation Center were to ‘suddenly and unexpectedly burn to the ground’ or the houses of the people facilitating these invasions were to ALSO be burned to the ground in the middle of the night… cars tires slashed, the like.  Not that I’d ever promote such devious and malicious acts, however, going by OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS ACTIONS, I got a hunch that someone, somewhere there might be some pipehitters who don’t cotton to these mooks being forcibly inserted into the peace and quiet of Smalltown USA.  That’ll be interesting

Especially since now?  Seems the SEALs have decided to call it a day on the Notavaxx.  So, THAT is going to get reely reelz really quick.  Word -I- got from some of my sources (those that are left) that some of the Teams… like the entire team told the Chain of Command to fuck off and die in a fire on that shit.  As in whole groups of Shooters and Looters have decided to walk off the job.  Some of them, word is are going to go private.  Add on the what now seems like the The Orifice of the (p)Resident, wants any and all folks who’re not getting the Notavaxx a dishonorable discharge.

Hoo Boy

A fucking D.D.?  Oh man, now that is a line that they don’t seem to understand what that means.  A D.D. means like zero post-military bennies, in fact it’s like getting a felony on the record.  In fact it’s worse than a felony.  They fucking lose all veterans’ benefits, and are forbidden from owning a firearm, working for the government and taking out bank loans. Often, they also lose the right to vote and accept federal assistance as a civilian.  

Ab-so-loot-lee God-damned Brilliant!

This has to be the stupidest fucking plan EVER implemented by ANY and ALL DotGov and DotMil in history.  I mean Holy. Fucking. Shit.  Not only are they going to purely gut the Special Operations Community, but then after busting their asses loyally, doing the dirtiest of deed for them, to not only cashier them all, but also essentially fuck them in the ass (with ground glass and sand, sans lube) on the way out the door in the form of “criminalizing them”.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.  That’ll work.  I’m sure that they’ll take that news with a calm, measured response.  Well, actually, the few SEALs I’ve interacted with?  On a good day they tend to be the sleepy-eyed bored looking dude at the back of the room, who’s usually calculating how much effort it’ll take to kill every one in the aforementioned room.  So, yeah, it’ll be calm and measured.  But NOT in the way I think these idiots think it’ll happen.  Just short of locking the SEALs up, we’re talking for real no-shit trained unmerciful killers.  

And by literally criminalizing “freedom of choice” and “my body, my choice” in DIRECT violation of the Nurnberg codes, whelp, In my fictional world, three SEAL Teams in concert could wreak absolute havoc in an incredibly short period of time.  Hell, a Direct Assault of the Capitol by one Team, killing as they go, and the Senate and congress hit simultaneously by another Team?  Or even a simple “decapitation strike” on the White House?  I mean these guys?  The “regular fuzz” to include even the Secret Service are not prepared to do anything other than to become “good Feds” i.e. dead as doornails IF the SEALs decide to turn them into “good Feds”.  Literally there ain’t no “quit” in them.  I could realistically see it.
If anything, IF the SEALs went “full retard” I could literally visualize the cops, standing on the stairs of the Capitol Building listening to the gunshots, screams, grunts, explosions, and not doing a fucking thing.  Like standing there, waiting.  Watching torrents of blood run in rivers down the marble stairs and saying to each other “I ain’t paid near the fuck enough to go in there for anything.”  and waiting for the noise to die down.  Then, as the noise tapers and stops, a platoon sized element of blood soaked warriors walk out the door, covered in gore, gobbets of flesh, weapons shouldered and smoking, and look at the cops and the leader says something: “Don’t make us come back…” and walks off, unmolested.

When the first cop finally braves the carnage, he walks into the main rotunda of the Capitol, and finds in grim presentation, every. single. head. of most, if not all Congresscritters and Senators, various aids and hangers-on, all mounted on whatever stake that could be improvised… bodies, torn asunder, stacked allll over the sides of the room… blood ankle deep.  The media, suitably subdued after the CNN Atlanta building is subjected to the same treatment, refer to it as “The Great Cleansing” while most call it “The Harvest of 500 Heads”.  The Purge 202(?) indeed.

It’s make a great movie, that’s for sure, IF it wasn’t fucking Clownworld.

Shit like this underlines the complete and utter disconnect between the fucktards in the Orifice of the (p)Resident and the Perfumed Fat Fake and Gay Bejazzled Bemedaled Manginas in the Puzzle Palace from real fucking life.  What the fuck do they think these are going to do?  Roll over?  


Completely and utterly clueless.
This’s gonna be fun.
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


    1. edit – Reminds me of the classic essay by Bracken about the possible response to rioting. BRACKEN: WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS – HOW AMERICA’S CITIES MAY EXPLODE IN VIOLENCE -

  1. You sounded like Col. Trautman when you spoke of the seals:

    “You don’t seem to want to accept the fact you’re dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare, with a man who’s the best–with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who’s been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke. In Vietnam his job was to dispose of enemy personnel. To kill! Period! Win by attrition. Well, Rambo was the best.”

    I’d add to your post above, in my best Trautman voice: “Mr. Congressman, you’re only alive because the dishonorable discharged haven’t got to you. Yet.”

  2. Ya ever think about dippin yer toe into romance novels BC? Ya got a knack fer it! I know I got a warm fuzzy reading this! *beep beep beep* Oops gotta go, popcorn is done!

  3. I think ex-special forces would do a whole lot better to disappear, settle down into podunk towns all across the US where they can find sympathetic civilians, and then begin training irregulars in the art of guerilla warfare. That would go a long way to ensuring that the federal government can never gain a firm foothold anywhere outside of DC. Surveillance and counter-surveillance are two of the big things that people need to learn, and both are something that I think ex-SEALS would excel at training people to perform.

  4. I don’t know any modern SEALs personally. However in casual happenstance I imagine the D.D. will be avoided without taking the jab if so desired. Simple solutions such as scheduling issues, expired vaccine, absence of qualified person to administer the clot shot. Most likely they will have their black budget supply provide them with a Super Secret Shot only for the most elite. (Saline with a paper trail). That particular group is selected for not being independent because they simply cannot be allowed to go rouge or they would already have their own nation. Instead they get to pick great spots in Arlington. They also know that at any time their helicopter is going to be presented for an RPG in the back door but still go to work. They aren’t going to do shit in an organized matter to anyone in power because it’s not in their nature.

    The guys that got cocaine into this country on an industrial scale are a different story. Those guys are selfserving and used to the possibility of going under the bus. Even when they do great things no one can praise them. Those guys are where the pushback turns to blood.

    ^ All of that is speculation. ^

    I bumped into this “Police 1” Facebook post after hundreds of years of Bravo Mark getting hunted they have never studied small unit tactics. They instinctively recognized the police as a roll up ambush and did a bit of counter ambush getting out of the X while returning fire but that’s it. I couldn’t help but think of these cops rolling up on some Afghan guys hanging out complaining about the quality of the Hash here, and the absence of goat love when the brave “Sheepdogs” roll up thinking they can just jump some arrests and they get truly counter ambush, close/flank and kill the cops all while wondering “who the fuck are these idiots?” Again however I don’t know Jack shit and would like your input.

    1. Sure would be a shame if the post clinic or the medical supply storage accidentally burned down. I’m surprised they don’t work out an alternate deal, like bribing the orderlies to vaccinate the trash can, instead of them, in exchange for guns, explosives, beer, sapi plates, assault boats, etc.

  5. Every service man (woman) should request a court martial if they are threatened with a a dishonorable discharge.
    The military MUST institute a court martial under military law as it is the right of every service member. Imagine a half million court martials all at once. Might take the fun out of mandates.

  6. Makes my sometimes-juvenile sense of humor wonder: what would be ‘unlawful odors’?
    Pickled-egg-and-tequila farts?

  7. Nobody is going to do jack shit. They are going private. They don’t give a fuck about anything but money. The sooner you fucks wake up and realize the saying “nobody is coming to save you” means NOBODY the better off you will be.

    1. “Nobody is going to do jack shit.” That is quite a big assumption; especially since that particular ‘group’ of folks is in most ways some of the most patriotic I’ve ever known. That said, I am fairly confident in stating that most here don’t expect anyone to ‘rescue’ them, we’ve got other options.

      1. Some folks just can’t get a firm grip on reality either.
        I hope your other option isn’t praying. Then again, stupidity is a self curing problem.

        1. brother, I do pray; and as we’ve talked before, my ‘experiences’ were close to yours in location and etc. – mine just a few years earlier is all. I won’t detail my option list online of course, I will say that provocation will have a kinetic, hostile response. Stay strong, Devil Dog, Semper Fidelis.

          1. Understood.
            But the number of people standing around with their thumbs up their asses waiting for St. Donald to come rescue them is mind numbing,
            And it’s especially rampant among the Xtian crowd. Praying for deliverance from someone who sold them out. I know many of that group that won’t listen to reason.

  8. “The harvest of 500 heads”

    This should be a pay-per-view event… and it would be THE highest rated show in television history.

  9. This nation is inhabited by mostly normies, all of whom are afraid of getting in trouble, (refer to my past irs comments.)
    Monkeywrenching is outside their spectrum of thinking, and unless you’ve actually spent time in the SF community, launched from a sub in freezing waters or crawled in muddy ditches at 3am after a 5 mile swim, it’s all a giant masturbation fantasy for couch potatoes.
    Go back to your video games, nobody has it in them to fight. Are there even 1/100 actual ground pounders out there???
    The youngsters seem too full of apathy these days, and at 67 I’m too old to do this shit again.

    1. No, you’re NOT. Least I’m not.
      But hey, sit at your keyboard and write shit. If you think that the “youngsters” are apathetic then you’re either running in the wrong circles or not influencing them properly.

  10. I like the idea of “Force Multipliers” it’s the main mission of SF. Forget the normies they are useless, however, with the last 20 years of combat , I’m sure the could pick up some strap hangers.

  11. I’ve long believed that one of the best things about the govt having SEAL Teams is that it gives a couple thousand seriously devious and dangerous persons a nice gubmint job where they can be kept bunched up and under close supervision during their highest testosterone years. Giving those boys DDs on the way out, making them into bitter enemies, is not a smart move, unless the real FUSA motive is to kick off the kinetic phase.

    Also, I just made these memes. One shows “just plastic bullets” used in Oz, which is the beta-test for America. The other shows the consequences of the gubbmint leading the invasion of the USA. Now just imagine all of the extremely pissed off special operators (not just SEALs by any stretch) about to be turned into enemies of the FUSA’s communist shot-callers behind the Biden mannequin.

    1. I.don’t know any current NavySEALS, but my grand dad was one in a manner in that he was a UDT in the SoPac during the War. And my impression from what he said was that a big part of the culture was loyalty to each other.
      So I ask, if a third or a quarter of the SEALS are given DDs, doesn’t that make the rest of them bitter enemies toward the usurper and the rest of the Junta as well. And if shit goes kinetic aren’t at least a few of the ones who had the injection going to be tossing spanners into the works from the inside?

  12. Way too serious down mood in some of these comments. The worldwide elitist shit show is entering catastrophic harmonic falure. The chicoms are bailing their own real estate front out, think on that. Western civilization is in the middle of economic sabotage and a pharmaceutical company bioweapon attack from our own governments. Wholesale ethnic war and genocide are near final outbreak stage thanks to those same governments. It will go full retard soon enough, someone/s will decide why not. Then we all get to decide what we are and will be. I would appreciate any pros out there working to the same/similar ends but I learned long ago to work with what I’ve got. Just waiting for the starting gun.

  13. Question. don’t they have to courts martial someone to give them a dishonorable discharge? I understand that the modern JAG is rife with Marxist infiltrators, but the logistical burdens and the risk that the courts won’t convict would be a large obstacle to mass dishonorable discharges.
    Also although I’m not opposed to such treatment of Congress in general, please don’t do Rand Paul like that.

      1. True-True. I’ve heard in the past a lot of folks were able to reverse chapters after being out, but I have not heard of someone reversing a DD. I wonder if it’s possible to challenge and get it reduced to OTH?

  14. I’m with the guy that said no one is going to do jack-dookey. The US is addicted to material comforts and the deprivations of combat are not on anyone’s drop-down menu. Those Ex-SEALS will use their skills as highly paid security for corporations or drug lords. However reading WRSA is a gas and the best entertainment around!

  15. I’m noticing some interesting things where I’m located. My work instituted mandatory vaxx unless you take advantage of the 2 optional loopholes of religion or medical exemptions. I just heard yesterday anyone who files a religious exemption is having their letters torn apart by a team of lawyers and denied. The suspicion on we uninformed’s parts is the applicants wrote too much logical fact-based stuff when we all know religion is inherently illogical. I was about to drop a 9 page letter explaining my philosophical, ethical, and religious objections, complete with detailed citations, news and scientific reports, etc but that quickly got me to re-write it to a 1 page letter essentially stating God told me not to get it because it’s bad. Can’t argue with that-all the facts, logical, citations, etc are gone.
    But I didn’t file that because my medical objection has been working, but in an unintended fashion. According to the note I got from my doc, I have medical issues that prevent me from getting the shot. They seem to be taking that seriously, but HR appears to be considering alternate jobs for me that let me online from home (my current job is very in-person). My suspicion, and it’s just a guess, because the process is opaque and kept mysterious on purpose, is they’re unable to fire people with medical issues, because it’s like punishing a person for being handicapped and, I assume, runs them head-on into conflict with Americans with Disabilities Act, which would open them up to lawsuits.

    I don’t want to telework, but I want unemployment even less. And if they maintain my current salary, it might be worth it to hang out with my kid during the day, even if I’m not doing my regular job.

    My buddy out west is dealing with the same problem I am- his job is threatening to fire him if he doesn’t get vaxxed. I told him all this, telling him to find a doc, find a medical issue that prevents vax, and get a note attesting to it, file that note, and see what happens, because it’s hard to oppose ADA and win. At the very least, it might buy him time to find his next landing spot.

    If anyone else is in the same quandary, I’m no expert, but you might benefit from this info. You might want to discover your crippling allergies to vax ingredients or your super-hardcore eczema or whatever it is that makes you unvaxxable or else give them only the craziest most illogical religious explanation “the snakes we handle every week told me not to!”, because a logical fact-based objection will be torn up by “experts.”

    1. Under the bill of rights freedoms are granted to the individual not as a member of a group.
      Therefore according to the first Amendment religious beliefs are a personal belief system and not based upon a person’s denomination. It is virtually impossible to determine what individual belief system a person has. And
      this is one of those instances where they are going to can you if you do nothIng. So toss a spanner into their gears. If they deny your application for a religious waiver file a criminal complaint of religious discrimination with both your state and the federal office of civil rights, toss in a threat to file a civil rico suit against them for engaging in pattern of discrimination

      1. I agree with you, but the mainstream assumes only big established religious entities count. So I’ve seen libtards arguing the shot is supported by the Catholics, Muslims, Evangelicals, etc, so no religious opposition is valid.
        So if you ever get in a discussion about it, they’ll just throw it in your face the Pope says Get Vaxxed and they say it’s OK the shots were made using aborted fetal cells, because the babies were aborted in the 70s and somehow time + distance equals no sin.

  16. There is, as usual, lot’s of speculation of what X will do if YZ do such and so on. I’ve no doubts of the capabilities of X and all the rest of the highly trained killers to do the job they’ve learned. What a lot of people fail to remember is what the civilians are capable of, and how they transition from tame to unmitigated brutality in about as long as it takes for them to get hungry. But no one of course really knows what will happen, or how it will play out, when IT happens. IT will be more terrible than our imaginings, and most will try to shrink from IT. Just train like you gotta train, prepare like you know how to prepare, and keep and eye on the local sitrep. BCE has got a pretty good trace on it, and even he knows that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Keep it light, me buckos, and avoid the circular firing squad. We got plenty opposition already mon, we don’t need more.

  17. it is always a thought exercise for those of us who work, think, and act with knowledgeable restraint. Even on these forums, we may agree on some, and disagree on others – because we think. Rest assured, at the ‘action level’ of those who mean to subjugate us, there is no such concern. They will do whatever they deem necessary – and then take it further. Our thoughts of consequences of our actions, reactions and outcomes; do not give ‘them’ pause, even for a moment. Become resolute in your intent. As SF321 says, the normie won’t do jack, and neither will the Xers for the most part. But I’ve raised three strong sons and a daughter – all millenials – and they are cut from the same cloth as papa. They and their friends have been strongly influenced by some ol’ crazy bastard who’s been to war, and tells them the truth. As a brother has said – normies are still comfy… until they feel pain and discomfort, they won’t do anything. And by the time they do hurt, they will be in the way more than most.
    So, my brother Marine, yes we are old and none of us wants to do all that shit again. Which sucks, since the duty falls to us. And the fact that we all made a promise to each other, that supercedes every other one… “I’ve got you, brother, side by side or back to back, to Valhalla”. It is that brotherhood, and the skills from the crucible of combat, of us crazy ol’ bastards, that will once more serve each other in the trainwreck-dumpster fire-shitshow of the next few months.
    “…be it Heaven or hell, the Christmas we get – we deserve.”

  18. family member handles Minute man III and PK stages at Hill AFB. All but one member of that team is saying NO! we won’t take your poison jab. Said 30% or more of all personnel on base are saying no.

  19. I am envisioning COL Kurtz: “Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies!”

  20. The last line of this essay was redacted:

    “…And then I woke up.”

    Seriously? and written in full view of reading federal eyes. Expect more Domestic Terror Alerts in the days ahead.

    1. brother, please understand – the eyes of the feral .gov have been on everyone who thinks, looks, speaks, dresses, acts, reads, types, purchases, drives – like us, and more; for so many years at this point… that if YOU aren’t already on a list of theirs ‘somewhere’, then I don’t trust you, you’re late to the party.

      1. I’m on your side. I’m just getting anxious without “experience” that I wish I had. So unless God will put his armor around me and keep my loved ones out of harm’s way, I can only hope that when the time comes I can contribute. I sleep next to equipment that will at least give me a chance to make them work for it. They know already that I have called them traitors and criminals who WILL be brought to justice as enemies of the Constitution. May God protect his faithful children-warriors. Enough said.

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