Too Many Targets

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What a weekend… GranBebe is awesome, but holy. shit.
I know it’s been said before but damned.”
If you could just bottle that energy a three year old has, you’d be rich.”  No shytte Sherlock.  Makes me personally believe there has to be something about the adrenochrome rumors, vis-a-vis sacrificing lil kids for their power and essence.  Ain’t natural how -some people- supposedly have the non-stop ‘go-go-go’ naturally.  Of course if I ever found out that the whole ‘sacrificing children’ thing was true quite literally there’d be no way of me stopping myself from participating in the most horrific things a human could do to another ‘theoretical’ human for games n’ prizes.   I say theoretical as anyone capable of harming a child ain’t fully human in my rulebook.
Shit… I still have the list of ALL child predators in a 2 square mile circle from Mi Casa.  Thank you Florida sexual predator listings.  Did that as soon as I moved into this place and occasionally update it.  Good to know who my primary targets need to be IF the case ever arose.
And targets there are.  As Ford Fairlane once said:

“So many assholes, so few bullets…”

Aye that.
In fact it’s becoming a problem for Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter these days.  Quite literally one could point a metaphorical rifle in any direction, pull the trigger, and hit a target of opportunity.  “So many ‘-X-‘, so few bullets….”  It’s truly frightening just how fast the wheels are coming off… and the fact that people are clueless. 

NeverTrumpers, Democrats… even MomUnit doesn’t want to hear it.  the ‘Lalala I can’t hear you’ mode about how they chose this shit…  and the results are in.  The economy is rapidly devolving, no surprise there.  I mean they’ve been kicking the can down the road for years, and it’s starting to show as ‘overdue’ on the correction side.
Internationally, the fucking Palestinians came back with a vengeance as of late, which was predictable.  I mean Trump cut the US support for 4 years, got all the big boys, outside of Iran on onboard with peace with the Yids, and things were looking to be somewhat more stabilized, as opposed to any time a fucking guy with a (D) behind his name is in the Oval Orifice.  Only time someone managed to do something like that was Peanut Jimmy got Begin and Sadat to sign off on the Camp David Accords.  And even then, the UN condemned it because it left he Palestinians out of the loop.  I have some issues in general with the Palestinians as a whole though.

Bit MOR of my background in this here that isn’t part of my time overseas.  DeadDad, when he was still DrDad at the university, had a tendency to ‘collect’ students so to speak.  They’d come around, learn, be mentored, party with the Old Man (who was a non-stop party animal) and generally be around all the time in various groups.  Made for very eclectic folks around the house, all the time.  Especially in summers.  One of these kids who stayed with us over a summer was Majdi Al-Karmi… a Palestinian kid who was sort of a houseboy for the fam over a summer and well into the winter.  Kid had been in the PLO when Mom and Dad shipped him to college in the states to avoid being killed.  I remember him having the scars from rubber bullets like ALL over his back… fucker was a tough, wiry lil bastard.  Taught my FedBro and Me a LOT of neat shit…also taught me the stories of his people and whatnot.  To say I came by my opinions on Israel in a different way than what was taught in schools back then was an understatement.  That being said, some of my closest friends in Iraq were ALSO Palestinians.
What’s really fucked up is the fact that they were essentially brainwashed from youth to talk about “Palestine” as if it’d been an actual country… Just as the Jews talk about “Israel” from “back in the day.” What nobody focuses on is that ‘back in the day’… we’re talking eons ago, the very concept of countries didn’t exist per se.  Clearly delineated borders are a modern invention.  Back then, it was based on languages, and power.  City-States ruled.  If you could project your power, then the terrain you had, or could grab and hold tended to be yours and stay yours.  Over time, if you held a chunk of land long enough, you populated it with people who spoke your language and followed your customs.  If you ever look at the delineation of most people in the world waaaaaaaaay back in the day, it was usually physical obstacles, such as rivers, mountain ranges, and oceans that defined the borders of your people.  That sub-tribes within your area of operation existed, well hell that’s a given.  Ain’t no animal more adaptive or able than Man so far to adapt, improvise, overcome and/or conquer.  

A quick aside… I mean lets be real… the funniest/saddest ‘woke’ stupidity I can see right now in the world, that in my eyes I consider to be an absolute final nail in the cultural coffin of Great Britain is the insistence of ret-conning Niggers into all aspects of British history.  Morons.  Cultural Suicide there Aye?   
Anne Boleyn?  

Now, if it was like a remake of Romeo and Juliette, as in “Romeo Must Die” where Romeo was a Chinese dude and Juliette a black chick…  a ‘ethnically based’ movie?  OK… but inserting blacks into historical contexts that they never, ever, ever participated in?  For the ‘feelz’?  STFU-STFD-GTFO.

But, back to the program:
Back when these idiots are talking about, in the region, twern’t nuthin’ there.  Fuckin’ desert man.  Ask me how I know.  Just scattered small-ish tribes… Hell… Big Mo (Mohammed, fuck that guy) and his boys for the most part were nomads.  The Jews?  Slaves in Egypt, who then headed into the “Promised Land”… whatever… claiming land ownership because your invisible man-in-the-sky told you it’s yours, is the same as “strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government!”  Like that, there are -no- “promised lands”… don’t want to hear about it and your invisible man in the sky is the only invisible man in the sky… both of your guys… BOTH tribes…to the Arabs? What it is, is you’re pissed off that your culture is so essentially corrupt and backwards, that you couldn’t agree to get together to kick the shit out of a parasitic race (the Jews) that some others of your group once held as slaves.  Dunno about you, but some shit like that?  Yeah, it’d give me an inferiority complex too.  And a MASSIVE inferiority complex they have.  

The Arabs overall?  Almost even MOR insecure than the Blacks.  At least the Africans, despite any and all attempts to retcon them into “We wux Kangs and Sheee-it”, reality is they didn’t even know about the fucking wheel until the whypeepo showed up.  Their inferiority complex stems from that they -know- that they ain’t, nor ever will be as smart and as capable as the whypeepo, so they have to bring us down to their level.  But, at least they can say that they didn’t ‘fall from the top’… not like the Arabs. 

Their issue(s) stem from the fact that waaaay back in the day, they ostensibly -were- the hot shit of the times… Mathematics, science, astronomy… Fuck… advanced math wouldn’t exist but not for the Arab scholar Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi… never mind the Persian Empire…they literally ran the world for a long time.  Then they fell apart and culturally shit the bed.  Whats really funny ids they were gifted with almost ALL the oil… and then Islam happened.  Funny how adding on the introduction of the anti-intellectual religion they now follow, and the inbreeding endemic to that culture, and you have allll the elements for a seriously fucked up group in the long run.

I mean the whypeepo ain’t the best, but we’re a damned sight ahead of those two groups, and it drives them cray-cray.  Same with Jews, who, over time have developed a well-earned persecution complex, without the introspective aspects.  Lack of critical introspection to ask “why have we been chased/pogromed/holocausted/reviled and hated by everyone?” seems to be sorely lacking.   Until they get over their near-pathological inclination to not only come out on top of -everything-… I mean that’s a good thing but NOT when in the process you need to destroy everyone else and/or subjugate them.  Maybe eons ago, alright… I can see that, but considering the ways and means that the Jewish supremacy movement is based on subjugation/conquest and near-terminal vanquishment of anyone who ain’t them, then well, it’s gonna be ugly as fuck.  Especially in the modern age.  

Technological equivalency aside, the next time -someone- decides that they’ve had it with the predations of -whatever- race that’s become the Bugaboo-de-jour, I gotta hunch that it’ll be a far more thorough cleansing that happens.  As in eventually, like a hot chick, somewhere, someone is sick of her shit.  And considering that the current Bugaboo-de-jour for prosecution is Whypeepo?  Well, it’s working.  Not though for anything other than that Whypeepo ostensibly, genetically know what we’re capable of.

We do not want to unleash that particular demon
We tend to destroy entire races and civilizations when we really get pissed
Ask the Native Americans
Ask the Aborigines
Ask the Japanese
Aztecs? Oops… ain’t none left but a pathetic sampling…
Bueller?  Bueller?
Yep.  Only took the Spanish to erase a two-thousand year old culture in about 93 days.
Modern methods equals Modern solutions
Ask the Germans, the Chinese and the Russians just how well modern applications to elimination of enemies works.  I’d say pretty well.  Hell, in Rwanda using just machetes, the Hutus reduced the population in Kibuye and the surrounding province, only 8,000 of its 250,000 Tutsis survived.

THAT is called a killin’

Thing is though, the Hutus had the numerical advantage.  Just like Whypeepo.  The ‘others’ out there be best to remember that here in the borders of the Untied States, what with that eventually, the light switch is going to be thrown, and once thrown, it cannot and will not be unthrown.  They seem to think this’s some sort of game.  That they’ll be able to ‘negotiate’ and set terms and maybe, once they realize that ‘shit just got real’ that we’ll come around and allow them to live.  “Sorry ’bout that, we didn’t mean it… our bad… we good?”  
Tell you what:
No matter how much you beg, no matter how much you try, we eventually -will- at your own behest, remove you from the rolls of humanity, as our remote ancestors did to the Neanderthal.

Considered yourself warned

For the last time

More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. You got it right, BCE. They’ve been pushing us for a long time. When things go pear-shaped, it’s going to be not the modern conduct of war, with its ROE & such, but much more old-style, like “destroy everyone else and/or subjugate them”. Actually, it’s just gonna be “destroy”. We cannot allow this poison again. It will crop up, of course, but we can salt the ground and delay it a long time.
    Radical leftism delenda est!

  2. Living in the dying age of the western empire. Look around at everyones problems from financing a house to social media fights and think to myself “Shit in 5 years an arguement on social media will be the least of your worries!” Can’t tell them that they won’t understand. Enjoy the little luxuries of western civilization while we can. Soon it will all be about survival just like every other animal on the planet

  3. They’ve taken up the slack on the switch and are mere ounces from breaking the sear.

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