Too Much Happening and Not Too Much

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow when you hit the wall informationally speaking?
Yeah, Dat me.  TOO much badness, downright -stupid- and OMFG the training… it drones on and on and on… the guy means well, but he’s -obviously- following the “legally mandated, Human Capitol (when did that shit change from ‘Resources’?) approved politically and vetted Training Syllabus.”

Which means I’m like soooo over it  

Yeah, aboot that level at this point Aye.
I mean I’ve been able to do my poasts later in the evening, early morning when there isn’t much going on, but man, this coursework, albeit necessary, it’s fucking retarded.  It’s the lowest common definition.  Doesn’t take anyone’s experience into account, which means for those of us who’ve been Supervisory/Management for oh, like their whole career, we’re getting the ‘refresher’ of having to start. from. the. beginning.

Oh joy

So, to keep myself entertained, I’ve done a few ‘things’ to keep myseelf on the ‘cool kid list(s)’.  One is I’m half-assed listening, and asking good questions when the opportunity arises.  Always had thhat ability in school, to be able to track in a corner of the brain housing group what’s being talked about, and be able to ask a question, (that I usually ALREADY know the answer to) BUT it establishes A) I’m following along, and usually the question -is- pertinent, and it shows I’m paying attention.  I usually make it a 2-3 a day input, just to let ’em know I’m alive.

The other gizmo I got shows I’m actively following along.  Now they currently don’t have the ability (that I know of) to follow my screen as of yet, but they do know if the ‘puter goes into ‘sleep mode’ and you can get hemmed up for that.  And to me, it’s a pain in the ass to have to grab the mouse and jiggle it every 5 minutes.  SO I got a mouse ‘jiggler’.  Neat toy.  On-Off switch that plugs into a USB socket, and when it’s on, it keeps the mouse randomly bouncing around on the screen, thereby keeping my ‘puter “active”.

Teach me how to suck eggs will ya?
But yep.  Bit tired too.  The back is hurting and the hours on this shit are really kind of fucked up.  11am Eastern, but we’ve been doing the 9am to 19:30pm thing, as they want to have a pre-work meeting each day.  Salary doncha know?  Otherwise, the world is still in a slow-motion meltdown.

Seems that the CDC -real scientist kids- fucking quit over Herr Fauxi’s and the (p)Resident’s new booster guideline.  Reading over everything, and now the ‘twice a day Pfizer pill’ they want to start?  OMFG… can these people not understand that eventually, those of the surviving members of humanity are going to hang the rest of y’all?
Leastways I –hope– we do.
But on the home front, I’m burned out.   Got word that Wifey’s Brother (the good one) is down with the COVID.  He and his Spawn visited back in June?  And I -told- him what to take and how to keep himself ‘amped’ by way of the Zinc, D vitamins, C, and B, as well as keeping the ivermectin on hand.  He’s a security guard in a hospital no less.  Dude is exposed all the time to the bug… and he’s down hard and Wifey is worried…
And I took shit last night for being frustrated about it.
Look, I’m -not- a prone-to-sympathy sort of guy.  I don’t look for sympathy.  I own my fuckups.  And I also very strongly believe that when your time is up, it’s fucking up.  NO negotiation, no take-backsies, no nuthin’  Da Reaper shows, you’re done.  Game Over Player One.  Seen it, lived it too many times.  When I should have been dead I bounced back, survived and FIDO’d…
Fuck It, Drive On.
“Sympathy is a word located in the dictionary between ‘Shit’ and ‘Syphilis’ in my dictionary.”
Dunno who the originator of that gem was, but it’s brilliant.
Hopefully Dude makes it, he’s a good guy.
So, the day progresses.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. tfA-t’s trip to the trash site again..

    i met an old dude named DiDi? obviously well retired and looking like death warmed over.. anyway, he and the operator where in the shack when i pulled and got out. the door swung open and terry invited me in to meet this native islander. i asked “have you been vax’d?” the old guy said hell yes! 4 times! flu, shingles, covid x2. his arms had the blotchy dark red bruising indicative of destroyed blood vessels and went on to say he always gets all the vaccines every year. needless to say, i passed on entering that death zone. the spike shedding is real, i had night sweats 2 times and a couple of rare rare rare mild headaches this summer after being in town and i take Zinc lozenges and Bromelain tabs for a couple of days afterwards now. i just ordered several bottles NAC used to detox the liver which has been highly acclaimed for it’s immune boosting qualities. anyone out there more edjumacated than moi about these supplements and proper uses??

    1. A-Team,
      Daily use: liquid lanolin based vit D with K-2, 5;000 IU, B-complex, 50-100 mg Zinc, 2-4,000 mg vit C, two fish oil caps, 125 mcg nascent iodine, greska carbon-60 (nano carbon detoxifies, amazing shit helped my thyroid tumor, helps with graphene oxide and spike protein toxicity), magnesium (one scoop i forget the dose), and one serving of tangy tangerine, 90 daily nutrients.

      If sick or exposed to toxic vax people: same everything i just up the doses for a couple days. The key is upping the D to 50-100,000 iu for two days, vit C as much as you can handle till you get the poopies usually about 6-8,000 mg. Also, ive added NAC, when exposed, the glutathione helps detoxify the spike proteins and such. If that doesnt work and the coof got you, start either the ivermectin, quinine or quercitin (whatever you can get) with double zinc doses, and the previously mentioned stuff. Ive had the coof or shed infection three times, and got over it within a day each time. Havent needed the ivermectin yet….the quality of the supplements is key. A Florida bro had the coof two weeks ago, fever for over ten days, asks me what to take, then goes gets the shit from walmart, doesnt get the ivermectin either, fever keeps getting worse doesnt get better and wonders why. So a trip to the VA puts him on an inhaler steroids and antibiotic.

      1. good looking out.

        yep yep and yep on the rest of the vities

        have ivermectin, quinine iodine, and quercitin put away too


    Two top FDA virologists resigned. Not sharpshooting, you been busy. The media is running a limited hangout that it is over a disagreement on boosters for kids is total bullshit. the potential true damage of their revolt against the CDC and “fuckhouse” dictating what they approve or dont, cuz the FDA recommendations were against the dr Faustus, fuckhouse and centers for disease creation narratives and didnt comport with the data or FDA recommendations as well as an advisory agency (CDC) telling an independent cabinet level regulatory agency what to do. Well when CDC has another zionist (((chosen))) running the show and doing the controllers bidding like potato joe! Well thats what you get– fuckery and more corruption. More to come on this in upcoming days. Im sure one of these virologists will end up with a double-tap to the back of the head ruled suicide in a day or so, followed up by a next day cremation.

    Anywhooo. The wheels are coming off and they are going to need to go big to get to the passports, which leads to all forms and manner of control after that, QR codes containing your DNA, written in the AI with blockchain, genesis 6 hell on earth level shit. Im thinking they need a big ass body count this fall, not just a narrative generating false-flag. Im talking like daily death carts coming to your town, “bring out your dead” level shit. All i know is this spike protein, coof shoot mutant variants, bioweapon, etc…going around Florida, not seen around the country is BAD! Just got done traveling around the west, midwest and northeast, nothing happening like in Florida. Im Watching friends and workers going down hard with it, and not that it means much but most are testing negative for the coof. Already had some Johnny come lately types bitching the ivermectin is sold out everywhere. Never mind they were warned months ago. Oh well, not coming out of my stock unless i really owe you. Online drs prescribe it all the time, tell them your going to Sub-Saharan Africa with the church and have them throw in some z-packs or cipro as well.

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