Top. Men.

Morning or Mid AFternoon to Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Comparative: Current Spread of CoronaChan as of 23:00 28Jan.

Next Pic: Flight Tracks in’n’out of China 11:30am 29Jan… 

That’s some -really good- quarantine you got going on there folks…

Top. Men.

Until I see the FlightAware map showing –nuzzing– on there but Dot Mil flights, I ain’t counting shit for shytte being over with.  Its becoming readily apparent the main reason no one  is blowing the actual whistle on just how fucked up the situation is is that they’d rather people fucking die than allow the economy to fucking sink.

Which it will one way or another.  IF they did it right, things wouldn’t come to as Kit DuToit calls it a “train-smash” ending.  I’m no economist, but personally, I’d be slooooowly winding things down with an eye of suspension of trade and such whatnot worldwide NOW rather than when it all goes to hell in a handbasket.  I mean this may NOT be a real deal… I can only go by why me peepers tell me and what info is out there…

The fact remains that if people have to be quarantined, they don’t go to work.  If they don’t go to work, production eventually slows, then stops.  Just like in Ringo’s book, eventually, critical services start to fail as people say “Fuck this for a game for soldiers” it becomes necessary for the military to take over critical infrastructure, food delivery, power generation, medical etcetcetc.  Martial Law follows, and then things get -hinky-.

I’ll keep banging away… I had a good Uber Night, and the goal for the bill-pay is coming (I need another $75 to make the bills on the first) and as long as CoronaChan doesn’t start cropping up in the deep south, I’ll keep it up.  When and if she does tho, I’ll be throwing on a mask and gloves, and sterilizing the car on each ride.  Fuck the passengers if’n they don’t like it.  And if motherfuckers start getting really sick and dropping dead?  I’ma shutting in, riveting the doors shut and calling it a day until it’s time to come out and burn the neighbors corpses.

Until later, I gots to hustle some bux.  I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Hey, throw up an Amazon purchase link to Bug-a-Salt 3.0 Black Fly Edition. Probably everyone here will buy one and it will net you a few bucks too. Spring is Coming! Fight back against Mother Nature!

    Love your blog, your a keeper.

    Peace bro

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