Topped at $469 and Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

They got GME up to $469 and now it’s sliding down the ramp…

The Hedgies gotta be ready to jump off a building by now.  One firm Melvin something apparently shat the bed epically, despite borrowing and losing what would be considered the yearly gross national output of some smaller countries.  Yeah, they took it in the Keister, Pre-Easter.

Serves ’em right

In fact its amazeballs how ‘out in the open’ they are at trying to keep the “Club” I spoke of before closed.  New ‘common peasants’ need not apply.  They’re trying almost everything in the book, from pressuring Discord, who apparently shut down the thread for specious TOS bullshit, but RUMINT is they re-opened just as fast when one of the peasants took the newly gained fuck you money and got a lawyer.Now then they had the small trading houses like Robinhood and one other one who’s name slips ye olde thinking meat currently, they had them block the ability to purchase more shares.  Only sell ’em.  The responses have been hysterical.  The Autists have essentially declared war on Wall Street now…
Grab the popcorn, this’s gonna get EPIC.

The next on the list supposedly is AMC… as in the movie theater chain.  Movie theaters ain’t recovering, hell Hollyweird with the woke/broke bullshit, never mind the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug, they’re taking a literal and proverbial bath economically speaking.  And what I find out-an-out hysterical is they keep doing it.  Doubling down on fucking retarded.  I mean Jesus wept.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fucking pedopheliac douchecanoues.

So, on ‘other news’… lets see, poasting this weekend is gonna prolly be a bit light, got Ye Olde Red Headed Terror inbound.  Wifey wants to have a loooong weekend (starting today) with the GranBebe.  Should be fun, but I fully expect my poastings to be later after she crashes out as I can’t get work done chasing her around.

Also doing a BBQ at Cowboy’s on Saturday I hope… take the Gran out to see the piggies and ponies.  Ought to be a good time.
I honestly need a change.  Hopefully I’ll be able to crank off some rounds at Cowboys.  He’s got some acreage so it -shouldn’t- be an issue, but there are a lot of cows and shit rolling up around the land, and the last thing I want to do is punch Bossy’s ticket and A) Piss of Cowboy and B) Get on the hook for 2000 pounds of heifer… lots of steaks but man, no way in hell do I have room for that sort of beef in the casa currently. Nor the wallet.

So MOAR Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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