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First off, my many grateful thanks yet again for some of the donations that cross my path today/yesterday.  Taxman is now covered, thank you very kindly.  A couple of you didn’t give me an addy to mail a thank you to, please if’n you would if you want it send me an email at rakkasan101st@protonmail… I was taught to thank people properly for gifts and kindness.

So, also thanks for all the comments on the M1A.  Now I’m in a quandary.  Defensive Training Group offered up his expert opinion which I’m paying mad attention to… Seems he’s at “Guru” stage when it comes to the M1A.  He thinks I need to strip the bolt down and futz with it.  Provided I can get the tool in a timely manner, I will but I’m still calling Springfield and going to light them up a bit, as I paid more for this thing than my first car.

Now, in the news, I got this off of Gab tonight:

Now, as it is Disclose TV, I tend to be a bit cautious.  So I googled the headline and sure as shit:

As Excruciationator said, Pelosi’s nephew must be really upset at his political future right about now.  And seeing that he’s pushing some shit like that?  That right there is some serious Saddam Hussein level shit right there…

As I’ve talked about before, but I’ll touch on for the new people here, a MAJOR part of the problem we had in Iraq was -right before- we fully took over, Saddam literally opened the doors to ALL of his prisons, to include Abu Ghraib, rolled in truckloads of weapons and ammo and told them “Run, be free! Fight the invaders!”

They may have been criminals, but not all of them were stupid… they took the guns and went to ground to see what shook out after, and when they realized there were no more cops (Thanks (((Wolfowicz!)))) that they had ‘freedom to move about the cabin’ and pursue life, liberty and the rape and pillaging of the country. 80% of the initial ‘uprising’ were common criminals establishing ‘turf’…  especially when they realized that the US DotMil was ill-equipped to deal with common criminality, and that they also had ‘instant safe houses’ in the form of Mosques and Imams who suddenly found themselves with serious political and gang power.

Case in point, Muqtada al-Sadr, who is, per Wiki: “Muqtada al-Sadr is an Iraqi Shia cleric, politician and militia leader. He is the leader of the Sadrist Movement and the leader of the Peace Companies, a Shia militia that is a reformation of the previous militia he led during the American military presence in Iraq, the Mahdi Army.”  Ole Mocked-retard as I called him back then, was a minor cleric who’s claim to fame was that he was the surviving son of al-Sadr Senior, who, unlike Junior, was a BIG DEAL.  A Grand Ayatollah of Shi’ite Rock n Rolla, (sorry, I couldn’t resist)  and was ‘martyred’ by Saddam (read kil’t with extreme prejudice) in 99 after fomenting Shi’ite uprisings against Saddam.  Junior stepped in and started helping the criminals organize and started alllll sorts of shi’ite.  Anywho…  Point is, California is now heading in the same exact direction.  I mean granted it’s a slower process, but the same check boxes are being ‘ticked’

Current “Leader” being in process of being delegitimized/thrown out?  Check.

Defund/Fire the police at all levels?  (in progress but) Check.

Start getting all the real hardcore criminals ready to be cut loose? Check 

There are those who say it’ll be ‘months/years’ before this happens, but these days, who can tell?  Too much-too fast-too frequently-and-too weird is the bywords of the day these days… Don’t like the current political climate?  Give it a week.  Something is bound to change, and you can bet it won’t be for the better.  The only thing we haven’t had so far is a religious aspect to it, although several people might argue that Leftism is a fucking Cult, just like the Branch Covidians.  In fact, the new ‘climate rules’ that Slo wants to roll out pretty much insures a revolution.  Someone broke down what the ‘real-time’ effects might be, and that included cutting all meat out of the fucking diet…

THAT right there is enough for me to pick up my rifle let me tell you man… Cow farts are not causing “Climate Change”.  In fact it’s all bullshit.  We know it, they know it, but the crazies who’re such a loud but annoying minority who scream so much, and get all the attention are running the show.  In fact the one one we no longer hear about is the Fetal Alcohol Victim, that swede broad… Miss Whateverthefuck her name is… Miss “How dare you!”… God, for real, I drew a blank and hadda google her… Greta Thunderthighsburger.   She in particular has gone relatively silent compared to how “St Greta” had been feted all over the place… according to some stories I heard, it’s because she’s fully over-the-edge cray-cray as fuck-all, which we knew but it seems she’s been in deep, meaningful communication with the Unabomber, Uncle Ted Kaczynski.  

Go figure right?  Cray-Cray attracts Cray-Cray, and apparently, she’s a New Disciple of Uncle Ted.

Makes sense if you read Uncle Ted’s manifesto…anti-tech, neo-Luddite ‘back to nature’ stuff.  Much of what ole Greta is all about.  Wonder if she’s sent nudes?  Probably seeing’s that she’s all but disappeared from the news… that and she’s no longer ‘that lil girl’ but 18 years old, and there’s only so long you can milk the ‘innocent lil girl’ shit, especially when she hit the big 1-8.  

And then, the latest race-war Kerfluffle:  “Professor” Ben Phillipe pretty much came out on a radio-show talking about how he wrote about gassing whypeepo… Man… for real?  Not only did he go into it, but the (((jew))) interviewing him actually apologized to him: “I wanted to say to you that I’m so sorry that your experience of the world made you feel that way, and made you feel compelled to write that,” she said.

You know what I say to that guy?
Fuck him.
That guy?  Fuck him. Can’t say it enough… Born in Haiti, -somehow- made it to Montreal, and then an all-star education, capped off with Kudos awards, book publications and the like.  Teaches now at the Liberal Bastion of Barnard College, probably indoctrinating a new generation of whypeepo into self-loathing and empowering sportsball rapists…  I checked out the Amazon reviews, and he’s got 11 so far, 2 of which are the only positives, and both by other blacks.  Everyone else is calling on Bezoszon to pull it… but they won’t.
Amazing to me how they keep talking a lot and expecting us to ‘bow down’ to them.  Man, this’s what happens when you spare the rod and spoil the child… a very stupid child.  Case in point

Wow… just… wow.
And THIS is the group that thinks they can guilt us and rail on us and even possibly win a race war?
Yeeeeeeeeeah… been watching a little too much “Black Panther” and believing their own press releases.Hell, they’re so stupid that some guy set up a website shortly after “Black Panther” came out.  Using clips stolen from scenes in the movie as backdrop photos, made a “Take a Wonderful Vacation in Wakanda!  All-Inclusive Travel Packages start at $2500!!!” travel website.  “Book now and get 20% off!”  The usual stuff that draws in the ‘mentally challenged’

And a bunch of these low-IQ motherfuckers went and bought in.

They don’t talk about it much, seeing that a lot of the poor retards that got ‘rooked’ don’t want to admit they got rooked.  Even AFTER getting told that they were conned, they still insisted that Wakanda was a real place, and that they hoped to go on vacation there at some point…   Now as far as the con goes?  Myself, I see it as payback for all the times a Nigger Nigerian conned some poor old Whypeepo… turnabout is fair play.

I just wish I had thought of it first.  

From what I’ve been able to suss out, they made a shitton of cash.
So, gotta crash now… More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. With regards to al Sadr; one beautiful 4am in Basrah, we took some of our visiting Baghdad teammates from the Palace out to the airport so they could fly back up north. We planned the route so we’d pass by the JAM building, which had a couple guards standing outside.
    As we rolled past, my bro opens his door on the Land Cruiser, and yells out “NIGGERZZZZZZZZZ!” so loud that he was coughing for minutes afterwards. I really hoped that it caused considerable confusion, but also hope they eventually learned what it means.

  2. You paid more for that rifle than I paid for my first SEVERAL cars, but I’m 56 and a redneck. I plan to spend the same amount fairly soon, for the same model.

  3. Im convinced Lord Newsolini doesnt want to deal with this politician BS any longer. He has a fortune, why would he want to deal with this albatross he was born into? Methinks he welcomes the recall and wants to burn the place down on the way out to seal the deal.

    Wife and I lived near SF during college years. All the women knew to hold their hands over their drinks to keep him from dropping roofies in. He was known for cornering women and forcefully making out with them. It was a wide open secret in San Francisco.

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