Tribalism Part One… No… Really! I promise!

OK Gang:  Just got up again, its now 18:00… Dunno why I’ve been on “Iraq” time again… my sleep schedule and wakeups have been all jacked the fuck up.  I dunno if I’m coming or going… the worst part about being a deplorable is the employment issues I’ve been dealing with.  Interviewed a shit ton… replied to a ton of emails, job searches and the rest, but nary a decent gig offered…

Part of it is my demographic.  I got a LOT going against me:

1) White (almost 100% Irish)
2) Straight (sorry to my gay readers… Big Country don’t fly that way)
3) Male (the most HATED demographic currently besides being straight)
4) 49 going on 50… (Ageism isn’t -as much an issue- except when I interview with some youngster who’s still wet-behind-the-ears and -he- knows it…)
5) Nominally Christian, (tho fallen… Lord knows how fallen I Iz!)
6) LOTSA experience.  (Too much in many instances… hard to get in at a mid level job when you’re currently working on your master degree, have a Lean Six Sigma cert, a Program Manager cert and a fuckton of experience… One manager was like flat out “You are WAAAY overqualified for this job… hell you’re overqualified for MY job!”)

Those are the major issues I’ve been dealing with.  I’ve also been dealing with Tribalism.

This for example:

This is a screen shot capture of today’s inbox for current employers looking to have me call ’em back.
Anything -jump- out at ya?
OK… besides there only being one nominal female on the list that is… fucking need to strangle the editor I swear…
Its the whole thing I mentioned before of how Human Resources
 has been taken over by ‘the other’… namely Indians or at least those from the subcontinent.
And as of late, how many callbacks have I had?
Its annoying as hell.  Especially in the waiting room where there are usually 3 women, one white, one black, and two other dudes, both from the Subcontinent.
Guess who the ‘token’ was in this room?
And guess who didn’t get a callback…  My next interview when I’m in there, I’m going to trade numbers withe everyone in there and ask them to let me know the results of their interview… I’d be curious in a numbers sort of way…   That and the other thing is “Hows that White Privilege working out for me?” 
I’d say that I’m fucked.  If I get interviewed in a company by a white person, it’s a negative that -I’m-  white as they’re going to be afraid to pass over someone of color and get accused of giving into White Privilege… I mean fuck ability, skills experience… its -ALL- a racial game and I’m on the loosing end of both sides…  I haven’t gotten a single callback from any member of the Hindi Mafia, and no one wants to be tip toeing around the fact that yes, I AM more experienced, better qualified… no no no… I’m white.  Thats it.  
“And then, all of a sudden, Adolph Hitler got voted into power, and no one could understand why.”

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