Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Time to admit it.

The country is fucking –dead– as it was originally established.

It, quite literally, has gone MAD

Our votes do not count.
So, ergo, the Social Compact has been broken, rendered null and void by their hand.
So… where to go with it?  Lots of people on here agree that yeah, some motherfuckers purely need to be shot full on the face with a 10 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot.  A lot of others think that our side is gonna do some “patriot shit”…  Reality… no one’s gonna do nuthin’.
It’s gonna be another round of bullshit
THEY have determined to irreparably fuck up everything.
WHY Georgie Sorry Ass Hungarian Jew Soros HASN’T had a fucking J-DAM dropped on whatever seriously ‘Dr. Evil Lair’ that fat wrinkled fuck is stashed in, along with his family, Kissinger and all the rest… In fact the very fact that they’re still alive… I mean Jesus H Christ… Henry Fucking Kissinger????  How in the ever living fuck is THAT demented old war criminal on the goddamned scene still… makes one really wonder if Adrenochrome and child’s virgin blood drinking/bathing is a real fucking deal.  Motherfucker was old as fuck during ‘Nam!!!!!  That war ended in what 1974? 75?  That’s 45 years ago
And that Hebrew fuck was running around in World War Two as a counter-intel agent… in 1945….
That’s 75 fucking years ago…
Talk about not letting go…
Fucking dunno if that a “Fuck You Boomer” or not but give me a fucking break.

In fact double “fuck you” boomer…

Because every. single. issue. we face is because of them.
THEY got theirs… shit, MomUnit has been flat out telling me and FedBro that there ain’t no inheritance… leastways she wasn’t planning on leaving one until the ‘Rona hit… she, up til then was bouncing ’round the world.  Sicily was her last jaunt.  Before that?  I think Utah… all first class mind you.  And I can’t totally blame her.. and she -did- help me out by paying my mortgage for a year when I was fully well and truly fucked.  However, I’m reminded constantly by her and have my face rubbed in it.  And by FedBro, who, even though he’s younger, he’s a success in the fam’s eyes so I’m unworthy and get treated like a retard.  Plus, not to sound ungrateful but literally she waited until the very last second to save my bacon…  made me sweat… Yeah… family issues amiright?  Even though by no fault of my own… couldn’t work or I should say get a decent job with Felony Charges hanging over me and until they got dismissed… the Justice System, as I’ve stated before is irretrievably broken, by design I’m now realizing…
Or I should really say I realized then and now see it in even MOR clarity.
Which is why no one, outside of a couple of people who got nuthin’ to lose are gonna do shit.  Let me tell ya…took 3 fucking HARD years to get ‘back in the groove’.   Nice house, New Wifey, New Good Paying Job, New Car… fuck I got a great Pitbull and cat man…outside of the cancer coming  back I have –everything– to lose.
And they know it.
So, barring them coming after me actively, I’ma gonna do the “Timmy”  


The Timothy Leary
Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out.
Be the dog on the porch.  Unlike that piece of shit Kerotin or whatever the fuck that fucking lame ass pile of monkeyshit is named… the dood who co-opted and positively -ruined- the threeper movement IMO… I’m gonna stay put ‘on the porch’ so to speak.  
Not gonna vote anymore.
Not gonna validate their shit anymore
Not gonna participate EXCEPT at the LOCAL level.
Fuck the Feds
Fuck the Feds
Fuck the Feds
If I could, I’d turn in my Social Security Number and tell ’em to fuck theyselves Aye?
Take me off your lists.
Only thing I’ll keep is my military pension, which I fucking earned the hard way.
I’ma gonna love giving the same level of Respect to the Incoming Commander-in-Thief (ooh  thats a good ‘un… thats fucking meme-tastic).. I juuuuust made this:

Spread THAT fucker far n wide…

Just ’cause I’ma sitting on the porch doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna be a fucking thorn in their side…
I’ma also gonna head down to GunGirls store… talk to her about them form ATF 4473s… be a shame if they got burned up in an accident Aye?
Avoid Crowds
Be The Gray Man
Be The Gray Man
Meatspace Baby
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. I'm glad the founding fathers didn't throw in the towel. Now 13 generations later, only one 17 year old kid has the balls to pull the trigger on three commie felons. We are going to let him rot in some WI prison for the rest of his life. Now a fraudulent election will be the final nail in the coffin of America.

    1. Yep…. those were hard times and hard men… the soy-infested FUSA is purely and -utterly- fooked

  2. Your Boomer Mom, DID save your onions, but you seem to believe no one should ever mention it again, like there's no collateral damage, eh? Your generation is funny. Boomers are supposed to pony up and shell out the bucks to save you guys from lifes' slings and arrows, and as a thank you, we get told to get fucked. I got a couple of sons doing that routine now, and boy am I tired of it. You seem to go from blaming some really old bastards, to blaming boomers. Any of our current problems stem from YOUR generation, hmmmm? If you like the blame game, you're going to love your "golden years", when your progeny blame YOU for all of societies ills. By the way, if you're ready to throw in the towel and quit, it doesn't speak large for your generations' tenacity or bravery, or intelligence. The founders? Looking at you, they wouldn't know whether to weep or laugh. Go ahead, blame me, and all the other boomers for the current state of shit. But when you're done, you're still right back sitting in the lap of the problem, and no closer to the solution than before your little fit. I really am sympathetic and sorry you had all that misfortune, I've had some real boogers myself in the past few years. Every body gets them. Now pal, you and I have been hit. The gettin' up is up to us. PS: Wishing our enemies demise will get nothing done.

    1. Without going into it, got NO issue with them telling me how fucked up things were, but when it becomes the ONLY subject of discussion under anything ever, it grows wearisome. My Gen? X? Our Apathy, Boredom and lack of drive? It was bred into us by the dint of us being the very first 'latchkey kids'… earlier generations (waaaay earlier were in the factories… the Boomers? Sheltered by "The Greatest Generation" who'd experienced horrors that had never been imagined, and wanted better for their kids….

      My generation was the first truly modern 'disillusioned' One… I was promised "Go to school, get good grades, work hard, go to the right schools, get the degree, marry a 'nice girl' (HA!) have the kids, buy a house, reap the rewards…
      They Lied
      I don't believe Them anymore

      Shyeah…. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
      Pull the other one.
      As far as the -really– old fucks? They in power seem to still be pulling everyone's strings and I don't see the Boomer Generation stepping back and giving me and mine much of an opportunity… I'm 51 now and have never been give a 'fair shake' so to speak… And my Kid? Spawn doesn't blame me for shit… he's "Generation Zyklon"… and he's even more pissed than me. I raised him right.

      The founders would have been already shooting.
      And you? What the fuck you ever done there sport?
      I did 25 years of service for and to this country
      Suck a dick and hiccup Boomer.

    2. So if you're going to throw in the towel, do it right.
      Next shit you go take, wipe your ass with your 214, then vacuum start your Glock.

    3. Not quitting per se Chuck… but lets face it… things are fucked, and unless YOU got some suggest something that we can LEGIT do, then great! As it stand I'm currently more in the depressed that shit, they fucked us AGAIN… not quitting, but a regrouping/reordering of priorities is needed.. headspace/time needs recalibration b/c I NEVER fully expected these fucks to get away with it

  3. Sure wish we had a leader to direct traffic for our side. Don't think President Trump is that man cause the deep state is everywhere and includes some of his own people he appointed. The blame game doesn't accomplish anything. I wish I were younger (74yo) so's I could help some how. But we need folks like you Mr. IR so please keep up the good work until you can't. I read you every day and love your commentary.

  4. Just a thought, about people who have parents who are "spending their kids inheritance" so there will be nothing to pass on to the kids… Remind these parental unit(s) that since they spent all their wealth on toys and vacation trips for themselves, they better also be saving up for the day when they are 80 or so and need someone to do their shopping, their laundry, take them to the doctor, etc. because you will not be around to do these things when they get old and weak and perhaps dementia and can't wipe their own ass.

    1. Gen-X here.

      I read that the real "elite" are all about their descendants. Not their kids, nor their grand kids. Much further down the line. It's why a Rockafella who isn't playing ball "commits suicide". They put the dynasty at risk.

      What am I saying? I'm saying this whole SKI movement was to strip away the US wealth. The Boomers had a great time, one of the wealthiest generations in history. Spent the entire nations wealth on themselves and allowed strangers (foreigners… a Biblical punishment for nations) to take over because they would do the work for less than their own children. How powerful will the US be now that wealth is gone? Certainly no longer will it be the world unipower

  5. I remember that issue of MAD magazine back in April '68! Started reading that shit in '61. Always hilarious & dead on. Really enjoyed Don Martin's cartoons & SPY vs. SPY. It was actually a quarter up until '67. $6.95 now but in color. However full of ads minus content. BTW, '68 was one fucked up year. Mean time, getting ready for the festivities. Nothing like spending your 70's in a civil war. If I get plugged, it's a hell of a lot better & more honorable than dying in some geezer home. Keep cranking out this great stuff. I always get a belly full of jollies reading it!

  6. Gen X'er here myself…I work for these +/-70 year old fuckers that micromanage every fucking thing and think that they are the only ones that can keep a business afloat. A bunch of self important arrogant bastards. But you are right…they are on the main self-absorbed, self-centered and have burdened us with the last vestige of their fucked up ideas…Joe Biden.

  7. We're not there yet (at least, not everywhere, in everything) – but when EVERYTHING is lawless, then the only way to fix things are by definition – outside the law. Think about that for a minute. Most of us (the ones weaned on lawfulness as a way of living) really don't think outside that box. Perhaps it's time to start honing that skill.

    If the courts don't find in our POTUS's favor on the disputed states, we're on our own to fix this. Think: 'Unintended Consequences'. If you haven't read that yet – do so, while you can. Use it as a blueprint like the left has used '1984' and 'Atlas Shrugged' as instruction manuals to get us to where they are today.

    I don't look forward to the day that 'lawless' actions start being taken to kill the pestilence that is progressivism, or the cancer that is communism – because until things return to something closer to what The Founders had intended by way of a government, those killing the cancer will be hunted like outlaws. Trust me – those trying to wrestle the last vestiges of our government from our hands will use everything in their power to make examples of anyone that fights/shoots back. So it's rapidly becoming 'do or die' time. Literally. Maybe not for us 'geezers', but probably for our children, and definitely for their children. And isn't our progeny the reason this whole experiment was started? Who really wants to live their lives safely inside a cage of someone else's construction?

  8. Any bets that plugs Biden is not going to have a brain aneurism and drop dead within 60 days?

    Of course it will be COVID so as not to raise any suspicions on neo arkancide.

    1. Naah, any covid related kick out would be heart issues, the stroke will probably get labeled as residual stress from the election and recount, he's up there in years, ya know.

    2. That old fuck has ALREADY had what? 2X Strokes, an couple of heart surgeries and a brain surgery? Fucker's internal piping is shot the fuck through… one GOOD stroke away from being tax free

    3. Yep, and those are just the medical problems we know of, aside from the mixed bag of whatever-pills-or-drugs he is being given to give him a resemblance of coherency. Which we're not supposed to know of.


    4. Terrapod, you grumpy old bastard! Where the Hell you been hiding out?!?! It's been a long time, since the heyday of the ol' Rott.

      If you need a place to escape the Leftard madness out your way, there's plenty of room for you here in the Land of Gators & Geezers.

  9. I feel you IR…I'm sitting here in my Comfortable Lifestyle and asking myself if I want to visit new places and make some creative terminations. We have all been effectively cowed – our things own us – 'too much to lose.' It's the old 'who wants to be first' conundrum. If the worst comes to pass….I hope President Trump goes Full Retard and gets creative with arrests, Executive Orders, Firings, pardons, demotions, re-alignments and all other kinds of Mischief. But ,then, most of us have limp-dicked along the last 4 years hoping he would fix everything and we could stay comfortable.

  10. Sitting this one out is what got us into this predicament and the lefties are COUNTING on us continuing to sit this one out while they put the finishing touches on the putsch…..the coup they have been working on for years. It is time to act…. And it doesn't have to be overt. Take a page from THEIR playbook and start working against them one at a time, one on one, when they least expect it and in ways that they can't easily predict. Running around in full battle rattle looking for a fight will get you exactly that….a fight you can't win. Be the Paul Kersey the left loses sleep over.

  11. The Republic is dead. All that is left is the splintering of this once nation. As soon as you folks come to grips the sooner you can concentrate on building family, tribe, etc. Wake up not one single republican is fighting to help the current president, not one. They do not care for this country or its cloth. Wake up and focus on you and yours…

  12. Feel you on this one. My grandfather was in the boomer crowd until the dirt nap. Very skilled man. I was the first grandchild who didn't fuck up and enlisted after high school. Ever make an effort to pass on those skills? Nope. After I came back home with my brain scrambled with no direction wanting to learn those skills so I don't end up slaving away in a tin can for peanuts? Ain't got time for that. Got vacations that need funding. Going on a trip with the Ambien Walrus to single handedly spike the stock price of penis pumps and Viagra. So into the tin can I go under Obummer on night shift for barely over minimum wage for a wrinkled old harpy ready to ax you for taking a sick day. When I managed to scrape together cash and offer to buy something? Nah. Not selling unless it's 4x the value. Even if it's gear or equipment that's been sitting and rusting for a decade. Decided nobody is going to buy? Scrap it all for a couple hundred bucks to get it off the property. Then when the end starts drawing near you want to talk and tell me money isn't everything? While you're sitting on five properties (paid for), seven vehicles (paid for), and very healthy retirement/pension. Meanwhile I'm shelling out rent for my place in the hood, praying my first shitbox on wheels (that I got no help from anybody) doesn't give up, knowing there won't be a retirement, knowing there won't be better position in the tin can, and wondering when I'm getting the ax when things get slow. When the end came I was still on nights and working in the tin can. Not a tear shed. Left everything else to wife #3 who had the same attitude. Even went along with her idea before he died to cash in the life insurance for couple grand so the surviving children wouldn't get anything. I knew I'd get nothing. Still a hammer, a good pocket knife, or even a wrench would have meant the world to me. Only went to the funeral to find out where the tombstone is. When everything falls apart it'll be rubble. Some people leave this world covered in tears. Others leave covered in piss.

    I feel the same way about dropping out. What's the point? There won't be a resistance. Anybody willing to do anything doesn't have the resources or materials. It's bought up and hoarded by the same asshole Boomers. They always screech about resisting tyranny from their ammo fort. That they'll sell for triple or quadruple the profit. Unless they croak first. Then their anti-gun bitch of a wife will have the police cart it all off for destruction. I've only met a handful that are not stupid enough to think they'll be running and gunning to play in the young man's game and would actually contribute in a meaningful way to the war effort when that day comes.

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