UCMJ and the Fucktard

Good Afternoon me Droogs!  A hearty “Fuck You” to all the traitorous scumwads and fucktards inhabiting this fine country.  May you all find yourselves at the end of a very short rope in the extremely near future.  Preferable after the execution of your entire families.

Yep.  Like the Norks… Gotta say the whole “Remove three generations” is the only way to be sure that they don’t come back after you.  Play for keeps… Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out.

I mean why else would the Army have taken LtCol “LiverLips” Vindman’s family on post and into ‘secured quarters?’

I mean it’s likely that -if- justice is truly beneficent, the the ‘secured quarters’ are a couple of cells in the psychiatric wing of the Base/Garrison Stockade.

His wife would just love that I’m sure.  And so would he… he -should- get used to being in the stockade… if his chain of command has ANY balls whatsoever, they’ll string this sack of shit right up the flagpole, and eviscerate him as an example pour encourager les otres.

Hanover Fiste gets it….
Now, I’m NOT instigating any violence or harm to these people in real life.  I’m simply exploring an alternate universe in a fictional sort of way.  At no time do I think a horrific RoidRage Beast Imbued with the Power of The Loknar should show up and tear Lt.Col. Vindman into itty-bitty pieces, and possibly ingest him, to be processed into what he was truly meant to be, namely a heaping stinking pile of shit.
Feel Free to Steal, I Made it… just give a good attribution…

And now?  Ho-Leeeeeee Shiiiiiiiit!

Everyone and I do mean Everyone is coming out of the fucking woodwork to comment on the Unbelievable Levels of Douchebaggery that this fucking Fraud-In-A-Uniform is.

A former officer who worked with him states that he was “anti-American” and “made the troops uncomfortable
Tim Kennedy, famous Bad Ass Green Beanie has come out and called him a ‘douchebag.’

Then, apparently the rest of the Military has added onto the dogpile.  People who went through Ranger School with him have called out LiverLips for being a “chow thief” and “generally worthless.”  A number of folks have even questioned whether or not that he even passed Ranger School as NO ONE seems to have a record of him completing the course.  Apparently he was peered out numerous times, which means that during AARs (After Action Reviews… where evvabody la-di-dadi gets together and goes over the who fucked up, who didn’t fucked up, and other shit)… well apparently during the AARs, the whole of like everyone who was in class with him fucking flat out voted him out… literally like ‘Survivor: The Bullshit TV Show” the Ranger students and Cadre get together, and if someone is a worthless sack of whiny shit, they vote him out to be either recycled (go back to the beginning and start over) or just flat out shitcanned.  Apparently LiverLips got canned multiple fucking times.

The Airborne Brotherhood has also chimed in, stating Vindman is only a “5 Jump Chump” and never actually served in an Airborne Unit.

One of his former NCOs said he was a coward who ran away during a Combine Arms Exercise, and in the AAR stated that “He was too valuable as an Officer to be killed or captured.”  He apparently was relieved before his unit went overseas, which then begs the question:  What unit was he with when he supposedly earned that Combat Infantryman’s Badge and that Purple Heart?

According to Army Times, his awards are: “Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal (2nd award), Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal (4th award), Army Achievement Medal (3rd award), National Defense Service Medal , Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (4th award), Valorous Unit Award, National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation, Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Presidential Service Badge, Joint Chiefs of Staff identification Badge, and Navy Unit Commendation.”

Apparently he was wounded in October of 2004 outside of Fallujah.  I’d be curious to know what unit he was with?  Not only that, it states that he commanded an Anti-Armor Unit in Korea…  My my… small world.  In 99 that would have been a TOW Unit which just so happens to be my old MOS… and I got out in 99.  Now one thing is for sure, the 11Hotel (Heavy Anti-Armor Infantryman) Military Occupational Specialty was a dying breed in 1999… there weren’t too many slots left for TOW gunners… it was like as in miniscule amounts, both in command and line grunts.  I need to check with some old friends and see if anyone remembers this prick…  Add on that in October of 2004  was running all over hells half acre to include parts of Fallujah and the like… wonder if any of my friends knew him either?

So anyways, this turd needs to be flushed.  With extreme prejudice.  

He’s a fat, LiverLipped Turd who make Frank Burns look competent.

Oh well… enough ranting for a bit…  Look for you later.  I got Vodka to drink and an interview in the A.M.  Wish me luck!
Until then, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Wildly entertaining and most factual. I suspected all of this shit about him. Thanks for bringing it out.

    1. My thanks! I'm still reaching out and digging. I soooooooo am hoping to nail this fuckwad with Stolen Valor… it'd be the cherry on top so to speak…

  2. Are we brothers from a different mother? Every time I see that fuckers face I want to rip off his head and shit down his neck. Pretty sure I could do it too…

  3. Notice how nobody talks about where he did his company command? I cannot see him – despite almost 15 years of war in the Middle East – in charge of a rifle company (ever) and definitely not in charge of an infantry battalion. He would have a different set of medals if he did: at least a Bronze Star, fer f*cks' sake!

    His medals actually mark him as a standard Pentagon desk warrior (I should know, although I've got two more rows of fruit salad than he has)

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