Ugh.. a Personal Rant and Trolls

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!”May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese Curse.  No kidding there Aye?  Somedays are pure-dee trainwrecks.  For a Friday, I really wish things could go smoothly.  Instead, well, some of y’all long-old-timers here are familiar with DumBunny and DumFuck.  Wifey’s near-do-well daughter and the Asshole she spawned with, not one, but two kids, one of whom is the only thing that warms that blackened chunk of cold dead heart in me chest.  GranBebe has been both a -bit- of a curse but more of a Blessing.  Curse in the respect that man, “I’m getting too old for this shytte!” chasing a 3 point 5 year old around.  At 54 I’m supposed to be starting that slow, mellow slide towards the dirt nap dammit.  I’ve earned a nice chill.

Instead?  Whelp, last night Wifey did a rock-around-the-clock balls to the wall drive to Tennessee and evacc’d DumBunny and NewGranBebe this A.M.

Tellin’ ya, Wifey got balls of steel…
So, it seems DumFuck is up to his ‘normal’ antics of wifebeating and being a psycho-control asshole… DumBunny was working full time, and he takes the money, the car, and has his “Meemaw” (who’s a pure-dee whyttetrashiod pill dealer) keep the kid while she’s working.  She’s been in the typical abusive circle, and Wifey got done last night and said “I’m going in!” 


Thank the Good Lord, she pulled it off.  Also, Thank the Good Lord I haven’t shitcanned the #1 GranBebe’s stuff… been meaning to donate the stuff she’s outgrown and whatnot, but now?  OMFG… back to start again… Diapers, bebe food, maaaaaaaaaan.  Until DumBunny can unfuck herself, I’ma stepping up again.  <Le Sigh>… Back to the lab again so to speak

Great shows back before the pozz totally took over.
Now… the issue(s) besides the financials, is that DumFuck is part of the “Hillbilly Mafia” from my understanding.  And he ain’t gunna be nun too happy that we dun came an took his wimmen and kid(s)… he purely hates us for ‘stealing’ GranBebe #1, and I’m sure he’s going to be on fire over this particular slight.

So, we’re on full alert here at Casa Big Country.  Shoulder rig and hot loaded nine at all times, at least for the next few weeks.  I already alerted the PoPo, who, with their usual crackerjack abilities told me to dial 911 and they might be there before I have to make DumFuck “good”. They won’t trespass pre-emptively.  Gee, thanks a whole hell of a lot  there Lou….   Mighty fine work there…

 Although I have a clever plan to avoid any “Imperial Entanglements”… leastways I hope.

I’m in the process of making some less-than-lethal rounds for the “Flare Launcher”.  I got tubes to make fireworks, and instead of loading the firework fixins, I’m loading a three inch tube with sand.  A 30-40 grain FF black powder charge -should- keep it from being terminal IF I have to kerblast this asshole.  I mean by all rights, this asshole IF he had two functional brain cells would never even think about showing up here, however, dis fuckin guy?  Moron, actually that’s an insult to morons… this piece of shit?  Yeah, he’s going to come and pull -something- I can gar-ron-tee it.

The cameras are in place, and that -should- keep us ‘covered’ legally.

Besides, staring down the bore of a 37mm weapon, with Sapper holding a AR right behind me?  Dude’s going to get three warnings, and then the cops had better be here to escort this ‘gentleman’ out of the area, lest we have to test Castle Doctrine again.

So other fun things.  I updated Phil’s addy in the sidebar, he’s been drawing MAD smoke from a bunch of retards and trolls who, by chance live over in Orlando.  So much so Phil migrated to insure he stays operational, hence the update.  This one guy, he’s made death threats online, and works for AN UNSPECIFIED COMPANY. Wonder if they know they have a hardcore AntiFa Leftists making not-so-subtle death threats and calls for violence on Phil’s Blog…seems Mr. Removed per the Troll Request purely loves being an all-around asshole…

Truly, a manly man, doing manly things apparently.
What kills me is how these idiots use their names IRL online…
Pure Genius Aye?  

The other is some insane woman, cray-cray as only a single mother of like whatever 4-5 from 3 doodz could be… box wine and cat lady material.  Seems someone called CPS on her, whether or not it was connected to the unhinged nature of her rants or what… as Phil told her in the comments:

Fucking Aye there… a broad like that?  Getting all cray-cray online?  She’s probably pissed off a lot of folks in her life, so CPS?  That ain’t a thing that’s utilized in flame-wars.  Considering that until she mentioned it, we (as a group) had no idea she had kids…  dumbass.

Man, the stupid, all day everyday.So, I’ll keep y’all updated as we go.  Hopefully I’ll get into some righteous shit later if the day allows me.  All depends… I’m monitoring a training class, and interviewing and doing all the boss stuff all day.  Thankfully when they’re (the trainees) in study mode, I can henpeck dis here shytte out.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. I don’t know if you have done so, but if not, maybe put a no trespassing sign on the lawn.
    It’s not going to mean shyte to Dumbfuck of course, but will add another layer of legal protection if you have to use kinetic action against dumbfuck.

      1. WELL the WAR is about to begin,CANADA was just told MARTIAL LAW WILL BE ENFORCED STARTING “OCTOBER” 8th though 16th in canada,The USA,AUSTRALIA,all police and firefighters will be fired and their jobs taken over by UN MILITARY,get ready kids, their claiming everything you have, IS NOW THEIRS to do as they please with,that includes you and your family and ALL that you own,FIRST MOVE.TAKE ALL THE WEAPONS..all roads will have MILITARY check points,and buses to take you to FEMA DEATH CAMPS…do NOT drive into any road blocks..IT maybe your last day on earth if you do…THIS AIN’T NO JOKE,GET READY TO’ve been warned…

  2. Wifey did the right thing. Problem is, as I am sure you know, keeping DumBunny away from DumFuck. Been there, done that. Last time was 5 am New Years morning, yeah…geared up and drove into the ghetto…there they are sittin’ on the front porch…down to the street they come…I pointed and used my best not fucking around voice…”Back on the porch right fucking now”…back inside he slunk, like the pussy he is…long story short, 60 days and a free car later, she was back there…last time, never again.
    You are a good man, take care of the innocents, they don’t deserve this lot in life, you just gotta wait until Wifey has had enough, then you can take over…

  3. I’m always amazed at just how much trouble a person can get into while minding their own business and living their life not wanting to be bothered. Youngest daughter broke it off with someone who decided to go psycho. She and her dog (the hellhound) live with us and the psycho threatened her dog and said they hoped someone would steal it. Well, high alert. “But Dad, they have a blackbelt in karate! Yeah? Can they dodge a 9mm with that blackbelt?

    1. And the dog? Purebred mutt from the pound has become my best buddy. Aint nobody fucking with that dog or my kid.

  4. It’s all fun and games till the peenies and the gynees get involved. Some women have a problem with their mating selection processes. I’ve never understood it. I figure I never will. Stay ever vigilant.

  5. you are a straight up stand tall saint sir. hope you daughter will one day see the honorable world you live.
    i wanted to curse the dumfrack SIL you are stuck with, but i just had it out with my wife this AM re: the state of the world and the head fracking its doin to our and my son.
    guess that won’t resolve until the s*it stain of woke gets wrung out of us by the disaster on the horizon.
    and to think it all started with my wee little rooster sacrificing his tiny self when the coyote came a shoppin’ the AM. just frack…

  6. A less-than-lethal round?I have personal experience of a personal kind.
    As a student at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in the ’60s, we were wont to go and raid certain vineyards of an evening, especially those which grew Hanepoot grapes. Rare, expensive and delicious.
    A bunch of use were over the fence one night, raiding these grapes when I heard, and FELT a big BANG. It was rock salt charge from a shot-gun. It hit my arse and lower back. It hurt for over a week.
    You might consider this, it is regarded as non-fatal, or it was in SA at that time.

  7. BCE,
    If you’re a fan of black powder, might want to stock up. “Hodgen just shut down the GOEX facility in LA”.
    Rotsa ruck in all you do. And may you never be caught.

    1. Many thanks man, yeah I fortunately got plenty in stock. Strange how that goes innit? Wonder who actually -owns- that company (once you get to the bottom of the heap so to speak…Soros? Rothchild? Inquiring minds)

  8. Personally I’ve heard that you don’t want to mess around with less-than-lethal. An overzealous DA can use that as proof you weren’t in a truly self-defense situation. IANAL, though. But if you’re going pull a trigger, better send hot lead downrange.

    Also, been there / done that in regards to saving a female (family or not) from some abusive SOB and watching her go right back to him later. Some people just aren’t happy until they’re unhappy.

  9. This is my official request for you to remove this post of me. You are stalking me and my friends. Failure to remove the post will constitute as harassment and be punishable by law.

    1. You’re one hell of a clown you know that? You thought you’d come here and at Phil’s at BustedKnuckles and make threats of hurting us and going after us for legally protected First Amendment speech? Because you were offended?

      THEN you have the -audacity- to say -we’re- harassing you?
      Seek the psychological help you so obviously need.

      I’ll censor your particulars for fun, but The FBI has already had a report of your interstate/international leftist terrorist behavior which is NOT protected by the First Amendment. And even if I take it down the internet is forever (as well as ALL the screenshots, Jes’ Sayin’)

      Enjoy Federal Prison as I’ve coordinated with A LOT of others you’ve done this to.

      We ARE pressing charges. Fullest punishment.

      And by yer friend’s admittance, your antics resulted in the suicide of one woman, and the false arrest of another.
      BOTH unarguably HIGHLY ILLEGAL, even in this day and age of morons like you, you’ve had it gone your way faaaar too long. And your buddy from New Zealand AND all the DCP kids? Yer done.
      You fucked with the wrong guy.

  10. This is my official request for you to stop posting about me and my friends. Continuing to post about us will constitute as stalking and be punishable under law.

    1. Honey, you issued death threats AND you doxxed yourself. I already reported it to the FBI ‘cos you did it over the net, over state lines. In multiple states. Actually if you count our idiot in New Zealand, that’s an internationally co-ordinated terrorist action. We have NOT mentioned you until such time as YOU came in here, and shit on the floor.

      Game, Set and Match.
      Buh Bye and Enjoy Federal Prison.

        1. You should be, International Terrorism is no joke. You are:
          1) In New Zealand
          1a) Your IRL Name is as you posted it. I’m just here to help Fucktard.
          2) Currently, you list yourself as A Supervisor at Countdown Supermarkets in NZ, (specifically Waikato)
          3) DHS here in the States takes that sort of shit for really reelz. They HAVE been notified (yes, I’m connected, so your new job in the US, not so much terrorist-boi… and your screen captures insure this, so die horribly, esp. after I inform the Mongrels THERE how you’ve acted against an associate member never mind being a snitch. Yeah, you’re fucked… never fuck with a MC member fucktard… these guys will eat your heart)
          4) You’ve pissed me off, ergo, I’m going to hunt you down, and have your driven before me like the animal you are
          5) Your Disney College Placement Connection is DEAD My family connection, as well as the exposure I’m working will leave you sorry, sore and dead.
          I’m going to let you QUIETLY Hide… OR I sicc my folks on you from afar. You cunts have NO IDEA who you fucked with bitch.
          If I EVER hear from you again, and you make it here stateside, I WILL be Utterly Ruthless as you AND your friends have threatened me and mine, namely an 11 month old female child. This IS NOT A fucking game, I have the federal authorities involved, and I WILL insure that, if needed that YOUR name is added to a drone strike list. And IF you -somehow- avoid regular justice, to include my MC and well, like let’s see, I have the FBI, DHS and both Osceola and Hillsborough and Polk Counties on this, IF you survive the anal probe I’m setting up, I will personally welcome you to the US old school style

          Trust me on that you stupid fucking asshole.
          Fuck you and Goodnight.

        1. I literally do. not. care.
          I’ll see her, and you, doing $5 blowjobs and $10 anal to survive under a bridge, homeless IF I allow you to survive you fucking with me and mine.
          You WILL become my cunt/bitch, I WILL own you and dispose of you at MY leisure
          This is IRL. You fucked up, and think you are coming to Disney to have a Job in guest relations?
          You have another thing coming

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