Ugh, Zero whut? Observations and a Stupid Idea?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
0400, and man, waking up with a vague hangover, and a feeling of the creeping horrors.  Don’t know if it’s the brain overloading, the constant flow of information and intel… I know last night, much to Wifey’s disapproval I got flat out sloshed in a vain hope to rinse the memories and thoughts of the day outta me brain.
Talked with Mike and Phil before I got too fucked up and we compared notes.  The Solidarity thing seems like it might be the way to go, but, it’ll take a LOT of people doing the “Fuck Off/Walk Off” to make it a success.  Spent some time with Sapper bouncing some ideas, and one of them, and this was, a no shit GMTA moment, The Grey Man emailed me the same Idea that we were cogitating on.

Now, this idea CAN be implemented.  BUT it’s going to take a metric fuckton of balls and People to pull it off.  A -smidgen- of folks ain’t going to do it.  And I have -no idea- how we can get the ball rolling nationally so to speak.  Hell, even at my best I only get about 20K pings here on my best day.  And it’s legal to do.  So, if’n your a regular here, and you got your own blegg, and like the idea, repoast or relink if’n would.  Thankee Kindly

That is simply Evvabody out there head down to HR this week, and re-file your W-4

On the new form, write the word “EXEMPT” on Line 4(c).

That’s it.

Read my lips: No new tax money out of your paycheck.

Now, I ain’t no Tax Lawyer nor do I pretend to know the intricacies of the Tax Code by any means.  The W-4 itself sez:

Far as I’m concerned, if they ask me (or you) UNDER OATH of “Why” did you refile your W-4, you can tell them you ‘expected’ you wouldn’t owe any taxes, So sorry ’bout that, My Bad!

Now reality?  You’ll have to figure out how to ‘hold on’ to your tax monies so to speak.  Because once you file exempt, the DotGov will stop taking out the income tax $$$.  


What -I- and -I- is thinking though, is right now the DotGov is running on some very lean fumes so to speak.  Like razor-thin operating costs.  Now, this approach does a couple of things.  One is that this cuts off the every-two-weeks mudsucking of cash from peoples payroll… shuts down the FedGov Grift of insta-cash.  Second, the absolute flooding of the ‘supposedly understaffed’ cretins at the DotIRS would go into catastrophic meltdown mode.

Think aboot it for a moment Aye?

Say eighty million people suddenly shut off the money from the DotGov.

MOR would be better

Not being a Tax lawyer as I said, but I don’t think they can do anything except maybe shit in their pants in a massive fashion.  BUT it’d take a massive undertaking.  Now, IF and only IF enough people do it, Leviathan would go apeshit.  However, this’s something that in my twisted mind tells me is a surefire way to instantly starve the beast.  Changing the tax code or rules takes a literal Act of Congress (I think)

Now if it doesn’t work, make sure you save at least 20% out of your check “for the ‘Big Guy’ ‘cos sure as hell the IRS is definitely going to come looking for it’s bux eventually.

That being said, this may be one serious spanner we can legally throw in the Gears of the DotGov

Your Thoughts?
More Later, I’ma Try to go back to bed.
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  1. Yeah, you can play games with your W-4, but your employer also has to go along. I tried something similar once. They just kept my older W-4 and trashed the new one.

    1. I was that guy who claimed 8 exemptions on my W-4 while I was active duty. My FICA withholding was maybe $45 a month. Yes, I would wind up owning 4 digits at tax time, but I got to earn interest on my money, not the FedGov.

      Everyone around me would claim 0 so they would get that fat tax refund. They always justified it by saying they couldn’t save money, and I told them they could, if they wanted to.

      Writing “exempt” on the new W-4 won’t stop social security and medicare deductions, of course, but yea, it will stop the spigot to the government general fund. As an accounting minor I don’t think employers remit withheld taxes every pay period. I think they do it quarterly, like the taxes self employed people pay, by paying estimated taxes.

  2. I’ve been doing this for years. Point is, even if I owe taxes, I’m not going to let the gov’t hold ‘my’ money. I got better things to do with it. Will I have a tax due eventually? Probably, but the gov’t doesn’t get to use my money until the last possible day I can hold on to it. And for those who look forward to a ‘tax refund’, you’re an idiot.

  3. My 2¢ go the exempt route, and roll the dice on Bitcoin, open up a coinbase account and park the exempt/extra funds into Bitcoin. Set up an automatic payment from your bank on the day of, or after payday that way you won’t be tempted to spend it, come tax time cash out what you need to pay Uncle, and let the rest ride.

  4. fully agree that starving the leviathan is a *stupendously* desireable thing, but they have lied about everything, and since they have a printing press in the fed and its balance sheet, they will lie about the accounting, print it out of thin air, or do anything else with “money” they want to exert their will.

    taxes are really meant to keep spending power out of the hands of the plebes, we’re much more tractable in debt and living hand to mouth. ain’t even a good place to get a spread in interest over inflation these days…

    truckers strike? now yur talkin. there are some really good things happening in the rest of the anglosphere and with the frogs. there is a direct relationship between the usefulness of a particular kind of sand in their gears and how much MSM will report on that sand being used elsewhere. truckers strike in aussie land? crickets, cause it burns real good.

  5. I’m not fucking around with that shit. I used to have a side business and had to dance around they IRS bullshit years ago. And that was when you had to do everything by hand. It sucked major.

  6. Oh yeah! Money….. that’s as made up, printed on demand, not counted (how many trillion missing on 9/10/01?), there’s absolutely no expectation of repaying the debt or closing the deficit. Just like the goodies left to the Taliban, there is more where that came from.

    What I see as a fear in the government is people leaving. We can’t keep up with the government demand for population growth is one of the reasons immigration is full bore. As soon as things get ugly and folks look to Get OUT the boarder will clamp shut so fast your head will spin.

  7. Mark one more down for the Solidarity column. To paraphrase the Bracken meme, one way or another, we’re going to win.

    Whether that be through tax revolts, trucker strikes, general strikes, sick-outs, or some other combination of decentralized & creative monkey wrenching, makes no difference, so long as it brings us a win; a permanent win. It’s time to go all the way – total victory. Move the ball forward on all possible fronts, simultaneously, & in waves wherever possible. Getting the numbers & organization we need to pull it off? If only there were one of r/ourguys who had within him some mix of righteous indignation, evil genius, & plain old just-don’t-give-a-fuck, -and- had a background in logistics, aye? 🙂 (Come to think of it, most of r/ourguys might be some version of that animal. God help us all tiny Tim. This shit might get ugly. Fuck pear shaped, things might go downright POTATO shaped.)

    And as far as Frankie’s advice on staying relaxed… like another song from the era says, I’m Calm Like A Bomb baby.

    [The Solidarity Power Fist symbol makes me… -uneasy-, on a visceral level. In the same way plunging one’s johnson into pure evil should make a man feel viscerally uneasy, I think. But damn, if we could dupe antifa types into amplifying the message for us, that would be some truly savage fuckery of epic proportions. The kind of savage burn that would make The Doctor of Gonzo himself proud. Getting r/ourguys comfortable with it & keeping it from being co-opted would be issues though.]

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