Uh Oh!

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
It’s a shit sammich and we’re allllllll gonna take a big, fat bite.

Yesterday evening, as I was prepping for movement to the in-laws for Ye Olde Weekend, (Mom came home, Dad’s still in Rehab) Serbian War Criminal came by.  This -right after- Cowboy who had called at lunchtime.
Cowboy asked if I could part with some mor ammunition.
Specifically 5.56mm “Shit’s getting deep compadre” he said, in the largest understatement of the decade…
Cowboy made a stop by at 15:00 and, as things are, I broke open my LAST can of M-855 genuine military issue (don’t ask) steel core 5.56mm and hooked him up with 3 mags worth of stripper clips and the speedloader.  Told him that he could get me on the back end if needed as seeing that shit is out of control, I figgered it’s time that the good party favors  be ‘at the ready.’
Then, Serbian War Criminal came over.  He looked like absolute shit.  Asked him if he was o.k. and he was all “No bro…. is not good… is fucked.  Have not slept in 2 days, no food.”  
Usually he’s pretty fucking upbeat, so I kinda had a hunch what was bugging him.  He then started telling me “Bro, I try to tell co-workers… you know…….”  Having grown up in a world of civil war, deprivation and utter horror SWC is pretty much sure that we’ve crossed the point of no return.  “Is just like back home…. fucking civil war come soon… fuckers too stupid to understand…”
Apparently he’s been trying to tell anyone and everyone on what’s going down… He’s a lot more certain than most because of what he’s seen up close and personal.  I mean I personally watch Iraq tear itself apart, and the fucktards here in the states are all like “well that’s because they’re stupid savage Arabs!” or “it could never happen here.”
Let me tell ya gang… When the Serbian, who was already positioning hisself to move out to the mountains of Tennessee tells you he might not be around much longer, that shits accelerating and he’s gonna scoot before the shit hits, it’s a pretty good indicator of just -how bad- things are going… 
So, we went back and forth about the news, bullshit and all… he wants to try to go to Borepatch’s Blogshoot at the Meatspace in Manatee on the 14th… we’ll see if he’s even still here.  Told me “Florida… is peninsula… is deathtrap to be caught here.  Everyone coming up from south, trying to get to main area… is not feasible.”  I agree… at least here on the west coast we wouldn’t have to worry about the critters headed North from Miami (thank you everglades) but still…bad Juju.  He also talked about the fact that Florida is now Trump’s home-of-record since he bailed on New York and IF the ‘truth and reconciliation’ savages or If it because there’s a ‘government in exile’ as he put it, Florida could be cut off.  
Either way, I’ma thinking HARD about a relocation meselves.  The new job is ‘portable’… I only need a hi-speed line and I can set up ANYWHERE in the nation in a 12 hour pinch.
Sell the house while the market is hot and boogie.
Start out like SWC w/an RV first, head to the yonder hills and wait.
Tough to say. 
I wanted to die in place of old age.
They may not let me.
Oh well.  
Avoid Crowds 
Be the Gray Man
See you all on the 14th
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Today we are helping set up for our daughters baby shower. Young lad will be named Logan when he arrives.

    Daughter has six years in as a street cop. Her hubby was a Marine, served a tour in the sandbox. He is SWAT in the neighboring department. They both get it.

    I've heard it said that when you hold your first grandchild, you will understand why you were put here on this earth. I fully intend to find out.

    God could not make a Stradivarius without the hands of Antonio Stradivari. If the music starts, my instruments are ready, as am I. The rest is out of my hands.

  2. Problem is, from Florida, there really isn't any place to bug out to.

    Tennessee? Nope. It's been taken over, quietly, in the last 10 years by THEM. The major cities have all gone 'inner city multicultural diversity' which means they are all free-fire zones. Memphis (which is a regular 'star' location on the tv show "The First 48" about multicultural diversity individuals shooting other multicultural diversity individuals. Same with Chatanooga, which 2 years ago got so bad that Harry Flahsman (a pseudoname for a very good blogger) went dark, not to mention his AOA of northwestern GA (foothills therein of) got forced multicultural diversity because of Okobungo. Same with any hamlet of any size. And the places where MCD hasn't taken over have become positively clannish and to the point of 'repel all borders' if you get way from any touristy place.

    Same with, well, GA. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, even friggin Alaska have all gotten 'frisky' and aren't safe places.

    Your cam shelter in place. You are at a location where you have access to medical, your wife has access to work.

    If you do go all hippy and move out, how exactly are you going to do that? From what you've inferred, you have basically a mini-armory with you. Along with Sapper, a dog, other pets, the occasional grand-bebe etc. And face it. If you weren't up for a day's work in an Indian Casino, then the bug-out boogie (without a prepared location already prepared to receive you and yours) is going to be extremely physically challenging.

    Like, well, me. I could go bug out. Except that I am allergic to the color green. If it's green, it breaks me out. Waxy green is a deathnell to me. And my sig-other is a scooter person due to way too much body trauma. Where the fuck could we go bug out to that is relatively healthy, has access to doctors and isn't up a fucking goat path? Naw, we'll stay, shelter in place, and do the Ragnarok thingy.

    Fuck it. Too old and too pissed and too broken to fucken bug out.

    Just have to see how many of the fuckers I can take down before I fall.

    And who knows… There are some smart people saying all the open election fuckery is Trump selling them rope by the pallet load. They've obviously overstepped the limits of credibility, and now even the normal dem voter is going WTF?

    Seriously, evaluate yourself and yours physically. Yes, a civ war is coming in one form or another. But can you physically handle bugging out (which, realistically, you should have done in the middle of the summer when the angry militant asshole who said he was a Marine moved into your AOA.)(And you all let those angry gorillas control your street over July 4th.)

    If you can, easily and safely, get the fuck out, to a safe location that's actually safe, not pseudo-safe (as in, some place you actually fit into and don't stand out like a sore thumb and aren't just offering your stuff up to a midnight raid by the local hillfolk clans…)

    The die is cast. We are all where we are. Too late to move. Too early to start shooting. Waiting sucks.

    1. Beans: COMPLETELY agree witht he analysis… as far as Gorilla-Ops in my A.O., for the most part since the introduction of "Flammerwerfer Testing" on the regular he's a -bit- mor civil… not nice mind you… just civil… which I'll take, up to and until I have to turn him AND his into crispy critters.

      As far as the phyzz… yeah, I'm now -seriously- working on that. Walked a mile yesterday, no cane this time. No percocet either. Weaning offa da Opiates has been a stone bitch but I'm dealing.

      I dig where and what you say brotherman… we're gonna prolly do the 'bunker in place' ourselves… just wish the winders at ye olde casa weren't so HUGE! Unlike me house back inNH growing up… THAT crib was bunker-ish just to protect fromt he fucking elements… here? "Let the sun shine!" INDEED! m Makes it hard to protect outside of LOTS of plywood, and sandbags.

    2. Knoxville resident here… not true. Rather nice, actually. They keep a tight lid on the athletic scholarship recipients at the college… lots of parts of EastTN that would be nice, vets greatly appreciated here.

  3. Been all over Fla. And Tennesee. Lots more kinds of things to eat and lots more of it everywhere in FLA. Land and water things. Mountains of tennesee? Not as much. Thick woods and swamp for cover in Fla. If you have to run in an emergency , the Atlantic and the Gulf are wide open. And ports allow ships with supplies from friendlies to bring in needed things. Big Trade is possible. Landlocked mountains where it's hard to grow food? Much easier to be " cut off".

  4. Not sure an RV is the answer. It would be good to relocate with but big target saying I have stuff. Better is just a truck, maybe a run down High cube so it looks like a rolling junk pile. Guts can be good just appearances. Paint it up as Joe's Plumbing or Electric. Should be under most radars.

    1. Agree… there's a guy… can't find the link who took a used Ryder Truck (26 Foot) and turned it into a palace-on-wheels… whilst the exterior looked like something that no self respectin' truck thief would look at…

  5. Regarding your windows, you can bunker them up with some nice plate or UHMW plastic (ultra-high molecular weight) bolted into the window frame from the inside, that way your venetian blinds cover any armoring. You can even cut those keyhole slits or threaded ends pointing out so you can just lift a panel up and lock it in. Outside use hurricane shutters, those metal panels. If anybody bugs you about them, say you're taking care of some person that has light issues due to head trauma.

    As to Tennessee, yeah, overstepped on that one a tad, but West and South Tennessee are as I describe, gone. East Tennessee, up in the hollers, well, those are my wife's folk and they are still clannish, what ones haven't been run out of them by the tourists… But there are still nice places in Tennessee.

  6. Have seen a few. Not sure I like the Ryder idea though as they are rentals and you could be using it to move something with value. But that is a at best a quibble. Course I will probably shelter in place for at least 30-45 days. Then move.

    Just have not figured out to where, though. I think my Mother in Laws in the middle of missouri leads the pack. It ia halfway between St Loius and Kansas City which is a negative. But is hard to find anything that is isolated any more.

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