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“The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a request by Trump ally Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican, to nullify Joe Biden’s election victory in Pennsylvania.”

It means we’re fucked

Well, we’re fucked as far as the Jury Box goes
So be it.
And anyone who sez this’s just and ‘outlier’ and ‘trust in the plan’…
I got 50 pounds of ‘stick that bullshit up your ass, and rotate.’
Because the Supreme Court just pretty much set the stage to say
“Ain’t our circus, ain’t our monkeys.”
Doesn’t matter the legality or constitutionality of it
It’s the fact that the 9 Robed Legislators have spoken
And that is:  Our votes don’t matter, nor do our concerns.

Means we need a plan…

Time for some face-to-face.
Emails will be sent for meetups on an individual basis.
Shit just went completely sideways.
I was sorely counting on the Supreme Court to do the right thing, but apparently, they’re not going to, and we have to do our own thing.  Either individually or in groups.  Dammit.  This is what I get for hoping.  Last time I hoped this hard it was when I wanted that new bike for Christmas…  And we all know how that particular shitshow ended.
Shit –does- theoretically work out in the end, so now we got a long hard row to hoe dammit…  
Guess I am gonna order that one. last. pizza. ’cause the diet and P.T. goes full bore dirty whore tomorrow.  Ugh… this’s gonna purely suck.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. This was a denied injunction not yet the end game. Also there is another better thought out suit from Texas on the docket so get hard and stay frosty.

  2. A.B. has it right. This means nothing for this case, and the Texas case is a bigger deal anyway.

  3. Not surprised. The SCOTUS really HATES having to actually address important issues regarding actual freedom and rights. It's why they rarely hear 2A cases….. because they DO NOT want to show their true colors. They are NOT going to stick their necks out and deal with this case. They will allow the lower courts to do the dirty work of blocking the truth. There is still a tiny miniscule chance that electors are appointed by the states as was done almost two hundred years ago…..that however is very unlikely.

    This will ends one of three ways. Trump sidesteps the corrupt judiciary and invokes martial law, rounds up the criminals etc. That will end with a civil war.

    The left wins, freedom dies and countless Americans end up in gulags.

    Or "we the people" act….not talk….ACT….NOW! This means the complicit judges, the corrupt talking heads, the Big Tech criminals etc. etc. all start dying in varied ways until we TAKE our country back.
    Anyway you cut it people are about to suffer and die…..in meaningful numbers. If we are smart WE decide the terms of engagement and we DON'T wait for the left to cement their grasp on power.

    Any way you cut it America as we knew it OVER, for good. We are àt a major crossroads in history and there is no going back to what was.

  4. My thoughts as someone living north in Canada, it's not just you guys that are in for hard times. Seems the Feds up here have some plans of their own and a timeline for them.

    1st the most conservative province was just put on lock down by our cuckservative Premier (that's like a governor), it's a 4 week lock down and it's going to kill businesses (whats left of them). https://www.todocanada.ca/december-8th-alberta-closes-restaurants-gyms-enacts-strict-measures/

    Our federal PM is a far left air head (think AOC but with cartoon socks) he's bringing in a federal lock down starting the 18th, has opened up covid isolation camps and is deploying troops to the two conservative provinces to aid with lock downs.

    Plus our PM offered Biden and Harris a place to hang out if they need to exit the US in a hurry.

    So expect to see fun and games on your northern border as well.


  5. "Organize organizations"?

    Nay, nay!

    Do not form small groups, do not discuss.

    The danger to TheDeepSwamp is the lone White male.
    He completed his manifesto, he set aside his pencil, he slips unseen into the shadows.

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