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Bit of a tiff going on on teh intarhwhebz these days on the meaning and status of”Civil War” and secession.  Apparently T.L. Davis wrote up his perspective vis-a-vis the upcomi ng spicytimes, and then the ever acerbic Aesop stepped up to the plate.  The links are over at “News to Keep You Out of The Camps” so I won’t link ’em… most of you visiting here have probably already read them.

For the TL;DR crowd, the baseline is Davis lays out the ‘how-who-where-why-when’ of the possibilities of secession.  Aesop came back in the comments with his usual wit and demeanor, and launched into a minor tear of ‘How’d that whole secession thing work out last time doofus?’ at Davis.  Davis responded with another point by point takedown of Aesop, and this A.M. there’s the response to the responses.

Short Take:

Davis thinks secession can work, and will happen, and be bloody, but we’ll come out ok in the end. He also thinks that voting and lawsuits can help to keep it civilized  

Aesop thinks it’s gonna be a shitfestivus of Rwanda times Srebrenicia, Tribal slaughter levels.  No real happy ending until Thunderdome is achieved.  Two parties enter, one leaves.

MY Take:

I’m with Aesop for the most part on this one.

We just saw what the whole “Vote harder” shit came to…  And lawsuits?  Don’t make me fucking laugh that hard.  Me poor gallbladder can’t take that much of a beating…  Fuckin’ courts are nothing more than Glorified Star Chambers that’ll be utilized to instill terror in the Deplorables, in order to keep some of the more ‘malleable’ folks from picking up pitchforks and torches, nevermind rifles and flammenwerfers.  And the police?  The fuzz are nothing more than a Praetorian Guard at this point, as well as revenue generators for the Powers that Be…  The DotMil is part of the new Praetorians…  Especially at the higher-higher ranks, who think that they’ll be spared the neck-stretching that’ll eventually happen.

And add on, one addendum that I fucked up… It -wasn’t- a Lt. Col. on the gun that took out Nicolae Ceaușescu and his frau… It was a Captain and two Sergeant-Majors:  Captain Ionel Boeru, Sergeant-Major(s) Georghin Octavian and Dorin-Marian Cirlan.  

Looks like the lower ranks were the triggermen.

No wonder they’re trying to hand out bullshit awards now.  Not that that’ll make one whit of a difference.  I knew some guys back in the day that would have loved an opportunity to cap a Pol… hell, even back in the Clinton Days they knew the line-doggies purely hated the politicians.  When Clinton went to visit anywhere the first thing they did was make sure to shake down the grunts to makes sure –no-one– had a loaded weapon around the Philanderer in Chief.

And now?  Just -how many- empty mag-wells do you see in D.C.?  I honestly think I’ve see 3 or 4 actual Mags in the M-4 wells… and even then, I’d be seriously questioning if there’re any beebees in the mag?  Highly doubtful IMO.  In fact I’d really wonder if there IS a ASP/AHA?  That’s an Ammunition Supply Point or Ammunition Holding Area.  Nearest ASP I would think is the Navy Yard or the Marine Barracks at Eighth and “I”… ASPs usually are the big fuckin bunkers that hold vast amounts of boom-boom, while AHAs are the locally placed small, guarded pile of small arms supply/resupply… In the Sinai we had sealed pallets of ammo in each bunker for potential “Oh shit!” moments.  If there was an actual attempt at a legit overthrow, them National Guard folks, if they have to run back a couple of city blocks to get a basic load?  Sheeeeeeeeee-it… the ambulances and casualties from heart attacks alone will choke the ER’s of the greater D.C. metro area hospitals for days…

I’m thinking that the ‘kickoff’ of this will be a complete economic breakdown.  Once cash ain’t worth shit, all hell will break loose, whilst our self-designated betters head to the bunkers and compounds, much reverting to the Medieval Mode of living.  Rich burgers locked safely in their keeps, guarded by paid gunslingers… HOPING that they have enough power and money to weather the upcoming storm… now, methinks they miscalculated a bit… no matter how much money they have, eventually them hardasses with the guns?  Yeah, they’re gonna off them buggers and  take over.

The current Enemedia demonization I personally think is part of the greater plan writ LARGEStart now by making at least half of the country eeeee-vil.  Evil, by even biblical standards cannot be negotiated with.  It must be destroyed, and the current hyping of how evil one half of ‘Murica is being portrayed heads us into the next phase for them.

The initial play however is going to be an further inflammation of the stupid divide… people like me are going to be demonized in the Propaganda Media as ‘hoarders’ when the food runs short… the fucking localities will send out the fuzz to ‘confiscate for the greater good’ my supplies to help ‘feed the poor unfortunate ones’ (i.e. stupid niggers who couldn’t prep to save their lives)… the Grasshopper/Ants situation writ nationally, with the Propaganda Media being the prime movers of the story… I mean isn’t it ironic that the hardcore preppers of the Nation, for the most part, are conservative eeeeeeeeeee-vil right wingers who <GASP!!!> have stockpiles of guns and ammunition and oh yeah, they got food.  

And they’re gonna come for all of the above.  First the ammo… taxes and whatnot… lawfair to outlaw boolits… make it impossible to get pew to throw out of the pew-pew.  Then the guns… violent intolerant raaaaaaay-cist gun clingers…  and then, right around then, they’ll crash the system.  And expect that the newly-disarmed population will give up their carefully prepped foods and such whatnot…or else.

And ya know what?  That’s gonna be the end of that particular brand of stupid.

They’ve been accelerating it, for whatever reason… I mean if they had waited a while, they’d be far more assured… dunno what the hubbub is about bub, but for whatever reason, they’re making a last-ditch grab for the brass ring, by hook and/or crook, and either way,  it will not end well.

Hell, I just rejoined the gym today.P.T. even while broken.  I gotta ruckit.

Oh, and By The Way, One Year Ago I did Something.

Happy Anniversary Baby.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Wife and I married 33 years ago. We occasionally remember the anniversary. The last three years I’ve been able to lord it over her when she forgot.

  2. Excellent article, on all points. Always enjoy your work. I enjoy both Davis and Aesop, I think Aesop has a view I agree with more,Davis does come up with some good thoughts. Not ALL of them though. The demonization by the omnidirectional eye of Mordor I think you are SPOT ON . Happy Anniversary by the way.

  3. Big country, I agree and predict a balkanization like the former Yugo like you alluded to. Fucking. Medevil. Epic.

  4. Planned secession is a foolish idea.
    What system would replace what, and with/by whom?
    A vacuum of epic proportions.

    Is Aesop still pushing the scamdemic?
    Does he have any recommendations on which
    Karen mask to wear with of ones Liberty Teeth gear?
    He used to be swift in deleting comments at his blog which went contrary to his narrative.
    Is he still doing that?
    His blog, his choice. People who get deleted have the choice to stop giving him time.

    Stopped reading him some time ago.
    He’s just another guy with his own opinions.

    1. I agree with your assessment. As far as I’m concerned, Aesop went all-in on the most important play the enemy ran! 99.7% recovery rate and he wants to call those who disagree with him, “Gilligans.” Honestly, his selling his readers of the utter horror of the China virus was treasonous, but is he now trying to gloss over that with medical articles and all sorts of anti-globalist venom! Methinks Aesop dost protest too much after buying in to the virus as a way to stop Trump—and thereby, us.

      Now, I have to wonder just who among all of the beacons I follow in our struggle for freedom, are actually writing to us from the bowels of CIA in Langley.

      I welcome any and all to put my doubts about him to rest and am willing to be persuaded, but the guy really is a pompous jerk and doesn’t strike me as a military veteran. My comments calling him out go “poof” as soon as I hit submit. I think he needs to grow up.

  5. I do not understand why Aesop hyped the WuFlu? To me, that was doing the enemy’s work. Can anyone explain this to me and why I should trust that he’s really on our side? My comments won’t post there. Then again, my comments have shut down You Tubers comment sections because I called their BS about Biden won’t be inaugurated.

    1. “Hyped?”
      You’re plainly fucking nuts. Truth sounds stupid to stupid people.
      Until about 4 weeks ago, I spent the last three months solid ass-deep in critically ill COVID patients, in a hospital packed to the gills with those dead and dying from it. The only way to jam any more sick and dying people into the place was either duct taping them to the walls, or installing bunk beds, and 80% of them were Kung Flu. We were about 5 minutes from sorting those too old to bother about, and putting them into the “go over to that tent to die” category, just like Italy did. The last wave hereabouts peaked shortly after that (3 weeks after all the local Gilligans (those are COVIDiot jackasses who think it’s an imaginary outbreak, not people who disagree with me, although there is considerable overlap from ne to the other, but that’s mainly because retards gonna retard) did their New Years’ get-togethers, and then got sick as hell. Coincidence? Not.), and is now dropping to saner levels. Thank a merciful god.

      Sorry such facts are inconvenient to your narrative, but I also only told you and anybody with the IQ to read that for something above at least 97% of everyone, this would be a fart in a hurricane.
      But that the second-, third-, and fourth-order effects would be ball-breakers from coast to coast. And that the commies would be happy to “never let a crisis go to waste”, and take full advantage of a real actual pandemic to jumpstart their usual bullshit. Exactly like the Chicoms used it to end Hong Kong protests.
      Go back and read anything or everything I wrote – what I actually said, not what you thought I said – and then let me know where I missed that call.

      I can tell people the truth.
      I can’t make them smart enough to pay attention.

      And “not a military veteran”? Let me put it in military terminology for you: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Strongly worded message follows.
      My DD214 doesn’t seem in any way confused about what I did or where I served, on three oceans, two continents, and on one DMZ. My C-in-C was named Reagan, and my first CG was named Al Gray. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. I was issued C-rats before I ever saw an MRE, and my first LBE was pure Vietnam issue, including the graffiti on the turtle-plate flak jacket and steel pot with helmet liner. My service was nothing special, but it’s a family thing, going back directly to Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, and indirectly back to at least the Civil War. I haven’t looked further, but until my cousins weinered out, every male in the family had served, in either WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and/or the Cold War. So I laugh about people that think I’m making my own service up, and I fart in their general direction. Whoops, my bad, turns out I actually shit on them. Imagine my regret.

      As far as comments on my blog, yes: my blog. But even TL didn’t have any trouble getting his posted. If you can stick to a topic instead of just pooping out the fucktarded ad hominems that were flying in by the metric fuckton last spring, 99% of them from anonymous trolls to chickenshit to self-identify, they’ll still make the comments page.
      About a half dozen assholes (after 12 years of blogging) are set to auto-ignore, and I never see their screeds. (Sad face.) The rest I push through about 99.5% of the time, every day, as soon as I get the chance. Last I looked, there were north of 26,000 comments, and one helluva lot were neither complimentary nor ass-kissing, yet they’re still right up there. Only gratuitous assholes get recycled into the electronic ether.
      If somebody’s Tourette’s kicks in whenever they read something that their pre-conceived notions and fountains of ignorance cannot grok, I’m not beholden to tolerate and disseminate their diaper spackle just to make them feel good about smearing their pantload on the wall, nor tell them it’s really art. That’s what their mommies are for.

      As to any other bona fides, CA from WRSA has met me in person (I owe him dinner on me next time) locally, and so have a number of other folks, on multiple occasions. I’ve been posting medical articles since at least 2013, IIRC, and anti-globalist posts longer than that.
      If you think the CIA has time to bother with the lackwits online, I’ve got a bridge to sell you, cheap. On their best day, they can’t find their own asses with both hands and a rearview mirror, having only missed figuring out Korea, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, Vietnam, 2-4 Middle East wars, Russian troops in Cuba, the fall of the Shah of Iran, the collapse of the Soviet Union, GW I, 9/11, and 200 lesser events and crises were going to happen before they read about them in the WaPo, or saw them on TV. Their main function is to make the Post office, VA, and Congress itself look competent by comparison.
      Anyone who couldn’t figure that out themselves in about 5 seconds’ careful observation of the CIA anytime since 1949, isn’t tall enough for the Internet.

      If I’d packed so many wrong ideas into such a small pair of posts, I’d be pretty shy about it, and maybe type less and mouseclick and read more, but it’s still a nominally free country, so YMMV.

      But if you can’t help yourself, and there’s anything else puzzling you that you need help clearing up, I’m only too happy to help.
      I’m a giver like that.
      If anything I wrote here or on my blog is/was too advanced to grasp (although I generally write at the same level military field manuals are addressed: middling high schoolers), I can try it again, and translate it into crayon on the fly. As long as you don’t want it in purple. Because I save those for eating, since they taste the best.

      1. 99.7% survival rate.

        Sorry that you can’t get that through your head. But our side continues to allow itself to be manipulated by the prince of fucking darkness. You’re in good company, comrade.

      2. Hyped?…Yes, definitely hyped.
        And do stop dry humping both Fauci and
        his boss Bill Gate’s legs in public..it’s definitely
        ‘bad form’ ol bean!!

        If you refuse to stop, someone will have to
        punish you with a rolled up copy of the
        jewish bolshevik owned NYT and leave you
        outside in the backyard…BAD ASEOP!! You
        made another mess!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Congrats on the anniversary, remember it’s nevah a cinch. After my 38th the wifey decided to ditch. Have to admit the coming carfuckle will be easier to maneuver without the interference.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Chief! My little wrinkle is that TPTB can’t really control the economy like they think they can/do, and as they lose control, the states will walk on their own. Some might make a formal declaration, others won’t, but it won’t make any difference, the federal govt. already has problems asserting it’s “authoritah”. Minus their taxes and soldiers/sailors/airmen not showing up due to chaos caused by a dead economy, fedgov will be flailing for respect where none can be had. The dollar already ain’t worth shit, and everyone knows it. That already-worthless-paper-currency is the rotten glue holding things together. Once it goes, it’s gone, all of it. States and Warlords, perhaps, if we’re lucky.

  8. Happy anniversary to you and your missus, brother. As for the TL/Aesop “discussion”; I would like it if TL was correct and secession would work out. But, I agree with Aesop, you, and a few others… when this shitshow goes sideways, it will be on it’s way to inverted; it won’t stop at ‘simple sideways’.
    And, as I posted over at Kenny’s the other day, all this ‘woke shit’; and “gender shit”, and “racist shit” will end, as “we” say to “them” – not only no, but hell no. Sadly, just about half the country has to die first. But remember – that, ultimately; was “their” plan for “us”; the difference being “their” intent to use deceit, cheating, and shenanigans, because “they” didn’t want to get “their” delicate hands dirty. “Our” plan (such as it is) is a bit more direct, more kinetic, and a bit more open and honest. “We” will use weapons, unapologetically. “They” are in the process of calling the tune…
    Let’s dance.

  9. First time caller.
    They will TAX the balls off of pews. That takes out 80 percent of the carriers AFTER 6 to 18 months. In a long term engagement they have zero chance. 18k hajis with will and moderate equip plus a lot of red up ply gave us way more than was expected . Say there’s oh 5M left. More than half have live environment time. Crystal ball-and cards say that will fail, and do so miserably. To win it takes total engagement. CT had 4 percent compliance… so my estimate is low.

  10. Congratulations on the anniversary. The magic 100 days coincides with May Day. Betting that’ll be Uncle Joe’s last day in office. Then Knee Pads will take over until she’s no longer useful. May will be a lusty month, especially with the anniversary of poor George Floyd’s demise, and the trial of the Po po neck kneeler in charge.

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary and on rejoining the gym, Big Country.
    –a fan in in Texas

  12. First off… happy anniversary. It’s a rare thing indeed to finally find the right person. Took me until I was almost 60… and three swings before that. Got a keeper this time and apparently she feels the same. Wonders never cease.

    Been mulling over one of the other comments above about “not formally declaring”… it occurs to me that there might be some of that here in Texas going on with what Abbott wants to do about securing our border with Mexico. But then again can just be posturing by another politician.

    Got 3 M67s yesterday…

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