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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, now that all hell has broken loose, and Slo is literally in a Slow-Motion Collapse in front of the world, we’re in some really deep shit
Like I’ve never -seen- anything as fucked up as this in my 53? odd and sodden years on this shitty little mudball.

I mean literally Slo is collapsing.  he ‘went fetal’ according to the overseas news, and caved when hit with a relatively softball question.  Tater Joe just ain’t up to it.  Fuck -I- wouldn’t be up to it.  Even then though, he said he could do the job and the fucktard DemonRats said “Bestest (p)Resident EVVAR!!!

Yeah, Not so much.  Headlines from other news from around the world:

  • “The 78-year-old President however became frustrated, gripping his notebook and bowing his head…”
  • “Biden seemed to lose track of his words and widen his eyes while taking questions from pre-approved reporters”

Hooo Boy

We truly are where no man has gone before.  If -I- was China, I’d be launching the invasion fleet to Taiwan right now!!!  And if Putin truly wants to ‘take’ the Ukraine, I’d say this iron can’t get much hotter n’now Aye?  “Load up boys, the ‘Muricans are out of it –completely-!!!”
So much for “projecting strength”
And the buck?  Passed again:
“He then tried to blame it on Trump, saying Trump planned to be out by May 1 and that he delayed it.”

‘You know – I wish one day you’d say these things. You know as well as I do that the former President made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1. In return the was made – that was a year before.

‘In return for the commitment, the Taliban would continue to attack others but would not attack any American forces. Remember that? I’m being serious. I’m asking you a question,”

The enemy-media should also be taking a long hard look at itself.
THEY had the responsibility to actually ‘vet’ the candidates… And unfortunately they allowed theyselves to be the kingmakers.  
They injected theyselves AND their toxic poly-ticks into the mix, much like the HIV Virus they are.  Hell, they’re all traitors, both to the country AND the concept of ‘fair and impartial’. 
I got –nuthin– for any member of the Ministry of Propaganda.

So, based on the current melt-down, another thing that we have going on is the current evacc or lack-of-evacc in Affy.  The most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen again.  Like what the fuck are they doing pulling Hajji out before  American Citizens????  OMFG… sure… Terps?  Families with potential death sentences?  Hmmn well there’s a problem there with these ‘supposed’ Terps.  I put it up on Gab the other day… here is my issue:

OK, Numbers: 491,500 troops served in Affy -in total- over 20 years… ALL branches… MAX number of terps? maybe 50,000 in total. Terps had to do two things: 1) Speak English and Pashtun/whatever well enough to get the point across and 2) be willing to work for the ‘Muricans under pain of death.

From experience? NOT very many ‘locals’ were able/willing do do # 1&2…

Most were as much as 2nd and 3rd gen. Affys who’re already living in the states, and already had a green card/citizenship… Contractors like me who saw the chance to make their boodle…

Local Terps (interpreters) don’t leave, don’t stop, up until they GTFO as they worked for the ‘bad guys’ and the Tallybananas kids knew -who- they- were and -where- they lived… MOST ‘locally made’ terps I knew popped smoke in 2013 when the ‘end was nigh’…

So this 200K+, call it a quarter-mil imports? Total Bullshit. Even WITH the extended fambly…Nothing more that a ‘pack the (D) voats’ wherever they end up resettling these pedo-goat-rapist affys… Which means we’re going to import a 2:1 ratio of P.G.R.A. to each and every single soldier who ever served over there?

The mind boggles at such math

So just who the fuck are these 200,000 motherfuckers they want to import?
I mean the average Affy, even the Terps are like 6th grade educated goat herders… leastways the local Terps, as opposed to the US Based generational Terps.  How many of these fucking guys are actually fucking sleeper-level terrorists?  I mean they caught ONE guy already… the fucking Brits, as opposed to our morons on the ground, checked the guys, especially the military aged males, climbing onto their aircraft and lo and behold!  One of them was on the ‘no-fly-wanted-genuine-terrorist list!!!!

What balls.
So who and what are we importing?  Is it that the FBI is running out of fake and gay ops to do, so it’s time to import some gen-you-wine Tallybananas terror-ristas?  

Jes’ Sayin’

Food for thought Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. why the surprise? this is obummah’s third term. this is what fundamentally remaking America looks like.

    1. Buy this man a cold drink!

      Obozo upped his game from ARs to da cartels in ‘Fast and Furious’…

      …to artillery pieces and combat aircraft to his muzzy buds in ‘Slow and Kinda Mad’.

  2. Remember Antony Blinken was Susan Rice’s top advisor. That Susan Rice who unmasked Trump, Flynn, Carter Paige, George Papadopouls et all on behalf of Obama and Hillary.

    So if its team Obama running Joe then its actually Valerie Jarret the Iranian calling the real shots.

    And Hillary’s top advisor is Iranian Human Abedin.

    Remember Hillary was supposed to follow Obama but Trump disrupted the master plan.

    1. Sure as that old sun comes over the mountain each day–gonna be a gigantic RECKONING. Might not come all at once–and prolly will be “multi-dimensional.” Grid infrastructure is for shit, EMP possibility, civil unrest, financial bubble pops like a teen’s big red zit, FED GOV goes more cuckoo, more bio-weapons of nth degree worse, who the hell knows?

      All I know is that my HS wrestling coach back in the 60s could done a better presser AND stomped the shit outta most of the Joint Chiefs we have today playing at being soldiers. Coach Mike was WW2 and Korea Vet–brooked no BS. Taught generations how to be men and state champs. Taught you how to WIN. I owe him. He just passed at 99.

      As opposed to NO FUCKING LEADERSHIP WHATSOEVER at any level. Way past neglect and incompetence. DEVILRY.

      And 12 of our ‘Devil Dogs’ blown to pieces by these worthless POS running the show! Makes my blood boil.

      Shit is comin’ down the pike. I’ve been out zeroing the sticks, aiming my IR illuminators, reviewing fields of fire, adjusting the plates for hotter weather, and buying up more food and water. Neighborhood Protection Team forming up.

      Men–I haven’t seen this country more fooked up than it is right now, and realize the future will get worse. Much worse. Harden your hearts. RECKONING approaches.

  3. If Biden AND Harris are found incompetent, Pelosi is 3rd in line.
    Trump ain’t coming back folks, it’s impossible. He jumped ship in Jan.
    Read the rule book and face reality.

    1. but but but

      the My Pillow Guy said …

      this is soooooo fucked up

      gotta hand it to the joooos though

      bastards played the christian cowards like a fiddle

    2. No doubt… I find the Hopium people are smoking to be hilarious
      Where do I get ‘the good stuff’ man?
      I need some of that shit Aye?

  4. Regarding Biden’s moment of pausing at the podium like that. They teach Alzheimer’s patients to pause lean in and hold their hands like that when they’re losing their thoughts, whenever they start to forget
    things, as a way to focus and remember what they are doing and where they are.

    1. …and Satan convinced the humans to rebel against God – turning paradise into this shitty little mudball.

      1. that is so much shit. so this gawd is taking a shit on it’s followers for others poor lifestyles? what an asshole. i’ll do much better without another asshole fucking with me….

  5. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    LOL!! You’re nothing but a little pussy, just like all the progressive pussies who can’t stand heat. FU, illiterate pussy.

    1. And Who the fuck are you asshole? My house, my rules.
      Come here flinging shit? You ain’t welcome FedBoi. I moderate to avoid unpleasant fucktards like you.
      Don’t like the content? Don’t read it faggot.
      And your email username? Man, Ogami would have you for breakfast trollfest, get a better name… you aren’t worthy to sully his.
      Also: Pro Tip: use a proxy next time asshole. I got -all- your info from your IP fecalpenis. You want to play? Let’s dance faggot.

  6. at least leon pinheadah is up for another 20 year whack at teh ebil terrists.. so we have that going for anyway, which is nice..

    prepare for a draft lottery soon to come as the Norks, Chins, Ruskies, and Tallybans exploit their window of opportunity. no worries, the LGBTFUBAR rainbow trewps will show the wirld how it’s done- the right way this time


    1. The dumbmasses refuse to wake up to the “NeverEnding War” that was started with VietNam, all for the benefit of the MIC.
      Along with the faux terrorism created by certain alphabet agencies to keep the dumbmasses in constant fear and under control.
      The mindless sheep have earned this now.

  7. Over 100 Affy “imports” so far were positive hits on the terrorist screening database (TSDB), Im shocked. Maybe the rest slipped through after having their biometrics deleted by Taliban when they took over the database. And the rest, well DoS has the vetting, Always trust DoS vetting, cuz thats not how the Saudi camel humper was able to make his way to Pensacola, and shoot up some of our boys, cuz DoS does such good vetting.

    Well, on the bright side maybe we get to play some cowboys and Affy-indians here, beats all that travel and away from home time.

    1. This whole war on terror was created by the same people giving you those TSDB numbers.
      Exactly how long is it going to take for some of you to wake up??? Or just spend the rest of your lives listening to what you’re told, never turning on the light bulb and seeing what’s actually going on?

      1. it’s no use, the murkins are not even in the game. they will still believe in everything that is aMurka right till they suck that last gasp of O2.. there is no pleasant way to describe what the average murkin really is.. part that puzzles me is, they still partay, drink, play, and somehow sleep like there is a competent military force with actual leaders who are protecting them-LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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