Up To Speed and Pancakes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Got the M1A -done-…For the purposes of ‘done’ that is. 

There is always something ‘else’ to work on, be it a trigger job, rail mount, bipod… in this case when and IF I can afford it, there IS an aftermarket picatinny rail that replaces the front sling swivel.  Allows you to add a picatinny mounted bipod, as well as a few slots which will allow a sling swivel mount…

$70 for a rail is a -bit- much in my current financials…GranBebe is outgrowing her clothes like a motherfucker as of late…

“Growing like a weed” is a serious understatement.  I can tell when she’s growth-spurtin’ because the way she chows down.  The other day?  OtherGrans discovered these lil baby frozen pancakes… we make sure the favorites are co-located depending on where she is at the time… duplicate everything to continue ‘normal’ for the means of ‘normal’ ’round here… Anyways, each one of them is about the size of a silver dollar… a big ole pouch of them?  About $8 for a huge bag, which has ‘sub-bags’ meaning they’re portioned.  About a dozen per smaller bag, with the BIG bag being like a pound and a half…  Normally I’d mix m’up n’cook meselves, as I’m the head chef ’round here… that being said tho, Papi needs some down time now n’again, so’s Wifey needs ‘nuclear breakfast material’ to keep the kinder fed and happy quicklike.

The last sitting of serious feeding?
Try two. whole. bags.  In one sitting… Easily two dozen mini pancakes.  And BTW, she -does not– eat ’em for the liquid sugar.  Nope… only butter on them, as she doesn’t like the Maple Syrup…  which BTW as an aside… the stuff I have is real Vermont Maple sugar, from a farm I personally know the owners of… no bullshit syntho-maple bullshit allowed around here.  She doesn’t like it believe it or not… but yeah, 24 mini pancakes, and no shit, a FULL box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage links.

Yeah… 12 oz of links… –the. whole. fucking. box.
I was, as they say, fuckin’ impressed.
That’s “Infantry” level appetite.
That also being said, we got sneakers that she’s worn -once- and she’s already outgrown them.

<le sigh>

Whatever… so anyways…The rifle?  Well… 
You tell moi:

Added the kydex cheekpiece.  Cut n’ molded it myself.  Got the screw set on the Zon…  

40mm tubed Optic 6X-25X-56mm

UTG peep-thru scope mount.  I can use the NM Iron Sights with it w/out obstruction.

1965 issue OD green web belt sling.  REAL Marine Issue for the M-14.

And then, from Wifey, she found and got me the patch:

Funny Aye?

She understands me.

Only thing I might need is a anti-reflect honeycomb baffle for the front of the optic…

We shall see.
Otherwise, the range report will follow.  I’m personally very excited by the concept.  So, More to Follow, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Noice looking rifle. I try not to covet… as for hungry chilling, I can relate. All three sons, their sons, and even my daughter… used to stop every day on the way home from work, and grab me a few frosty ones – and two gallons of milk. every. fucking. evening. Oldest son is built like a fireplug, so I get that. Other kids are rail thin, muscular, and have “cantsitforasecond’ disease… more shit that don’t make sense.
    Anyway, nice rifle.

  2. Just sayin’ – The Zon is NOT the cheapest source anymore. I work in R&D and buy all kinds of stuff for projects. Maybe 49 in 50 items on Amazon can be found cheaper shopping around – often MUCH cheaper and with lower shipping costs and quicker delivery times, too.

  3. GO with the honeycomb baffle.
    You have done your homework.
    recognize that there WILL BE OTHERS who have done THEIRS but they are on the other side of the line. And they, it pains me to say this are as well trained as you. Yes, there Is another Big Country (though he is likely a skinny wiry kid who went through the same mill YOU did but with opposite goals.

    1. Oh really? Do share this other Big Country as I’m betting he is some BLANTIFA fuck tard?

      1. There are a number of gang bangers groomed from birth or a young age for military service to learn and bring back the knowledge to the hood….and yes, they serve in all the “operators operating operationally” units. And yes the military is very aware of it and was tracking and studying it…key word…WAS…maybe they are back to paying attention but I doubt it

  4. Great old song, “What a Difference a Day Makes”. Paraphrase change “day” to, “a week” (for this blog; “please exit roller coaster on green light”).

    What’s that club weigh? Total length? I figure a WWII Garand with (12) more rounds plus 1-lb optic isn’t the bar to ownership some cry about. Hell, four loaded mags for mine (not M14, but still .308) is heavier than the kvetchers will hump given their complaints.

    180-rd combat loadout = @ 18-lbs of steel ammo mags. But that’s the same weight as the 540-rds of .223 it’d take to get the same job done, right?

    And, best is that one doesn’t have to walk as far to get the job done. Which might be the point. ‘Cause that ain’t gonna happen anyway ya get old enough.

    Tongue-in-cheek is flat fun when it comes to MBRs.


  5. Ya might take that platform out to the Brazilian peppers and oak hammocks and see what you think in terms of blending. I made a similar mistake on one of my builds with the tan background. Maybe in the cold season down here under the dead palm branches and grasses, but during summer festivities, not so much.

    Look for a color called Eden. Try it with Olive and Dark Forest. Spray it on the leaves of foliage up near St. Pete where you might be “working” and see what you think. Basically, that tan is a beacon in the daytime relative to normal stuff in SFL. Also, remember there is no black in nature even though it’s used in the paint kits.

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