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Welp, I’d have to say that we need to be watching the Kyle Rittenhouse hearing/trial pretty closely.  Seems that a couple of things have gone sideways for the persecutors.  This A.M. during the initial hearing a famous “Use of Force” expert was questioned.  Guy’s name is John Black and is the go-to for Police Shootings.

Kyles lawyer requested this a few back, and the Judge, who isn’t playing games, agreed that this guy could do his thing.

Annnnnnnd it didn’t go well for the persecution-ers.  

“District Attorney Thomas Binger said jurors won’t need an expert to help decide whether Rittenhouse acted reasonably, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. But Judge Bruce Schroeder said prosecutors rely on experts. And Black’s report on the matter might be helpful.”  

So, the DA realized that this was a thing of badness.  And the expert then drove a nail into the heart of the case: “Black considered Rittenhouse’s use of deadly force at the protest to be reasonable.”  The Judge didn’t immediately rule, but hell, so far he’s been fair, and there’s a strong chance they may end this fucking farce sooner, rather than later.  My guess is IF this gets dumped, the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den’s pet monkey Merrick Garland will step in and come up and cook up some bogus ‘civil rights’ horseshit to hem the kid up.

I ain’t taking no bets on that one Aye?

Even though it’s blatantly obvious this was clear cut self defense.  And the assholes in question who got shot, as y’all know, one was a child rapist, one was a domestic abuser, and the other a thief.  ALL however were Jewish, which in itself I find interesting.  According to stats, there’s only 300 Jews in total in Kenosha…. well, make that 297.  Kyle shot 1% of the Jewish population… damn.  No wonder they want his head on a platter.

But what still blows my mind is watching the action that went on.
The kid is a real-life John Wick I swear.  –I– don’t have skillz that good.  Shit, some of the pros I’ve talked to can’t believe a 17 year old had that much trigger discipline and control.  Literally 3 shots, 2 dead one wounded.  A Special Forces First Sergeant with 30 years experience told me he didn’t have those skills.  Talk about unreal….

Also, ‘nother topic:  Seems Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical ran into an issue.  The ATF seized ALL of his weaponry.

Now for those who don’t know, Larry Vickers is fucking Legend in the SPECOPS community.  He’s a retired Delta Operator.  A real bad ass.  He’s been in the gun biddness for quite a spell.  Now, this was just announced, but so far he himself and his fecesbook and other online instances haven’t said a word about the seizures.  The date on the paperwork is from 25 August.   It runs to 182 pages.  As in like 40 guns listed on each page.  THAT is one hell of an arsenal.
Now, since he ain’t said shit, the ATF isn’t saying shit, I’ve been thinking on it.  Dangerous I know.  
Suppose that the was or is a group of highly trained men who wanted to change things?
I described in one of my poasts a decapitation-style-strike on the FedGov in a fictional fashion by HIGHLY disgruntled Navy SEAL teams in a alt-universe.  It was good writing and y’all loved it from what I got in the feedback.
That being said

What if reality was closer than we imagined?

One of the big(ger) problems a group of guys like that would have is getting the weaponry to do such ‘dirty deeds’  They couldn’t just roll into the arms room and check out their issued shytte.  That’s raise more Red Flags than a Soviet May Day Parade.   Telegraph the intentions faaar too easily, and man, you just can’t steal from an arms room… waaay too difficult.  The Po-Po would be on you like stink on shit
A retired sympathetic Delta Operator who owns a metric fuckton of ‘party favors?
Now granted, I’m speculating right out of my ass… BUT, it’d make one hell of a movie Aye?  Doubt we’ll ever know, but hey, it sounds cool as fuck.  IF it was going that route, well it got smothered in the crib so to speak.  Mores the pity.
So what say you?
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  1. It would be better for Kyle if the judge dismissed the case for cause before it goes to trial, because the actions of the prosecutor have poisoned the potential jury.

    They have Robert Barnes on the defense team, though, so I expect the defense to do a better than average job in weening out the jury pool. I’m not sure it is going to matter, though. We all saw how Chauvin got railroaded, I fully expect Kyle to be similarly railroaded by a Kenosha jury.

  2. I dunno, Kenosha aint Milwaukee. I was to be stationed as a boot drill from ’99 to ’02 at GLakes RTC, and I did a lot of stomping around in Kenosha as it was a hop-skip-anna-jump from where I had an apartment in Zion. There was still a pretty big redneck contingent up there, even as an active duty RDC I could still find a lot of peeps to hang with on the nights/weekends when I was not on base.

    1. I’ve never been back to that area after unassing RTC in 1994 after Airman school (Airman Apprentice training had not yet left for Pensacola.) I was about a week into school when the women first arrived from Orlando. All kinds of fun being woken up by some female RPOC calling cadence at 0330 in the morning when I didn’t have to wake up until 0500.

  3. The “Kenosha Hat Trick” was an impressive feat that will forever be remembered. I’d love to see it used as a scenario in some training/competitive shooting trials of some kind. Similar to the ones where everyone uses the same crappy Carcano to recreate a certain fateful afternoon in Dallas for prize money.

  4. “Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, bear in mind how your own homes and families will be in grave danger if you let this evil KKK White Supremacist NATZEE loose. He shoahed these innocent Chosenites and the negro goblins will utterly destroy the entire country if you come back with not guilty.”

  5. The podcast from the dude that runs “The Law of Self Defense” pointed out that Kyle had only shoot his AR once before, at the range.

    That wasn’t just a kid with a rifle, that was a kid with no tactical training with a rifle that still did so much right.

  6. Rittenhouse is pretty much everything a certain bunch of elitist fuckers want gone from this country, wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the shit weasel garland even goes for a juror or two for disclosure issues if the da loses. After the chipman embarrassment I suspect the admin and revenuers are looking for an example and a trophy, one well known and respected good guy gets the short straw. Such are the ways of grasping feeble-minded tyrants. As for equipment, there’s more out there than most realize, just let that dog alone for now. Patience while the bastards continue to screw up.

    1. Alright here’s an interesting little tidbit from the first gulf war, we brought our equipment home by commercial carrier in a rush for some reason. Often mixed with other shipments via merchant marine. Quite surprising what was just thrown or left in unlocked vehicles being transported as a single line item on the manifest…

      1. I would hope so, Colombo. That has been military tradition since ever… I of course did not after the .gov sponsored my visit to s.e. asia… but I know guys who did. Everything of ‘mine’ was turned in. Honest. That’s my story.

        1. Dirty little secret to scare the pants off the fed lurkers, up until about 1980 “entombment” was an acceptable method of disposal of outdated or off book paperless equipment. Think mass burial for unwanted toys and unspeakable chemicals like carbon tet, DDT, and good old paint… leaded, the horror the horror of it all.

        2. Different country and people. Some of us still remember and respect the good parts and good people. Fun bring back I got from my great uncle, B17 navigator, seems he took a liking to the tachometer used to calibrate the Norton sight. As if that was’nt bad enough, took a while but my pop finally told me where he got the cute little brass grease gun… Tool kit from his Vincent. Odd decisions run in the family. Treasured none the less.

          1. My uncle was an ordnance mate on a PBY that hunted U Boats in the Med during the war. He told me he had a duffle bag with some MP 40s.
            when he was on the troop ship heading home they told him that they would be checking for contraband so he tossed the bag over board, of course they never checked any one. Totally bluffed him, but he was regular Navy so he didn’t want to end up going to Portsmouth.

  7. I looked up the Vicker’s thing. Apparently he let his SOT expire, as he’s got cancer. Before it expired, he was selling/destroying his dealer samples, which is what you’re supposed to do (as I understand it) if you’re getting out of the business.
    Maybe they had questions about what he got rid of and what he “got rid of.”

    1. The destroying part probably got the revenuers panties twisted over the very valuable parts kits. Seen Thompson, M60, and some others clear ten grand with a torch cut receiver. The pinheads will start spouting off about ghost machine gun soon.

      1. Parts, sort of what it can come down to. After all a M1 Carbine can be converted to full auto with a parts kit. If a full auto one had the receiver cut, doesn’t mean that the parts couldn’t be reused.

        1. M1/M2 carbine is hated by atf, one of a very few where the semi and selective receiver is identical and parts can be dropped in.

  8. B.C.
    Consider This about the case of Kyle Rittenhouse – the Kid isn’t a Lone Wolf, who learned Tactical Operations from Shooter Video Games. He was clearly taught by some VERY GOOD, Mil-Spec ‘operators’. He was Not in that Combat Zone by Himself, as evidenced by the Pic that you have posted here. Who is that Other Guy ahead of him? Why does He have Gear, but Klye does Not? How many other “Armed Citizens” were Patrolling that area? Who were they, and WHY WERE NONE OF THEM ARRESTED AS CO-CONSPIRATORS????

    No One writing about this incident, as far as I know, has asked that Question, nor has the judeo-communist ‘media’ brought it up. Veeery Innnteresting, is it Not? With the commies screaming 24/7/365 about the “Eeebil Wypepo Moolisha” (EWM) groups, wouldn’t this incident have been a Perfect Opportunity for them to do an ‘after the fact’ Roundup, one Arrest at a Time, of any White Person with a Gun who happened to be there? Surely there were enough Streetcorner Cams to ‘catch’ at least some of them….

    Since Kyle was with some sort of Group, which was clearly Well-Trained, Well Organized and Equiped, (sort of like one of those “Well Regulated” Constitutional Groups) WHY have the fedpigs not already tried to Identify and Arrest them All? WHY has the joomedia IGNORED something that Obviously Reinforces their narrative of EWM Groups running wild in the Streets, callously and deliberately Murdering “Minor Attracted Persons” of the Kosher Persuasion? That’s a Double-Plus Ungood ‘civil rights violation’, is it Not? Even an Act of Natziracistantisemitism, perhaps?

    What is My conclusion here? well, What If –

    – Kyle Rittenhouse IS a part of a (relatively) large, “Well Regulated” Constitutional Group?

    – That Group has a LOT of Skilled, Ex.Mil members who Train Regularly, and are good at OPSEC?

    – The fedpigs haven’t been able to Infiltrate the Group, because the Intel Section of the Group ‘finds the fed’?

    – What little the fedpigs Know about the Group just Scares Them, as they know it is Too Organized, Big and Well-Armed for them to take down enough of them, fast enough, to not get the ‘Bundy Ranch Treatment’,
    this Time with ‘Shots Fired’?

    And finally, WHAT IF – The (((people))) who Kontrol the fedpigs and media Realized that to ‘Engage’ a Well-Regulated Constitutional Group would Blow Up in their Faces, kicking off Revwar II and ending with their fat, greedy kosher asses being herded into the Kastenwagen for one Final Trip…?

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