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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Wifey is in a National Contest for “The Ultimate Stylist”
$10,000.00 Grand Prize, but people need to vote for her for ‘free’ via Fecesbook… one vote a day, or you can ‘donate’ cashola to ‘buy’ votes.  The $$$ would be going to help finance the GranBebe.

Currently in Round One, she’s in second place, with 5 days to go.  If’n y’all Ye Beste Readership of Me ‘umble Bloggage here would, take a minute to hit the link and drop a vote.  It’d be incredible if she wins and keeps on winning.  You can also see her talents of which, the cover foto is here:

That’s the former Miss Tampa Bay.  And yep… all hair n’ makeup done by Wifey.  She’s got pretty damned good skills if’n I do say so meselves… and yeah, I brag about it…

The Link for the Contest is HERE

Seeins thet I git aboot 5000 hits a day, if even 1/4 of that has Fecesbook, and is willing to do the free votes, that’d be purely the shit.  I’d totally appreciate it!  Also, don’t ‘buy’ any votes… not this early in the game… I don’t want wasted cash, nor the fact that the charity that the $$$ goes to is some insane Lady Gag-me tranny group…

And on side notes, GranBebe #1 pictured was not the one who got bit by the spider.  That one is in the bottom picture that’s GranBebe#1 is holding the tablet of her new sister GB#2, all excited.  However, that being said, she learned today not to corner Bob-the-Cat… scared me silly as she chased him under a bed, and he got her on the eyelid not the eyeball thank God!  Lil scratch and scared her half to death and a little blood, but we didn’t even realize she was doing it til she came out crying with blood running down her face.  I think was more traumatized.  She actually wasn’t even really crying that hard… just sort of matter-of-factly “Papi, Bob is mean, an’ scratched me… I bleedin'”  Which I took as eye bleeding which caused me to damned near stroke out.  Turns out she was lucky as all get out and got tagged lightly on the eyelid, and she’s now sworn off “Mean Bob”.

Never a dull moment ’round here Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. She’s lovely kid. Doesn’t hurt her to learn such lessons. See’s now wiser, the cat will be left alone, & y’all have a story to tell. Win all around.
    Look, I don’t like kids: however, the first pic of the grandkid fascinated in & by the car wash touched my heart. May she have many more such moments.

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