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Well like we didn’t see that one coming
Fucking Georgia.

“Vote harder!”

Fuckin’ Maroons
Ray Charles Approves
It’s now to the point where the graft and stupidity and greed of our betters is so in your face and they don’t give a fuck.  All that matters is the money and power to them.  That includes our (((media overlords))).  It’s been weighing very heavily on my mind lately
Where do we go from here?
It’s so obvious that the utter cluelessness of Leviathan works in our favor.  To a certain degree.  Because of that flat-out dumbass lack-of-brains means, that those of us capable can outthink them over the long run.  We know the baseline of their thought process, so it’s (to me) obvious that we can get inside their OODA loop.

I’ve used this in my life to a very positive outcome

Namely in my divorce
Divorce is like a chess game
Especially when money is on the table
You fuck up, yer living in yer car, eating off the dollar menu like Top Popp sez.
In my case, I literally applied the OODA loop to my X and her family (‘cos they were working in conjunction to fuck me over) and it gave me insight as to how they were going to react and action/react to them.  I mean it worked really well.  No alimony.  No child support (2x kids)… and I got the house.  A good lawyer helped but being able to accurately predict the moves of the enemy due to careful analysis of past actions/attitudes, I was generally two moves ahead of them, and buried her in court.

The same thing can be done with Leviathan IF your analysis treats the WHOLE THING as if it was an individual.  In order to do this, if you see it as the sum of its parts so to speak.  
The Parts of Leviathan (Short Version)
Executive Branch = Brains
Dot Mil = Immune System for Foreign Issues
Police = Immune System for Internal Issues
Media = The Psychological part of the brain, specifically The ID/Ego/Superego
Family of the Above = The Body Itself 
Now this’s just completely off the cuff dumbass thinking BUT
The reaction of Leviathan to attacks is known, both domestically and overseas to be overwhelming and vicious.  Generally a “smash ’em to pulp” reaction.
However there are ways to work against it
Kinetic Action
Not that I’m advocating anything like that. Nope.
In fact I only have one hope left right now
Which is grasping at straws I know.  My only hope right now is that Leviathan, having (in it’s own view) crushed the Opposition and Orange Man Bad, that it’ll go back to the “business as usual” of backdoor money, robbing the taxpayers blind and generally enriching itself, until the whole rotten edifice comes crashing down, and then we can go back to a nice quiet non-existing FedDotGov.

I mean Jesus… I remember when I was a kid… The FedDotGov, while -there- didn’t have near as much power, size and scope.  I remember it really fondly.  And unfortunately, it’s grown too big.  And it loves itself faaaaar too much to stay ‘cool.’  Think “Schoolyard Bully” who’s never been stood up to.  Big, Stupid and Outclassed, but doesn’t understand that the geek eventually is going to win, by hook or by crook.  Had this happen we I was a kid… a bully who didn’t realize that the geek was slooooowly poisoning him over time.  The geek kept slipping some rat poison, visine, whatever he could get his hands on into the bully’s lunch.  The school hushed it the fuck up.  Last I heard (mind you this was 7th grade) that the geek got sent to a school for psychos and whatnot… he was a little deranged to begin with. BUT he got his back I suppose… the bully was all fucked up in the long run… health issues for life.

Probably a forlorn hope
But it’s all I got now
The Magic 8 Ball sez “Outlook Shitty”
Avoid Crowds
Be the Gray Man
Head on a Swivel
Food for thought
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Oh my! After he 'Rah – Blah – Rah' of (recent) postings and numerous BBA comments, suddenly you don't know "Where we go from here?" Typical.

    1. Hey! Tell ya what… I'm tolerant and open to a certain degree. You want to bullshit, make yer own blog. Yer about -this- close to the ban hammer. Be polite as you have -yet- to provide any bonafide here to allow that sort of shittalking. Put up, or shut up… Trolls are not wanted, nor tolerated. Get with the program

    2. So, what do we do fearless leader? I'm assuming you will be leading the charge, after all, you have all of the answers. Maybe you could share them with us peons.

    3. You sure you weren't a Rakk 327? LMAO… I let degenerate mental victim whyteboi flame around here occasionally… he's getting close to the ban hammer tho… still waiting there whyteboi slim… Put up or shut up?

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