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OK…. so now, they’ve always been sort of stupid.  By ‘they’ I mean Leviathan.  The Ministry of Propaganda and Lies.  The talking potato-heads, and not least of all, The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

Like I pointed out a few poasts ago, we started seeing the “Know the Signs of Stroke in your Child!” (said no-one ever before 2020). warnings, poasters and media alerts.

Then, back in December, late December if memory serves me, Joey Fishstix, AKA The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den said he was going after AIDs.

Now, outside of some preening buttlusters, and the occasional moron who engages in high risk sexual activity, AIDs is sort of like a really bad case of the clap these days.  “There’s a pill for that!” so to speak.

But now?
I’m seeing pattern https://www.thesun.co.uk/health/17571457/brits-urged-hiv-tests-heterosexual-diagnoses-higher/

Uhhh wait whut lolz?
Seems that 

Well this’s the –nice way- of breaking it to people that y’all who took the NottaVaxx may or may not be doomed.  Reason I say that is I’m looking at genetics.  I think it depends on what genetics you have.Xdemon-in-law (FIL) cashed in within a few days of shot#2.  Xnephew had a heart attack (age 16) and has a toasted heart with myocarditis in the same time frame.

For brevity, 
DXFIL = Dead X Father in Law
XMIL = X Mother in Law
XBIL = X Brother in Law
XSIL = X Sister in Law
XNEP =X Nephew
XWife… too easy

XNEP has 1/4 of the genetic strand that DXFIL had, as DXFIL is the dad of XBIL and XWife.  XSIL is like me, an outsider from the fambly genetics.

Now, interestingly
XMIL and XBIL share more genetics so to speak.  They look the same… hell same personalities… Much like in a family that has two siblings, there’s a dynamic split sometimes where one kid takes after one parent faaaar more than the other.  In this case, DXFIL and XWife were in the same roundhouse, and XBIL and XMIL are in that roundhouse.

DXFIL Took the shot(s) and now that’s why he’s Dead XFIL
XMIL took the shot(s) No issue
XBIL took the shot(s), No issue
XWife didn’t take the shot
XSIL took the shot(s), No issue
XNEP took the shot(s), Heart attack and a ruined ticket at 16.
Spawn #1 Also didn’t take the shot
And me?  I take the 5th.

By that little control group, XNEP’s Mom AND Dad took the shots with no apparent side affects.  However, the ‘original pattern’ genetically speaking that XWife and XBIL come from, well the one thing that is shared by XNEP and XFIL is that 1/4 of genetics passed down through the family.

It’d be more telling if XWife -had- taken the shot and IF she had an adverse reaction, I’d say case closed, and as much as I may not like the way things went, Spawn is really fond of his mom, so better that she didn’t.  In fact according to Spawn, it was the twenty years of being with me that made her question the whole fucking thing.  But, to me stronk evidence of a genetic link between IF or NOT the NottaVaxx is going to fuck you up.  I’d be curious to see if any other familial patterns like that can be discerned.  Plus, add in the both of DXFIL and XMIL are Sicilian (100%) by descent, and ALSO seeings -how hard- the NottaVaxx and Kung Flu deaths hit Italy… things that make you go “hmmn”

But yeah, so besides the obvious of the heart issues, which they’re now admitting to, theres the whole VAIDs thing:

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
Make of it what you will Aye?
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Little Girl:
    This’s your last freebie ‘cos you amuse me. Your panic is obvious.
    1st: Not a Boomer, X’er
    2nd: Not a ‘Uneducated Redneck’, I hold a BS, MA, and DD (yep I used to be a preacher)
    3rd: YOU ain’t rich, Daddy is. And at the rate yer going, he’s going to cut you off
    4th: YOU have NO rights to DEMAND anything. I’m going to enjoy burning you to the ground. I tried to warn you. I warned ALL of you I. Work. For. The. Feds. you idiot. HOW do you think I know -so much- about y’all?
    5th: You know NOTHING about killing. I was pulling triggers in Iraq when you were still in diapers bitch, I’ve killed, you know -nothing-
    6th: I have enough to destroy your life. I’d go far far way if I were you and forget this webpage and anything you have to do with it,
    Last and Final Warning
    And also, get the mental health care you so obviously need.

  2. Key word: WAS
    Not a Republican, don’t voat. If you knew how to read for comprehension, and actually read the shytte I write, you’d understand I am NOT a fan of OrangeManBad. He was and remains (until Oprah-the-Whale goes for it) the only reality TV President.

    My MA is in Comparative Religion, Islam versus Christianity, and the inherent inability for the two to ever reconcile. Sort of like You and the Universe.

    I gave up my pastoring when my first kid died, thank you very much. Seeings you’ll be barren and without children, you’ll never know the joys nor pain.

    The reason Kalib doesn’t nor wants anything to do with you is the age-old reason “Never Stick Your Dick IN Crazy” Between your absolutely abyssamal behavior here in the comments, your false flag horseshit ’emails’ and your empty threats, you PERSONIFY the reason there are no men of -any- age group (outside of Blacks, who see you as a trophy against ‘the man’… keep on keep on with the miscegenation, and see how long daddy keeps fronting your cash when Donquishus impregnates you and bails) as I was saying, No self-respecting SANE dude would -ever- ring you up.

    Now, as I said, this’s the last warning. Any more ‘stupid’ and you get the hose again.

  3. Sorry to see you’re having Troll trouble again.
    Did the nephew and the XFIL get the same brand of stab, same geographic area, similar time? There’s some evidence that different batches are strongly different in toxicity and were sent to different areas.

    I’m praying that your insight re genetics is correct, and that the varying toxicity of different batches is a thing. My kid had the early version of the KungFlu, got over it okay and (this was The Science at the time) got both Moderna stabs and a booster, against advice . He was working in hospitals at the time, and I was told I was out of date, out of touch, and didn’t know anything…

    1. The whole damned clan rolled in together to get the Jab so’s they could ALL go on some cruise together. In fact it was the immediate “family” thing and that I was A) Not Liked and B) an Independent Operator that led a lot to the dissolution of my marriage… the X being unable to take a shit w/out parental input and such whatnot, but yeah, same batch (unknown) and ALL at the same time

      1. Those cruises kill people. Always have.

        You’re on the right track with the genetics … from the earliest days of the WuFlu, it was killing some ethnic groups more than others, even looking past things like population age. As for batches, maybe it was deliberate, or maybe it was production error. TPTB can be both evil and careless.

        1. Show your work.
          This is like the “beef stew peters” hydra vulgaris claims. F’in ridiculousness when we are dealing with evil. The truth is f’d up enough that we dont need to add bs to it.

  4. “I. Work. For. The. Feds. you idiot. HOW do you think I know -so much- about y’all?”

    I just assumed everyone does that has an electronic presence.

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