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Just a quick one with any input from y’all would be appreciated.  Seems I got a call from GunGirl today.  She asked me if I remember buying a Tennessee Arms lower back in 2014.  I’m like “What when?”  She then told me the timeframe and reminded me that it was the poly AR lower and yeah, I remember.

Polymer AR-15 Lower.  Brass fittings on reinforcement points.  I -tried- it because it was only like $39.99 at the time.  They’re about $51 a throw now, and when you add on the background check and the taxes, shipping yadda yadda, it’s about the same as buying a billet from GunGirl.

Seems she got a call on an “Urgent” ATF Trace Request.  Which means a serious crime was probably committed with said lower/rifle, and I’m the last guy who did paperwork on it, as far as I know.  The problem is I got rid of the thing shortly after I got it.  
Wasn’t a fan of the polymer lower.  Too fragile as far as I’m concerned, so I sold it.  I mean I know it went -somewhere- but the problem is, ANYTHING in the “Pre-July 2016” records are MIA.  As in when the police came in here, and confiscated alllllll my shit during the Xwife follies, they also took my folder of any gun sales I had made.  Looking back, a ‘meh’ thing… Now?  Damn.  I’ll be damned if I remember just who I sold it to.

I have trouble remembering what I had last Wednesday for dinner.  Hold a gun to my head and I’d be like, just pull the trigger ‘cos ain’t no way I’m remembering.  Same goes for something circa 2014-15. 
Not for nothing, that was a long time ago, and the Sheriff may have even taken it during the ’roundup’ of my shit.  Tough to say because the paperwork they gave me most certainly did not list ALL the shit they stole from me.  A M4Comp Aimpoint red dot, military issue no less, an EOTech Holo sight… my Kukri… lots and LOTS of ammunition (like thousands and thousands of rounds) and at least 100 MagPul 30 round mags… ALL –not– listed on -any- of the confiscation paperwork… I didn’t pitch a bitch because, at the time I was ahem… thankful things had broken my way so to speak, and wasn’t going to rock the boat.  And for -whatever- reason, they took all my paperwork as well.  Probably doing a fishing expedition, but seeings I don’t do ‘strawman purchases’ and 98% of the stuff I -do- sell goes through a FFL, I’m not sure what the status on this thing is.

So, now, I wait.  Hopefully they just call and or come by.  IF they even need to…  Tough to say.  the LAST thing I want/need is them deciding they need to do a ‘stack’ on that eeee-vil whypeepo supremacist dood.  I mean c’mon man, the maid was -just here-.So, I’ll keep y’all up to date.  Anyone else ever had this issue crop up?  It’s a first for me.More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Years ago I asked my local FFL (guy worked out of his house) for a Glock 19. He said he had one; I went and got it, did the 4473…and after it was processed we both realized it was a 17 (it’s a Glock-you don’t fondle the thing appreciatively while buying it-you briefly open the box and say “da, look good,”)
    Couple years later he calls me “Hey remember that Glock 17 you bought? ATF called me about it, wanted to give you a heads up!”
    “I didn’t take it, remember? I wanted a 19”
    “Oh, right!”

    Never heard anything else about it.
    Hope they don’t shoot your dog and burn your house to the ground.

  2. Sounds like ATF is on a fishing expedition. They are building a paper trail and statistics on polymer to create new rules.
    They are test to see if they can track. Bet you will see a new thing pop up in the future of how gun nuts can’t be trusted with dangerous 80% parts.
    Watch, this is how they operate. Create a crisis, then fix it.

  3. I pray daily that Putin has the correct coordinates for the District of Criminals. It’s the only sane thing to do.

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