We Are All Boers Now

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So starts the purge
“May the Odds Forever Be In Your Favor”

Stalin would be proud. Hitler moreso… or at least the Chinese have to positively drooling at the premise. A disarmed, de-fanged Untied States Military? Their cup runneth the fuck over Aye? Next thing you know, when the Chinese pull some exceptionally shady shit, we’re gonna take it, in the keister for Easter as my old Platoon Sergeant would say ‘back in the day’… they ‘bought n paid for’ this DotGov

My thoughts on it are thusly. Back under Obama, he inherited a HIGHLY competent DotMil that’d been tear-assing around the planet, stomping and crushing Radical Islam like the roaches they are beneath a Mighty Boot. That wasn’t on the ‘menu’ though, as killing his fellow co-religionists was a “No-No” so he put a quick stop to that. That included a MASSIVE purge via investigations, bullshit, bullying and fraud, nevermind Rules Of Engagement that got troops killed at a high rate, which then led to the grand Exodus of the highly trained aforementioned LEADERS when morale crashed n burned. The -only- “leaders” left were fucktards like that Raposo Commie Scumbag who, AMAZINGLY got caught… not that it -mattered- per se… the lil fuck STILL graduated West Point AND got a commission… however, after enough shit the FINALLY shitcanned him for “conduct unbecoming”

What we ended up with was the same type of Leadershit that we had in Nam. Retired Colonel David Hackworth (RIP) was the one who coined the term “Perfumed Princes” back in the day… it described what’s also known as the “Fulda Fuckheads” who’s ‘grand battle plan’ revolved around throwing an endless supply of Cannon Fodder into the meatgrinder, and fuck how the sausage came out.

Namely “Fuck the Troops”
Had a few ‘leaders’ like that
Thank the Good Lord I never had to go into battle with them

So, this’s the “Pre-Purge” stage which is being set much like Stalin did his. Personal Loyalty Oaths, with threats of losing ye olde retirement to the Political Party, as opposed to the Constitution. Promises to root out ‘white supremacy’ which is going to be dressed up as ANYTHING the current crop of misfits and retards decides to define it as. Didn’t give up your slot to PLDC for an under-qualified POC? That’s rayyyyycist and sheeeeit. Didn’t hold the door or wash the feet? Yep. You can bet if yer still in uniform, it’s going to get BAD.

My fear is they come after retirees like me
Of course it’d be SO liberating
Badthink is going to be the thought-crimes, and Da Roolz are going to be made up on the fly, if they haven’t already written them out. One wrong move, and no medical care, retirement, or anything else that THEY decide.

And they don’t even understand just how hollowed out the DotMil ALREADY IS

Too many years of a Spine Breaking Operational Tempo
Too much bad money after bad, see the F-35, the Billion Dollar Flying Toaster
Spending out of control

Because the assholes in charge, as soon as they retire, get ‘picked up’ by the Contractors
And let me tell ya… most of those guys? They might MEAN WELL but reality is they get ‘bought out’ just as fast as they can be. And ALL of them after they get bought, are ALL ABOUT lining ye olde pockets Aye?

So, what with getting rid of any ‘competent people’ also known as “anyone with a brain” in this day and age who can do “critical thinking” means we’re going to be seeing Sub-90 IQs in Leadershit Positions who value the Perks and Promotions over proper institution of oh… I dunno, common sense, decency and law?

Yeah, it’s -that bad-

And waiting in the wings are any and all enemies who’d LOVE to curb-stomp us for real and or imagined slights. I foresee not Venezuela… we got too many guns… What I do see is South Africa looming

We on the Right
We are all Boers now.
Get Used to it.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. W are all Boers, indeed, and it remains to be seen if we have the guts to reject being exterminated in our own country, or are we going to let the government disarm us, and meekly accept being terrorized in our own homes by government equipped marauders.

  2. Demonrats are now just like coyotes…… No limits, no license required and the season is all day every day. Good hunting! Because quite simply it is now US or THEM.

  3. Learn the lessons of Rhodesia. South Africa before South Africa. Never quit until they are all dead. Compromises will make you lose your nation. If you haven't ever read about the Rhodesian Bush War, ten years ago was the time. Look it up. Stay hard, brother man. Wish I was closer to Florida.


    1. "Learn the lessons of Rhodesia. South Africa before South Africa."

      And, as Rhodesia and South Africa found – it's tough to hold your own when everyone in the world is against you.

  4. Basement Biden hasn't been in office six hours and the left is already putting the false flag strategy into play. 30K plus armed troops, checkpoints every block, curfews, businesses and bridges closed and they announce a "bomb threat" at the SCOTUS. Sure…..like that isn't an obvious lie. Do they REALLY expect anyone with the IQ of soap to believe this is a legitimate threat?

  5. "So, what with getting rid of any ‘competent people’ also known as “anyone with a brain” in this day and age who can do “critical thinking” means we’re going to be seeing Sub-90 IQs in Leadershit Positions who value the Perks and Promotions over proper institution of oh… I dunno, common sense, decency and law?"

    Feature, not a bug. Don't want too many guys refusing orders to shoot down "domestic terrorists".

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