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Greetings and Good Afternoon y’all.  The I.R. just trying to make a day or two without stress…  Lately this whole ‘no job’ thing is wearing on me.  I went to the Veterans Administration (yeah, I’m that fucking desperate) and talked to my p-shrink, who put a consult in for the Job Assistance folks.  The 30 + days went by and when I went in for my monthly mental tune up, I asked my doc about the consult… he was puzzled and was like “You haven’t heard from them?”


He plugs away on the ‘puter for a few and comes away visibly pissed off.  Tells me that ‘someone’ had marked the file “Veteran Declined Service” and closed the case.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah.  About that….

For the most part, besides being -thrilled- that it wasn’t oh, say a CANCER consult or an immediate organ transplant needed, I’ll let it slide but Holy Fucking Shit.  The V.A. needs to just be cleaned out.  Violently.  Of the bureaucrats.  Not the docs… (unless they’re guilty of being pieces of shit) nor the low end folks… I’m talking the ENTIRE S.E.S. part of the V.A. and FedGov in general.

The S.E.S. is the Special Executive Services part of the FedGov bureaucracy… THEY ARE The Deep State… not many ‘normies’ have ever heard of them… they have their own unions, their own protection and can NEVER be fired… which is why I suggest retiring them en-mass via the Guillotine.  Get rid of them and MAYBE the USA has a chance to recover.  They inveigle themselves, via an entry level GS-4 or 5 job, and work their way up, stabbing and clawing over the bodies of their ‘supposed’ friends, until they finally get inducted in to the inner circle…  sort of like Skull and Bones… the S.E.S. kids run the government, and oft pass on their positions by nepotism, as in their spawn get in by means of knowing the who and how of how things are really done… a self perpetuating class of Brahmins who really run the budgeting and behind the scenes bullshit.

And getting rid of them?  Jesus.  Impossible.  my bio-brother, FedBro (now retired) was an investigator for the Inspector General who do theoretically have the power to unass the criminals and scum that plague the CorpFedGov.

He related a story to me from his early investigative days of, no bullshit “A Mad Crapper.”  Seems out in Kansas at a CorpFedGov facility of some size, -someone- was regularly dropping a deuce into the coffeemaker.  And in random desk drawers… I mean -someone- obviously didn’t like their coworkers methinks.  The Dookie-Dude in Question (ended up being a dude) or DDiQ was a master apparently of the “Dook N Dash.”  No one had seen (ahem) shit so to speak…

So FedBro did the usual flatfooting… “Have you seen/heard/smelled anything unusual?”  And came up empty.  So the next step was that he ostensibly left the office, with the case still open, but as he was a Special Agent, nothing went on whilst he was on scene investigating.  He only was gone a day when someone found a fresh one in the coffee maker AGAIN (definitely not my favor of the month)

So he waited another day or so, and
went back in at Oh-Dark Early and did some Mission Impossible shit… setting
up cameras, bugs, all sorts of cool gadgets.  Apparently part of his
problem with the DDiQ was whoever it was, knew where the ‘normal’ cameras were
and was adept at even knowing how to dodge the angles so as to not show up on
So within a week, and over a
QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in overtime, equipment, and sundries, my FedBro busted
the DDiQ.  Nailed him cold.
The Special Executive Services
-allowed- the DDiQ to retire.  With full benefits.  
No harm, no foul?  And people
wonder why things are terminal for the FUSA at this point?  And FedBro
said this’s 97 % of the outcome of cases against ANYONE “in the
club”.  They have carte blanche.  Imagine if it was you or me?  Yeahh… 
The “Justice” System and the “Just Us” Systems.
One of these days its going to go sideways… which is why today I have to load another 50 rounds of 5.56mm… and reorder some primers.  I’m down to my last 150 of the CCI #41.  At least they’re theoretically milspec.  Either way, a chill day.

One thing that did catch my eye this past week:

Apparently at my Alma Mater (I finished my Bachelors online thru the UoC) they found some dude who’d been dead for two whole months in the dorm.  OoooK… My question(s):  Just HOW bad a funk did that dorm have to -not- notice a fucking stiff rotting away in the building?  I mean that must have been one hell of a funky assed smelling goat locker of a barracks man… juuuuust saying…
So anyways…
 I’m working on the rest of the instructions for the Flammenwerfer.  Let me know what ya think!

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  1. We thought ya took a vacation… The reason you stated above with the VA is why I don't use them, I don't care if my arm is falling off or my dick is rotting. I would rather pay a civilian hospital to screw me.

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