Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
I know… I know…

Washington D.C.
District of Criminals Aye?
Image stolen from Dirty Jew scumbags who threatened to sue…
Fuckin’ jews… goddamned why they’re going to be an ‘near-extinct-race’ in the future
Fuck You guys… anyone with a sac would have shown up at my email
So my take on this?  Sounds like a shit ton of folks are in route there.  Going to the largest protest EVVAR according to reports.  Orange Man Bad is gonna rile up the crowd.  The Mayor of DC, Mayor Bowels or whateverthefuck that clowns name is is planning on shutting down the Metro, the roads, the busses.  Hell, RUMINT is allllll over the place.  “The net is gonna go dark!”  “They’re going to shut off the cell phones!”
I ain’t going anywhere near that shitshow
The Late Great Ole Remus used to say “Avoid Crowds”
Me, I don’t do crowds.  Too many people equals a PTSD scene that I can’t cut.  Hell, it’s taken me years to get where I can go to the mall finally.  But BIG crowds?  Hells no.  Like this crowd too?  It’s gonna be fucked.  Too many idjits gonna go.  The District is also a -no-go- zone for firearms too.  Like they outlawed like any sort of carry.  And you know that there’s gonna be a couple of “that guy” are gonna show in full on tactical rigs.  With guns?  Without?  Not sure…
Either way, that will not end well
‘Cos I think the fuzz are gonna be primed.
You know the Fascist AntiFa Fuckups are gonna show
And the Proud Boys and MAGA tards are gonna try to rumble
All it take is ONE gunshot and the crowd of milllllllions becomes a stampede
People, individually, are stupid enough
Pack ’em in like sardines and they get full on retarded
And a crowd THAT big?
Hoo Boy… I really hope that no one brings their kids
Leastways anyone with 1/8th of a functional thinking meat is going to –know– that shit is prolly gonna hit the fan.  I mean the opposition AND in conjunction with the enemedia they’re gonna make anything and everything sound like the Right Wing Nazi-Hate White Supremacy KKK reborn went full retard and rioted, even if it’s DC Fuzz lighting up women and children with a belt fed
Jes’ Sayin’
This is not the time to go and make a splash on the news
NOTHING good will come of this
Also, depending on whether or not Lin “Coo-Coo-for-CoCo-Puffs” Wood is even remotely in the ballpark with the madman ravings he’s been on lately?  Do you really think that the fucking opposition is gonna let Trump live?  I mean it’s in their own best interests to Lee Harvey his ass.  Bets are that IF they go that route, they’ll do it Wednesday when a crowd of millllllllions hides the real “Whodunit” and pin it on some random Psycho.  Hope I’m wrong but hey… so far I have been.
Yay Me.
I want to keep on being wrong
Avoid Crowds
Be the Gray Man
Shoot Loot and Scoot
Avoid Crowds
So, More Later, It’s busy as fuck here today at work.  Used Lunch time to peck out this brainfart.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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    1. One application where adherence to the mask "mandate" makes sense….or at least try to keep your mouth closed?

  1. Who in the hell would go to DC to scream at the sky? Just causes me to think it's hopeless if so many people with the time and energy use it to do something that stupid.

  2. Did a Mardi Gras in the early '70s, and when I realized you reach a point where you don't choose where to go, but the CROWD chooses, I checked outa that…if you sat in a window sill to rest yer arse an' let some purple haze kick in, the horseback cops would roust ye, for yer own protection, lad, so ye wouldn't get trampled to death…

  3. There are a lot of stupid fuckers on gab copium posting that the Jan 6th thing will fix everything. There is no fucking way that ends well. I'm honestly shocked they didn't buffalo jump the VA rally last winter.

  4. There is no Good Time, There is no Good Place. This country is at war with itself Now. Yes a lot of people could die there, but in reality a lot of people are going to die regardless of location. Better to stand now while millions of others are standing as well. If you can't or wont make it to DC then your own state capital should be occupied as well. Screw trump, fight for humanity, the shadow is upon us. They need to see our numbers, we need to see our numbers. Call a buddy, load up the truck and drive to your capital, you will be suprised – You Are Not Alone.

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