Weird Music Saturday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going out this eve with Wifey and treating Dumbunny to a bit of time out w/us.  As in ‘get out of the house’ for a few and go chill out somewhere for short bux’.  Might go walk around the Big Shopping Outlet mall a ways down the road as they have some Christmas Lighting thing going on, and I heard the same in Ybor.  Have to see.

Thing is while they’re getting ready, I went in to the bedroom whilst she’s doing her hair/makeup and Wifey was watching a vidya on the toob that I haven’t seen is like -forever-

El Supremo Weirdo Rooskie singer called Vitas… guy was suuuuuuuuure an oddball.
Apparently that’s (leastways in 2002) Rooskie Pop Music… Syntho-Weird-Pop with allllllllll the trimmings to include sparklers…  never did get that whole “Lets wave some burning shit around that’ll cause 3rd degree burns and light hair on fire!” in a crowded club….

And if THAT ain’tcher taste, we always have the Wookie Wrestling Team from Estonia:

From the their version of “The Voice” or “something”…
“Something” indeed
Winny Puhh, a Estonian metal/punk band… The thing that gets me is the drummers imitating a rotor on a CH-47…

Me?  I’d be puking my balls out.

But hey… like I said weird amiright?
So, out and off… tomorrow is another day
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  1. Vitas is rocking a sweet codpiece in that white jumpsuit. I gotta get me one of them. Maybe bedazzle the sack.

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