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I -was- going to do a bit of a write up regarding the letter that apparently our own DotMil Retired Generals and Admirals wrote on the same day that the French did.  Sunday May 9th, a total of 120 retired Generals and Admirals wrote a very similar letter to what the frogs did, essentially calling out the politicos who ‘run the show’ that we, collectively, are in deep shit.

Problem is Concerned American got it up in it’s entirety, so it’s a moot point to throw it up here.

Not only that, the very basis of it is a neutered, balless pile of shytte that pretty much just states “VOAT HARDER!!!” and doesn’t offer up much more than that.  The last paragraph before the signature list states:”We urge all citizens to get involved now at the local, state and/or national level to elect political representatives who will act to Save America, our Constitutional Republic, and hold those currently in office accountable. The “will of the people” must be heard and followed.”

 “…will of the people” must be heard and followed.”

Uh… yeah… just like when Biden won by 81 gorillion voats.

So, now that you know how –I– nominally feel, (which is that our Gen’ruls and Admir’uls are fucking spineless maxi-zoom dweebie luuuuuzers), I do have ANOTHER interesting ‘thing’ that’s come to my attention:

That’s a crack in the bridge over I-40 in Memphis Tennessee over the Mississippi river.
One of the main routes that carries shit east to west from Tennessee to Arkansas.  A main cargo route for trucking supplies.  Also, besides the traffic being shut down, they closed the Mississippi because they don’t want the bridge coming down on boats going underneath.

Speaking as a Loggie, that’s a shitton of supplies being caught up and stopped.

Looking at the above picture, That’s -not- a new crack… the oxidation is obvious… So, why now did they just discover this?
I mean talk about playing fucking games.
You’re telling me that no one noticed the giant fucking broken steel beam unevenly cracked the fuck in two before now!?!
Pull the left one, it’s plays “Jingle Bells”Ask yer Mom, she’ll tell you.
Oops. Make that your “Birthing Person”
Don’t want to upset any ree-rees that may or may not be visiting here.
Yeah… much fuckery is afoot.  The only thing that surprises me is that they didn’t scream about it before to hammer Trump on the disintegrating infrastructure.  Right now, I read a few years back that like 80% of all major bridges are shit, 75% of the Dams and Dikes and whatnot are just a big rainfall away from failure, and the ‘other critical infrastructure’ like Power is mad vulnerable to fuckery, and our Potable water delivery systems?  Ask the city of Flint in Michigan about that particular shytteshow Aye?  Mind you, this ain’t unknown… fact is I read that years ago, and only NOW is something like this going to be addressed?

Methinks that it’s because the people surrounding Slo want him to be the reincarnation of the only multi-decade president Franklin Roosevelt.  It’s not hard to imaging that they want, and have stated they want to have a gigantic infrastructure bill passed, mostly to award and RE-ward their backers like Pelosi’s husband, who’s made billions on the Scam-Francisco to LA fast mover train line… issue is, we ain’t got the bux to do this… When FDR did it, we were nominally on the gold standard til 1933, when he intentionally took us OFF the gold standard, and rumor is, he sold a fuckton of that gold to finance allllll the “Hero Projects” as the Soviets called the same stuff, here in the US.

Only difference between FDR and Stalin was one was a cripple, and the other wasn’t.

That and FDR’s wife was a Dyke

But anywho… I have to git to quit for tonight… might rage mor later about the gutless nature of our Retarded… er Retired DotMil Class, and the why and what of it.  I have to go get dinner ready, and it’s time for Jeopardy, which now sucks since Alex died BTW… only guest host they’ve had whio didn’t suck more than a Black Hole in Supernova mode was that unknown Executive Producer Mike Richards who did it like right after Alex went to the big gameshow in the sky.  THAT dude needs to be the new host… all the others have sucked like an overcharged Electrolux vacuum.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Have had that rust confirmed by a recent witness. The HDS (IH-40) is THE busiest commercial traffic bridge across the biggest river in North America. The old bridge (IH-55) can’t carry as much and has an impossibly difficult route into Memphis afterwards.

    Coming from Little Rock on IH40 and headed to Nashville & beyond (paralleling the Big Inch Pipeline up the East Coast once they divert north onto IH-81 at Knoxville, TN) the big trucks carrying fresh produce and food from California will lose most of an 11-hour driving day. Those who wish to divert have to do so by going N on IH-55 to Dyersburg, TN, or south to US-82 (Bankhead Highway) at Greenville, MS won’t have it any easier.

    Getting across Big Muddy on IH-10 at Baton Rouge (or the Huey P. Long on US-90) face even bigger delays due to the increased length of diversion. And B-R has been a cluster-fuck for years.

    One set of problems just backs things up and creates even more back upstream. It’s worse than a delay of, “just an extra day”. It’s dead-ends where (as with the Canadian border yards with MILES of railcar loads purposely stranded) food doesn’t just get “more expensive”. It gets sent elsewhere.

    Truck firms are telling their men to re-fill daily. Most tractors carry 200-gls fuel +/-. Not every other day or two days out. (Don’t get stranded). This puts even more strain on fuel deliveries to truck stops well outside the affected areas.

    There are no farms & ranches. Those are the first stops on the assembly line of west of the Mississippi where most grain and beef is processed. Excess is sent down the MS River System to go overseas.

    And now the lower Mississippi is closed.

    There are no coincidences.

    Time to exit FL, friend. The SUPER Zika/COVID Hybrid is inbound and we’ll have to make IH-10 The Line of Death from Mobile to Pensacola. Florida has ZERO refineries. 2/3 of the state lives on transfer payments. Manufactures NOTHING. Population is on their own. Nature (fire & hurricanes) will do the rest. Environmental Re-set.

    House goes on market last week and closes in 12-hours? Just a little N of Tallahassee looks pretty good today. Canada just made The Jab mandatory. Y’all are next.

    No diesel = no civilization. Gasoline doesn’t mean shit. Adds no value, societally in real goods. Get your bicycles cleaned up.

    The pipelines don’t need computers to run. Never did. But the refineries back upstream are another reality. So are the maze of crude & gas pipelines from the production fields leading to them. Some of those fields — if closed — might never re-open.

    Guess there’ll be a tankers carrying refined products from Port Arthur & the Caribbean. How you think rationing will work out? Bad actors get first dibs to increase havoc?

    There’ll be the argument Florida is getting hammered for standing up to Cabal. DeSantis kisses the Western Wall with his yarmulke on, so I DONT THINK SO.

    Too much undefended coastline, too much chance of tropical disease, and too many army age invaders already there. On the payroll years back. Got saline shots, not RNA re-write. Won’t be them keeling over from strokes.

    Florida: Where the earthly evil of the white scourge was first eliminated.


    1. Get out of Fl my ass. Water available almost anywhere, year round growing season for meat and vegies, future flaming libtard developments lighting the nights and damned yankee no bag limit entertainment. If it goes tits up fast probably 90% die off. A chainsaw and the locals can block access to anywhere we want. Gonna need more bourbon…

    2. @Anon42. I respectfully disagree RE FL mfrs nothing. I sell hydraulics and associated products to OEMs and MRO accounts all over FL. Municipal, Infrastructure, Logistics, Material Handling are but a few industries served by OEMs. Pulp & Paper, Lumber, Phosphate Mining, Agriculture are a few of the MRO industries. I dont disagree with the rest of your statement.

    3. “Florida: Where the earthly evil of the white^DAMN YANKEE scourge was first eliminated.”

      Fixed it for ya. True, the densely populated urban and suburban areas of the Florida peninsula may get cleared out by Billy Gate”s & Fauci’s COVID-21. I kinda doubt the old school country native Floridians of the inner counties, the Big Bend, and the Pan Handle will be exterminated. The towns are much smaller, more conservative, and very very heavily armed and willing. Hell, Franklin County was locked down and stopping anyone from out of state from coming in last year during the height of the Hysteria. Will they be affected? Sure, it’ll get pretty damned medieval at times mostly from keeping the urban and suburban zombies & locusts out. Lot’s of places down there are separated by tens of miles of subtropical swamp and thick-as-hell pine scrub thickets. Good luck navi-guessing when your car runs empty and your phone is out of range. We know all the deer trails and dirt roads for the four surrounding counties in the dark, blind drunk, and not even paying half attention.

      We made it through the War of Northern Aggression, never ending Reconstruction, two World Wars, a real pandemic, Prohibition, the Depression, Lord knows how many hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and everything else including 8 years of the jug eared false messiah. I think we’ll be just fine for another couple hundred years. Hell, we might even get to have some fun!

  2. Correction: Mobile to Jacksonville. IH-75 & IH-95 closed at IH-10. It’s just too simple.

    Kick out the turrible turrible Librals and crank Right Wing to the War Power throttle setting.

    Place your bets, gentlemen.

  3. my next question would be where are the others? The load has gotta go somewhere and the cyclical stress will be even more concentrated. Need to get an engineer with a fancy computer because if there is a clean snap in one place nearly guarantee there will be cracks all through the damn thing and fuck stripping the paint off a whole bridge to check for something you can barely see with your own eyes

    1. This is how a cascading catabolic Seneca cliff collapse happens, as one part fails, it puts added pressure on the already weakened structures be it infrastructure, or social structure.

  4. Shit.
    Apologies offered.
    Didn’t mean to take your target, bro.
    Was looking forward to your beating of the brass.

    1. Oh no worries… gonna beat the shit out of them either way… I wanted to see what, if any the overall reaction was…

  5. just an observation , the break appears to be mid span when maximum bending occurs (deflection) ,the point of failure is just past the structural gusset fastener . it is evident the beam failed due to shear stresses .
    My best guess would be overloading past the point of maximum shear of the material . Rolling loads put a lot of stress on a structure , it would be interesting what the maximum design load and Engineering factor of safety design calculations were on this bridge .
    It could have been a condition of too heavy a weight transited the bridge or accumulated heavy loads over time weakened the structure , but its the shear failure that is concerning , the beams on either side of this point should be inspected to determine the cause of failure.
    With the new “Woke” STEM education expect more of this to happen in the future .

    1. The “Woke” will soon be building bridges and dams out of tooth picks and popsicle sticks with gorilla glue as the binder. Why? Because a white supremacist decided that steel should be use when it should whatever “feels right”.

  6. Forgive me, but to our knowledge the Canadian gov’t has not made the shot mandatory.
    The retard in the PM’s office has stated that there are no intentions to do so, as that would be wrong. For now. I suspect the task is to see what level of compliance, and then adjust accordingly.
    In the meantime, they don’t have to make it mandatory with all those messy human rights cases… they can simply make it necessary. Want to go to work? Get the shot. Want to go to school? Get the shot. Want to buy groceries? Get the shot.
    All this can be done without a single lawsuit. Cleanly. Like a precision shot from 500m.
    We await the next stage.

  7. Foreign Enemies and Traitors: Excerpts Part Two
    [This is the part that describes the New Madrid Fault cracking wide open, and nearly all the bridges between Nashville and Little Rock collapsing. Along with the grid going down, chemical plants blowing up and burning, oil and natural gas pipelines shattering, etc.]

    His weak coffee long since finished, Doug reached under the table for a plastic water bottle and took a drink. “Well, I was stationed in Missouri at Fort Leonard Wood when the first earthquake hit. It was December 15, at ten o’clock in the morning. Saturday. I was outside the barracks, throwing a football around with some buddies. It lasted for almost five solid minutes. The first really big shaker, I mean. There were aftershocks that went on for days, and you never knew if they were the start of another big one. We were two hundred miles from the epicenter, and it was still almost strong enough to knock you off your feet. You couldn’t stand up, you had to sit down. I was outside, and you could see land waves, like rollers on the ocean. Not that high, but you could actually see them, see the land rolling. It was pretty amazing. When you can’t trust the old terra firma under your feet, what can you trust? Anyway, most of the troops at Leonard Wood were put on buses and sent to St.Louis. St. Louis didn’t have too much direct earthquake damage, but the power was out and the gas and water were down. A lot of fires started, and they just kept getting bigger. And as soon as the power and lights went out, you might say that the civil order fell apart pretty fast.”

    Carson said, “When I was down in Panama, I saw some video of the damage. It hit between St. Louis and Memphis, right?”

    “Closer to Memphis. It’s two hundred fifty miles from St. Louis to Memphis, and the quake’s epicenter was fifty miles north of Memphis. Just below Missouri’s ‘boot heel,’ but across the river in Tennessee.”

    “Is that near New Madrid? The news I heard said it was almost as bad as the big New Madrid quake, back in the early 1800s.”

    “It was in 1812. New Madrid is in Missouri, just above the boot heel. But it doesn’t matter exactly where the center was. It was almost an eight on the Richter scale for about a hundred miles around the epicenter. Midwest earthquakes are a lot worse than California ones. I mean, they’re wider; they cover a lot more territory with the full power. We sure felt it at Fort Leonard Wood, and we were two hundred miles away. Like I said, most of our available troops went to St. Louis, to try to restore civil order. My battalion was held back because we had the assault bridges. We were staging up for bigger and better things.

    “While we were waiting around, we were watching television every chance we got. Cable news. Some of the base was on generator power, so we could watch satellite TV. There was rioting and looting in St. Louis and Nashville, but the video coming out of Memphis was the worst. Video shot from helicopters. It was like the end of the world down there. It seemed like half of that city was unreinforced masonry–brick–and most of it went down. Even regular wood-frame houses were shaken to pieces. All kinds of natural gas lines go through there; it’s like a big energy corridor from the Gulf to the Northeast. Well, at least it was. The gas pipe-lines broke in a million places, and a lot of Memphis burned to the ground. Then it was the chemical plants. They had all kinds of chemical plants and fuel farms along the Mississippi, and the ones that didn’t burn spilled. It was a mess! And smack in the middle of all of that, a million people. No electricity, no drinking water, no gas stations or supermarkets open, roads blocked, bridges down…you couldn’t imagine such a place. And that’s where we were going.”


    [Tons more at the link, describing how one natural disaster in the right place can totally wreck the USA, which is on the verge of a social cataclysm even with all systems running normally.]

    1. A ancestor of my ex was granted property in the New Madrid area, the earthquake occurred between the time the land was surveyed and the time he was given a land grant for his War of 1812 service.
      When he went to his land out west he discovered that it was under the Mississippi river.

      1. Wow… talk about “Top Ten Things That Sucked”… I can only -imagine- the look on his face…. poor guy…

      1. A man’s gotta earn a living.
        We’re all f*cking whores, selling our services at what we are best at and can get the highest return on.
        Whether it’s killing gooks for Uncle Sam, swinging a wrench fixing cars, writing technical manuals or fantasy fiction books, digging ditches or giving blowjobs, it’s all the same selling our bodies (trading our mental abilities and physical effort and our precious time) for payment so we can get what we need.
        At least Matt produces good (entertaining and informative) content including predictions of future events that has aged remarkably well, and does provide some interesting commentary.
        Matt’s distracters? Not so much.

    2. you may have called it Matt , ground movement would also cause that shear failure in the bridge , maybe the New Madrid Fault is becoming active , if so this bridge may be the least of our worries.

  8. Vlad Tepes! I stand and salute when he comes up in the desktop rotation.
    The glorious Zimbabwe Chiquitastan Potemkin village FUSA won’t be making it to 250 years.
    Laugh out loud comparisons to Rome are a construct of the faculty lounge fvcktards.
    Clueless mouthbreathing dullards get the Uniparty that they deserve.
    Civnat mongos can prattle on about muh constitution as they tune in to Glenn Beck who is just back from passing out soccer balls to future lifetime CPUSA voters at the border.
    Western Zimbabwe? Yes we are!

  9. Neo-maxie, zoomed dweebie. Spoken at Anthony Michael Hall, The Breakfast club. My small contribution. If the lower Mississippi is closed, doesn’t that mean that New Orleans is Fubar? Nothing coming north, and nothing going south? All that inbound and outbound stuck on the river. And trucks diverted either north or south, and increased jams and delays? Big Colonial still not operating? WTF folks.

  10. Great post. I was dashing off warnings to everyone on my I Love You list yesterday as soon as I saw the article pop up.

    I’m no expert, but I took a quick glance at a map of the US and it looks like there are maybe 10-12 major interstate crossings over the Mississippi. Take down one and you add time to shipments and load to other bridges, assuming they aren’t in the same condition.

    The closure of the river is very interesting- that’s a lot of agriculture, coal, gas, etc and other stuff not going south to the gulf. (Say…. that will benefit anyone who invests in rail traffic, huh? Didn’t I hear Berkshire Hathaway was long on trains? Lucky for them.)

    Vice News did a great video last year on this exact issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdvJSGc14xA America’s Infrastructure is Crumbling. The folks in charge know the bridges and tunnels and dams and locks are all in a bad state. Watch around the 4:50 mark where the dude explains how the bridge is crumbling and just about to be deadlined. Vice may be liberal, but the vid is valid. Take notice of how they check that bridge in the video every couple years and just leave permanent marker notes on the new cracks and holes. That broken Memphis bridge may actually have been left sitting for some time before it was re-inspected. Also note the statistics in the video- the country has 54K deficient (crumbling) bridges and the trucking industry estimates it loses 60 Billion bucks a year due to infrastructure issues.

    Now, I’m going to bet IF the govt does decide to go with a massive infrastructure upgrade, and a bigger IF they don’t turn it into a crooked handout to their corrupt asshat buddies (Don’t bet on it), the resulting closures will do just as much damage to us as the failures would. Does anyone remember when that bridge just fell into the Mississippi in Minnesota in 2008? https://www.npr.org/2017/08/01/540669701/10-years-after-bridge-collapse-america-is-still-crumbling Nothing appears to have changed since then…

    Please note- the only dude who ever showed the guts to cut red tape and get projects done faster than the speed of Union was Trump. Remember in 1986 when he fixed up the Wollman skating rink in <6 months after 6 years of corrupt NY construction attempts?

    If they actually fix this stuff, great, but I doubt they will. I think this will all be a giant cash-ectomy to transfer taxpayer dollars to communist party donors. And in 10 years when nothing has changed, they'll tell us we need to invest in infrastructure again. And education. We always need to invest more in education.

    Meanwhile, I'm warning all my loved ones, friends, and coworkers to stock up, prep up, and be prepared for the unexpected shortages and supply chain failures that will result from infrastructure failures. Last year, I think Chicagoboyz blogged about how Covid supply chain failures would make the US look like Germany after 1943 when the advancing allies forced them to rely only on whatever was within their own borders. He predicted we would be forced to deal with unexpected shortages and failures, as if we were suffering pinpoint bombing raids every day. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten quite that bad, but with failing bridges, waterways, tunnels, etc you can expect to see things run out quickly and unexpectedly with no certainty of when it will change.

    I got some buddies who live out west and don't feel like this is an issue for them. I told them to think again- traffic on that Memphis bridge goes east AND west.

    Oh, and those other alternate bridges aren't necessarily that hot. I crossed the bridge between Illinois and Missouri south of Cape Girardeau a few years ago. It was old, cramped, dark, and only 2 lanes. It's pretty narrow and I got hit by a truck going in the opposite direction when he wandered into my lane. He didn't stop, but I sure did. He tore up my truck and my trailer pretty bad.

    If you never read Atlas Shrugged, you should-You're livin' it.

  11. The American Society of Civil Engineers does annual reports, the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. They’ve been reporting for DECADES that the infrastructure is falling way behind in maintenance with many bridges falling far short. I was in Seattle when the I-35 bridge collapsed in MN. There was a bridge in King County that was given a grade of 15 (scale 0-100) back then. The mayor of King County said they didn’t have the $115(or so) million to fix it. Two months later they decided to buy an abandoned RR right-of-way to convert it to a walking trail. The cost? $108 million. Yeah, and Seattle has laid claim to having the highest population % with college degrees. I would not be at all surprised to learn that the bridge has still not been repaired or replaced.

  12. Sigh. Well, you can’t repair bridges and infrastructure if you are spending all our debt bucks on MIC/Wall Street diktats, soldier-sailor sex change surgery, and free vaccines for the flying burrito “children.” Full Weimar, anyone?

  13. These general spoke out…
    The ones who have lost every war since Japan.
    The ones that allowed 19 guys armed with boxcutters to take out NYC and the pentagon on 911.
    The ones who guarded every other country and border on earth, but our own.
    The ones that stood by while antifa burned down our cities for the last year.
    The ones who stood by while an obvious coup-stolen election overturned our govt last Nov.
    Those guys…..

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